WWE NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver event will go down tonight and Ringside News has got you covered with our exclusive live play-by-play results coverage.

Start time for Stand & Deliver is 7:00 PM EST, with the Kickoff Pre-show starting at 6:00 PM EST. Match-by-match highlights and results from the show will take place on this very page. Feel free to leave any reactions in the comment section below.

For the first time ever we’re in for a two-night TakeOver and tonight is the first. NXT has built some incredible storylines and feuds over the past month or more, and half of them will pay off tonight. One such match is the highly-anticipated showdown between Raquel Gonzalez and Io Shirai with the NXT Women’s Championship on the line. Raquel did her best this past week on NXT to lay-out Shirai, but the fiery Champion just kept getting back up. Tonight Raquel tries to put her down once and for all to win her first Women’s Championship.

In an unfortunate turn of events, the NXT Champions Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan were forced to relinquish their titles due to injury. So tonight we will see MSK Vs. Grizzled Young Veterans Vs. Legado Del Fantasma in a Triple Threat to determine the new NXT Tag Team Champions. And that isn’t the last title match tonight; one of the most exciting matches tonight sees Walter defend his United Kingdom Championship against Tommaso Ciampa. This has the potential to be the best match of the entire WrestleMania week.

Also tonight, we’re getting a six-man Gauntlet Match to determine who faces Johnny Gargano tomorrow night for the North American Championship, Pete Dunne Vs. Kushida, and Toni Storm battles Zoey Stark on the Kick-Off Show. And that’s it for Stand & Deliver Night 1, what do you guys think? Which match are you excited to see? Let us know in the comments, hit the link below to get the latest results, and enjoy the show!

Kick-Off Show

The Stand & Deliver Kick-Off Show is hosted by Sam Roberts and former MMA fighter Jimmy Smith. The Capitol Wrestling Centre has a lot more fans than usual. Smith and Roberts run down the card for Stand & Deliver and we see Io Shirai arriving at the arena earlier today with Zoey Stark, then Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez arriving also.

We see a video package for the Walter Vs. Tommaso Ciampa match, which has the United Kingdom Championship on the line. Smith and Roberts talk about how emotional Ciampa has been and if he can keep his cool when facing a man as cold and calculating as Walter. They say Walter is the General and he finds weaknesses and exploits weaknesses. Sam Roberts says Walter may have made a mistake when he ripped that necklace off Ciampa, it may have made him more dangerous than he has been in a long time.

Samoa Joe sat down with Tommaso Ciampa for an interview earlier today and asked him for his thoughts. Ciampa says this is the most excited and anxious he’s been since New Orleans where he faced Gargano. Joe says most people feel dread when facing Walter but he doesn’t seem scared. Ciampa says he’s been through all this before, sixteen years wrestling and life in general, and he’s in the best place he’s ever been mentally and physically. He knows it will be physical and that excites him. This is one of those rare, special matches. Joe says Ciampa is known for being ruthless but is he confident considering all his injuries? Ciampa says he has to prove that he is better, more dangerous, and more focused than he was in 2018. And if Walter doesn’t take him seriously, he’ll lose. Joe asks what more Ciampa has left to achieve in his career and Ciampa says it’s definitely the UK Championship, which he says is easily one of the most prestigious in the industry.

Samoa Joe then sat down with Walter and asked him about the significance of being the longest-reigning UK Championship. Walter says it sounds very nice but he’s been eager to get back and defend his Championship in the U.S. He wants to put on the best performances possible for himself and for the sport. Joe asks about Ciampa and Walter says the man from 2018 reminds him of himself. They’d both put wrestling ahead of all but now Ciampa has other priorities and he got soft after he won. He says Ciampa got success and took from the sport but didn’t give back. Walter says no one match solidifies you, and he always seeks the biggest challenges possible. Joe asks what Walter will do next if he loses and he says there’s always possibilities but he’s not thinking about that right now.

We see some clips from The Bump, where Shawn Michaels and Triple H talked about how important this show is, not just for NXT but for WWE in general. HHH says if WrestleMania is the SuperBowl, then this is the Conference Cup at least. They say of these ten matches, there could easily be a match that steals the entire week.

LA Knight is interviewed backstage and he says he debuted at the last TakeOver and said it was his game, and here we are. One Takeover later and he’s about to become a Champion. He says he dumped six guys out and tonight he puts five down. Tonight legends fall and a new one takes over. LA Knight is about to become the North American Champion and Goddamn that sounds good.

Knight will compete in a Gauntlet Match in which he will enter last and the winner faces Johnny Gargano tomorrow night for the North American Championship. The match will start with Leon Ruff and Swerve Scott, then Bronson Reed enters third, followed by Cameron Grimes, Dexter Lumis, and LA Knight. Sam Roberts and Jimmy Smith say Bronson Reed is absolutely the favourite in this match and they don’t see anyone beating him.

Toni Storm Vs. Zoey Stark

Mickie James is on commentary for this match. The bell rings and they take their time before locking-up. Stark forces Storm to the corner but she powers her way back out and they separate. Stark takes Toni down and grabs a side headlock. Toni escapes with a headscissors but Stark quickly kips-up to get away. Stark tries to shoot Storm off but she holds onto her hair. Stark ducks and dodges Storm, then catches a kick and forearms her. Stark goes to the apron and hits a springboard missile dropkick that sends Toni flying across the ring. Storm gets angry and drops Stark with a right hand, then unloads some ground and pound.

Storm takes control of the match and slows things down. Storm stomps Stark in the corner before hitting a suplex for a two-count. Storm applies a single leg Boston crab but Stark turns it over and kicks her off. Stark gets slammed into the buckles and caught with European uppercuts. Stark starts firing back but Storm takes her down and punches her a few times. Storm hits a scoop slam and goes to the top rope but Zoey jumps up and catches her with a kick. Stark climbs up alongside Toni, lands a superplex, and both are down.

Both women trade shots and Stark gets the better then hits a few kicks. Storm looks for a German suplex but Stark elbows her, then hits a snap-dragon suplex and a running knee to the face for a near-fall. Storm counters Stark and gets her onto her shoulders for an electric chair facebuster and a near-fall. Storm looks for Storm Zero but Zoey escapes and lands a superkick for a two. Storm catches Stark with a German suplex out of nowhere, then another. Storm looks for Storm Zero but Stark counters and gets a small package for the win!

Winner: Zoey Stark

MSK are interviewed backstage and they say they are ready, they’ve been waiting since they won the Dusty Cup. Grizzled Young Veterans tried to take tem out but Wes Lee is medically cleared and they shine the brightest on the big stage. It’s MSK all day and all night. Jimmy Smith says people are overlooking Legado Del Fantasma, who are every bit as fast as MSK and every bit as wily as Grizzled Young Vets. Sam Roberts says NXT has the best tag team division in the business.

We get a video package for the match between Raquel Gonzalez and Io Shirai. Roberts says this is a “division-defining” main event. Mickie James joins them to discuss this match and Sam Roberts says Raquel Gonzalez reminds him of Mickie in the way she disrupted the status quo. James agrees and says Gonzalez has been unstoppable all year. James says she is the fastest rising star in all of wrestling.

Samoa Joe sat down with Raquel Gonzalez for an interview. Joe asked her for some insight on the past year. Raquel says 2020 was crazy but she was still able to compete and progress. This year she reaps the rewards of her 2020. Joe asks how she feels going into the match with Io and Raquel says she’s confident. Gonzalez says she’s flattered that Io sought her for this match and this is her opportunity to show she’s more than a sidekick. Joe says Io singled her out, does that worry her? Raquel says Io is a creative, crazy wrestler who leaves nothing in the ring, so a little, but she’s confident enough in her own abilities. Joe asks how she feels about main eventing a TakeOver and she says it means so much after her journey. She mentions facing Ripley on New Year’s Evil and how she thought that would be the biggest moment of her career but here she is. She says Io is a mountain nobody has been able to conquer but when she does she will be full of pride.

Last but not least, Joe sat down with Io Shirai. He asks her how it feels to represent the best women’s division on Earth. Io says that she was a Champion in Japan for three years, she was the best of the best. That’s why she wanted to come to America and become the best in the world. She still has things to achieve and mountains to climb. Joe asks Io why she chose Raquel Gonzalez and Io says she beat Rhea Ripley, Charlotte Flair, and Sasha Banks. So she chose Raquel because she is the best up-and-coming star in WWE. She really likes Rey Mysterio and he always took on the biggest and baddest and beat them, so she wants to do the same. Shirai says it’s a lot of pressure to main event a TakeOver and she is representing the whole brand.

We return to the panel for predictions on the main event and they’re split. That’s it for the Stand & Deliver Kick-Off Show. The main card is starting right now and all you have to do is hit that refresh link below!

TakeOver: Stand & Deliver

NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver is live! Nita Strauss plays the Star Spangled Banner on a podium surrounded by fans in the Capitol Wrestling Centre. The lights go out and we get lots of thunder and lightning effects, then a curtain falls and we see the pirate-themed stage with swords and a fiery skull.

PEte Dunne Vs. Kushida

The match begins and both men immediately jump into a grappling contest and try to lock-in armbars. They separate and go for a test of strength but Dunne takes Kushida down with a heel hook. Kushida rolls out and applies a surfboard stretch but releases and goes to the wrist. Dunne gets out and bends Kushida’s arm around his back. Kushida looks to hit a handspring off the ropes but Dunne slides alongside and trips him. Dunne drags Kushida under the ropes and hits an Xplex on the apron.

Dunne gets back in the ring and snaps Kushida’s arm behind his back, then stomps on his head. Dunne slaps Kushida, then kicks his face. Kushida fires back with a headbutt and some chops, then hits a hip-toss and a dropkick. Dunne rolls from the ring to the elevated ramp. Kushida goes after him and hits a handspring back elbow on the ramp! Kushida takes a run-up from the big skull and kicks Dunne’s arm. They get back inside and Dunne goes to a Kimura but Kushida shoots him off. Dunne looks for the Bitter End but Kushida hits a small package driver for a near-fall.

Dunne headbutts Kushida, then slows things down and goes to work on the arm. Dunne stomps on the elbow, then forearms Kushida in the face for a two-count. They go back-and-forth and quickly escape submissions until both men collapse. They slowly get up, butting heads in the process, and Kushida hits a dropkick. Dunne goes up top but Kushida catches him with a springboard kick. Kushida climbs to the top rope and hits a flipping Hoverboard Lock!

Dunne reaches the ropes to force the break but Kushida wraps his arms behind him and this time Dunne gets a foot to ropes. Kushida gets a Kimura again and Dunne again gets the ropes. Dunne grabs the fingers and snaps them, then jumps on them. Dunne lands a kick to the head, then stomps the hands again before hitting the Bitter End for the win!

Winner: Pete Dunne

Next up is the Gauntlet Match to determine the number one contender to Johnny Gargano tomorrow night. On his wa to the ring, Leon Ruff is attacked by Isaiah Scott. They battle around ringside and

Gauntlet Match

Leon Ruff Vs. Isaiah ‘Swerve’ Scott

The match begins with a dropkick from Ruff and Swerve rolls outside. Ruff stomps the hands of Swerve on the apron and jumps at him but misses. Scott lifts and drops Ruff on the barricade with a suplex, then drags him around ringside to the announce desk. He looks to throw Ruff onto the desk but Leon escapes, then jumps off the announce table with a cutter on the floor!

Back inside the ring Swerve snaps Ruff on the ropes. Swerve goes up top and drags Ruff with him. They trade shots on the ropes, then Swerve looks for a powerbomb but Ruff counters with a Frankensteiner in mid-air! The clock counts down and out comes the third entrant in this Gauntlet Match.

Bronson Reed Enters

As Reed makes his way to the ring, Ruff dives at him but gets caught and thrown over the ropes into the ring. Reed gets inside and Swerve goes at him but gets dropped with a lariat. Reed hits a splash to Swerve in the corner. Reed lifts Swerve for a stalling vertical suplex and Ruff hits a crossbody to Swerve while he’s in the hold. Ruff tries to attack Reed, then htis the ropes an slides under him but Bronson sits on Ruff. Reed turns Ruff over and sits on him again.

Ruff counters a back suplex, then attempts a German suplex and Swerve gets involved as well but Reed doesn’t budge. Reed turns it over and German suplexes both Swerve and Ruff! Reed has both men down as the clock starts counting and out comes the fourth entrant in the match.

Cameron Grimes Enters

Reed is distracted with Grimes, allowing Swerve to attack him from behind. Grimes goes up top and hits a moonsault to Reed, then he hands Swerve a stack of bills and the are now working together. Grimes and Swerve double-team Leon Ruff, who tries to make a comeback but gets thrown upside down into the buckles. Reed gets on the apron but Grimes dropkicks him off, then Swerve goes to the apron and knocks the big man down. Grimes and Scott go back to work on Ruff and beat him around the ring. Ruff gets dropped by two clotheslines as the next entrant enters.

Dexter Lumis Enters

Lumis very slowly walks down the ramp as Leon Ruff is pinned by Isaiah Scott. Lumis grabs Bronson on the ramp and DDT’s him. Lumis enters the ring and hits both Grimes and Scott with rope-assited back suplexes. Grimes rolls outside and Lumis clotheslines Scott in the corner before hitting a bulldog. Bronson re-enters the match as Swerve rolls out. Lumis and Reed come face-to-face, then trade shots. Lumis tries to get Reed up but can’t, then hits him with a throat chop and throws him out of the ring thanks to Scott pulling the ropes down. Grimes gets back inside but Lumis clotheslines him over and out and lands awkwardly.

LA Knight Enters

Knight comes to the ring with a microphone and says this is his TakeOver. He kicks Reed on the ramp and calls him human trash, then says he’ll help Grimes get to the moon with a punt. He continues talking trash on the ramp until Bronson Reed grabs him from behind and throws him into the ring. Knight is sent to the apron but he kicks Reed and looks to leap over the ropes onto him but gets caught and Samoan dropped.

Grimes comes off the top rope but Reed swats him out of mid-air. Reed then whips Grimes hard into the corner and he flips over and onto the ramp. Reed whips Swerve into the buckles, chest-first, then goes back to work on LA Knight. Reed gets dropped, then Knight goes on a rampage, including a superplex to Swerve. Grimes comes in as Lumis attacks Knight, but Lumis gets him in The Silence. Knight covers Lumis as he chokes Lumis and eliminates him! Grimes then slams Knight and Reed splashes him and covers for the 123. Knight rolls outside, angry, and Lumis grabs him with The Silence and puts him to sleep.

We’re down to three and they come together in the ring to trade shots. Grimes kicks Reed, then lifts and throws Swerve onto Reed and superkicks Reed while he’s holding Scott. Swerve then drops Grimes with an STO and Reed falls on both of them. All three men slowly get to their feet, still trading shots back and forth, and Grimes and Swerve look to work together again. Reed chops them both but gets double-superkicked. Grimes ducks a clothesline before connecting with a spinning crossbody. Grimes gets rolled-up and pinned by Swerve.

Scott clubs the body of Reed but the big man drops him with a body attack. Bronson goes up top but Swerve connects with a kick to the head. Swerve goes to the apron and basically powerslams Reed from the top rope onto the edge of the apron! Swerve gets Reed back inside and hits a 450 splash for a near-fall. Swerve hits the House Call and Reed gets up, then Swerve hits another. Scott looks for a third House Call but Reed grabs him by the throat. Swerve kicks him away and hits the third House Call for a near-fall. Reed hits a powerslam, Vertebreaker, and the Tsunami for the win.

Winner: Bronson Reed

Bronson Reed will face Johnny Gargano tomorrow night for the North American Championship. Gargano comes out from the back and stares at Reed from the stage while holding his belt up.

United Kingdom Championship

(C) Walter Vs. Tommaso Ciampa

This huge match gets underway and the fans are chanting for the Psycho Killer. Walter forces Ciampa to the corner and looks for a chop but Ciampa ducks it. Tommaso grabs the wrist but Walter turns around and forces him back into the corner. Ciampa takes the headlock again but gets shot off and avoids a clothesline. Ciampa shoves Walter, who slaps him in the face, then Ciampa slaps him back and beats him down int the corner. Ciampa hits the ropes but gets cauth with a chop to the chest.

Walter hangs Ciampa in the tree of woe outside the ring and chops him, then stands on his throat. Ciampa tumbles to the floor and Walter chases after. Walter bends Ciampa over the announce desk and looks to slap him but Tommaso moves and Walter breaks the lid of the announce table. Back inside the ring, Ciampa tries to get in control and even blocks a chop with an elbow. Ciampa tries to lift Walter but can’t get him up. Ciampa instead grabs Walter’s hand and kicks it over and over. Walter grabs the ropes to prevent from being German suplexed, then connects with a big boot.

Walter attempts a Boston crab but can’t use his left hand so he switches to a single leg. Walter tries to transition to an STF but can’t use the hand, so Ciampa wriggles free. Walter chops Ciampa and chokes him with a boot over the bottom rope. Walter grabs Ciampa on the apron and hits a suplex into the ring. Walter kicks Ciampa in the gut, Tommaso chops but but Walter delivers a knee to the ribs. Walter forearms Ciampa but the Psycho starts firing back with chops and forearms. Ciampa hits a few flying clotheslines but he can’t get Walter off his feet. Ciampa hits more than a dozen clotheslines to the front and back but Walter won’t fall.

Ciampa keeps hitting clotheslines and eventually Walter hits a chop to the chest. Ciampa pops right back up and hits a clothesline that drops him, then lands a Celtic Cross backbreaker for a two-count. Ciampa wants the Fairytale Ending but Walter instead flips him over into a bridging pin for two. Ciampa holds onto the arms and twists Walter’s injured wrist, then hits the Fairytale Ending…but Walter kicks out! Ciampa hits a running knee to the face, then looks for it again but Walter grabs a sleeper. Ciampa grabs the hand to get free but Walter hits a German suplex and a huge lariat for a near-fall.

Walter wants a powerbomb but Ciampa bites his hand and he let’s go. Walter forearms him, and looks for another but Ciampa takes him down with an armbar and twists the fingers. Walter gets to the bottom rope but Ciampa holds nto the hold until four. Walter curls up and Ciampa pummels him with stomps and right hands. Walter rolls to the apron and Ciampa looks for Willow’s Bell but Walter slips off and grabs him for clubs to the chest like Sheamus. Ciampa grabs the hand but Walter headbutts him back and climbs the ropes. Ciampa jumps up and Waltr looks for a powerbomb but Ciampa gets him onto his shoulders and hits a top rope Celtic cross backbreaker for a near-fall!

Walter and Ciampa trade massive chops in the middle of the ring but Walter can’t use his good hand. Walter grabs Ciampa by the throat and slams him down, then tries to lay on him for a pin but Ciampa bridges. Walter lifts Ciampa and hits a powerbomb, then snaps his neck using his feet before hitting a nother powerbomb and gets a near-fall. “This is awesome” from the fans. Walter hits a release dragon suplex, then a chop to the chest for the win.

Winner: walter

Bronson Reed is interviewed backstage and he says he has waited a long time to get an opportunity like this. Johnny Gargano appears and tells him to enjoy the moment because tomorrow night will be a different story. Gargano says Reed better bring his gas tank buecasue he’s fresh as a daisy and tomorrow night Reed’s fairytale is over.

Vacant NXT Tag Team Championships

Legado Del Fantasma Vs. MSK Vs. Grizzled Young Veterans

The match gets underway with Wes Lee, Zack Gibson, and Joaquin Wilde. They go at it and Wilde knocks them both down. Wilde makes the tag, then he and Mendoza team to drop Lee with back elbows, then a big flapjack to Wes Lee and a double dropkick. Gibson comes back and slams Mendoza, then takes the wrist of Lee. Carter gets the tag and he teams with Lee to drop Gibson in the corner and hit a Bronco Buster. Gibson throws Lee and Carter out of the ring, and goes after Mendoza.

Tag made to James Drake and they drop both Wilde and Mendoza off the apron. Carter comes back with a springboard but Gibson shoves Drake out of the way and takes the splash. Drake goes to work on Carter in the corner and stomps him down. Drake continues the assault and applies a sleeper in the middle of the ring. Carter fights up but Drake hits a scoop slam for a two-count. Wilde and Mendoza are slowly making their way back t the apron as Drake rakes the face of Carter. Carter counters a suplexa and tags Lee. MSK use a flurry of kicks and dropkicks to knock Drake from the ring, then Carter jumps off the back of Lee with a splash to GYV’s on the floor.

Wilde and Mendoza then knock Lee outside and jump on them all from the ring. Legado Del Fantasma hand Nash in the tree of woe and hit stereo Coast-To-Coasts for a near-fall as Gibson breaks the pin. Fantasma beat on Gibson after he begged for mercy. Mendoza slams Carter and tags Wilde so they can hit a rope-assisted arm-drag splash for a near-fall. Wilde delivers a knee to the back, then this a running crossbody for another two-count. Carter gets put in the corner and Mendoza tags in again for sharp jabs. Mendoza hits a running lariat in the corner and tags Wilde for one of his own. They do the repeated clotheslines and tags over and over, then Mendoza hits a springboard moonsault for a near-fall.

Drake rushes in and rolls-up Mendoza for a near-fall. Carter manages to tag Lee, who comes in hot against Mendoza and Drake with impressive strikes. Snapmare and a dropkick to Drake, then a suicide dive to Gibson on the floor. Lee gets back inside and immediately leaps over the ropes onto Mendoza and Wilde. Carter gets the tag and he leaps up for a moonsault and Lee shoves him in mid-air to land on Drake for a near-fall. Gibson grabs Lee on the apron and gets him in an electric chair, so Drake hits the ropes but he gets cut off but Carter. Lee tags in and drops Drake, then Fantasma run in but he catches them both with a springboard reverse DDT. 

Lee looks to go up top but Gibson punches him in the throat. Gibson grabs Lee’s injured hand and holds it across the top turnbuckle, then Drake dropkicks it! Gibson tags in and slams Lee, then applies a wristlock and tries to make him tap. Carter rushes in but Drake grabs him and applies a submission of his own nearby. Carter grabs Lee’s hand to prevent him from tapping. Lee looks about to tap anyway when Mendoza and Wilde break the submissions. Mendoza gets Drake on his shoulders and Wilde jumps onto Drake, then splashes Gibson. Wilde stands on Lee’s hand, then he and Mendoza hit a Russian leg sweep/running heel kick but Lee kicks out! 

The action spills out of the ring and Gibson gets Wilde on his shoulders, then Drake hits a running clothesline off the ramp for Doomsday Device! On the other side of the ring Carter gets Mendoza on his shoulders and Lee hits a double stomp off the apron. MSK and Grizzled Young Veterans look at each other from opposite sides of the ring and get in at the same time – the finals of the Dusty Cup revisited. Both teams come in to the middle of the ring and brawl. Lee gets knocked outside but Carter avoids a double-team and hits a springboard double cutter to Drake and Gibson. Carter lifts Gibson and tags Lee for a flying neckbreaker and they score the pinfall! 

Winners and New NXT Tag Team Champions: MSK

After the match, MSK get awarded the vacant NXT Tag Team Championships and the boys get a little emotional.

The announcers run down the card for tomorrow night’s NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver, which includes Jordan Devlin Vs. Santos Escobar in a ladder match to determine the true Cruiserweight Champion, Adam Cole Vs. Kyle O’Reilly in an unsanctioned match, as well as Finn Balor Vs. Karrion Kross for the NXT Championship. We’ll have full coverage right here on Ringside News, and we want to know what match you’re most looking forward to.

Stephanie McMahon is shown sitting at rignside beside NXT’s newest signee, Japanese star Sarray.

NXT Women’s Championship

(C) Io Shirai Vs. Raquel Gonzalez W/Dakota Kai

The bell rings and Io runs and jumps onto Raquel right away but gets rammed into the buckles and shouldered. Gonzalez throws her away and lands a big boot, then beats her into the corner. Shirai looks for a hurricanrana but Gonzalez stays upright, only for Io to kick her while upside down. Shirai goes to the apron and kicks Raquel back, then shoulders her and goes up top to hit the flying hurricanrana. Io hits a running crossbody to Raquel in the corner, then chops her chest over and over. Io stomps her in the corner and looks for double knees but Raquel catches her.  

Shirai knocks Raquel over the ropes to the floor, then hits a suicide dive. Shirai goes up top for a moonsault but Dakota Kai grabs her, however the referee spotted in and ejects Kai from ringside! Kai looks for the moonsault but Raquel pulls her down, only for Io to hit it from a springboard anyway. Shirai looks for another springboard and Gonzalez was meant to catch her but the fell hard, so Io gets up and does it again and this time she is caught and thrown into the ring post. Gonzalez gets Io back inside and starts dominating the match. 

Gonzalez hits a reverse Gory Bomb. Io drops her onto the middle rope and looks for a 619 but Raquel counters her and hits an alley-oop bomb onto the top rope. Gonzalez looks for a suplex but Io lands on her feet and chops her. Raquel catches one of the chops and drops Io with a shoulder. Gonzalez lifts Io for a dominator and bends her arms back. Io gets free but Gonzalez lifts her up, only for Io to hit a Frankensteiner and a double stomp. Shirai hits a springboard arm-drag and goes to a crossface. 

Gonzalez tries to crawl to the ropes and eventually gets her fingers on it. Raquel rolls to the ramp but Shirai gets on the top rope and hits a moonsault on her! Shirai rolls back inside to break the referee’s count, then runs along the ramp and hits a meteora to Gonzalez. The referee checks on Raquel, who slowly gets to her feet and looks all around for Shirai, who appears atop the skull on the stage and dives onto Gonzalez with a flying crossbody! 

Shirai slowly gets Gonzalez back into the ring and goes up top to hit a moonsault…but Raquel kicks out! Shirai is getting frustrated. She goes outside and runs at Gonzalez, who clocks her with a big boot. Raquel lifts Io and hits a one-handed powerbomb on the floor! Gonzalez gets Shirai back in the ring and talks some trash to her before lifting her by the hair. Shirai uppercuts her but Gonzalez hits a lariat that turns her inside out. Gonzalez lifts Io and hits the one-hand powerbomb to dethrone Shirai and win the title! 

Winner and New NXT Women’s Champion: Raquel Gonzalez

We see replays of that intense match as Raquel is awarded with her title. Gonzalez stands on the ramp and celebrates as smoke flies throughout the CWC and saprks erupt from the swords on the stage.

That’s it for Night 1 of TakeOver: Stand & Deliver. What did you think of the show? Let us know below! Tomorrow night TakeOver continues and we’ll have live coverage right here, as well as WrestleMania at the weekend. Be sure to check out our results for AEW Dynamite and we’ll see you back here tomorrow. Until then, stay safe!

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