It’s Wednesday and you know what that means. AEW Dynamite “St. Patrick’s Day Slam” will go down tonight and Ringside News has got you covered with live play-by-play results coverage.

Start time for AEW Dynamite “St. Patrick’s Day Slam” is at 8:00 PM EST. Match-by-match highlights and results from the show will take place on this very page. Feel free to leave any reactions in the comment section below. The card for tonight is as follows:

  • Jade Cargill in Action
  • What’s next for MJF after leaving “The Inner Circle”?
  • Jurassic Express & Bear Country Vs. Matt Hardy, Private Party, The Butcher & The Blade (w/ The Bunny)
  • Eddie Kingston & Jon Moxley Vs. The Good Brothers (w/ Don Callis)
  • “The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes (w/ Arn Anderson) Vs. Penta El Zero Miedo
  • Unsanctioned Lights Out Match – Anything Goes: Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D (w/ Rebel – Not Reba) Vs. Thunder Rosa

Dynamite kicks off with a recap of MJF’s betrayal from last week, shows the new stable arriving tonight from a private jet. Pentagon makes his entrance. Penta says he has a gift for Cody, he will break Cody’s arm, and he will have to take an early paternity leave. Cody is out next accompanied by Arn Anderson.

Penta attacks before the bell.

“The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes (w/ Arn Anderson) Vs. Penta El Zero Miedo

The two brawl on the outside, Penta attacks Cody’s shoulder. driving Cody into the ring post. Cody with a forearm and driving Penta into the barricade. In the ring, Penta rips Cody’s shirt of and chops in the chest. Cody asks for more and hits a front suplex. Penta with the slingblade and a 2 count. Cody with an uppercut, Penta with a backstabber, 2 count.

Penta grabs a table, and wears a party hat. Cody with a big boot, Penta sends him back in the ring. Cody with a frankenstiener from the top rope. Penta with a kick to the injured shoulder. Continuous attack on the shoulder. Armbreaker, Cody with a kick to the leg, Penta with a kick to the shoulder, Cody hits a disaster kick on the apron, and a tope suicida onto the barricade. Penta with chops to the chest, Cody with a superkick and a Canadian destroyer, then a Cody cutter for the 2 count.

Cody hits the crossrhodes, Penta kicks out at 2! Cody gets Penta up for the Gory special, slams him to the mat, 2 count. Penta with a huge slap to the face, Cody slams Penta knee into the steel ring post. Cody locks in the figure 4 in the middle of the ring. Penta gets to the ropes. Penta resevese another figure 4 attempt into an armbreaker, while Penta celebrates, Cody rolls him up for the victory.

Cody Rhodes wins.

Penta attacks Cody after the match. Arn Anderson gets in the ring, Dustin Rhodes and the Gunn Club drive Penta out of the ring. Penta celebrates in the crowd. On the ramp, QT Marshall comes out, the Nightmare Family ask where he was.

Marvez is with the Young Bucks, Matt says Fenix beat him in singles matches, but they are the best tag team in the world. Callis comes out asking abotu their father. Says he was faking his injury, but he wanted them to kick him, he wants to see the old Young Bucks, there is nothing elite about them anymore. Calls Omega the god of pro wrestling, says Omega doesn’t recognise them anymore, they are just another tag team in fancy tights.

Jade Carghill in action next.

Commercial break.

Jade Carghill makes her way to the ring. Already in the ring is Dani Jordyn.

Jade Carghill vs Dani Jordyn

Carghill poses, Danni with a back elbow, Carghill with a big boot. Huge release german suplex from Carghill. Carghill with the Jaded for the 3.

Jade Carghill wins.

Jade gets in Red Velvets face in the crowd, referees pull them away from each other.

Recap of the Inner Circle implosion from last week. MJF’s music plays to bring out his new stable. Tully says is great being in the ring with these guys. Says this groups is the baddest, they are the pinnacle of this sport. Says he started with the 4 horseman and he will finish with this group. MJF says he is Judas, pretending to like Jericho wasn’t a walk in the park, insults Jericho’s hairline. Says he and Sammy are as far away from each other as his pecs. Says he pretended to like Jericho’s comedy bullshit. Says he convinced everyone that he wanted to take over the Inner Circle, but the goal was to kill the Inner Circle, and build a group even stronger. MJF says look at this line-up, they are the pinnacle.

Wardlow is the best insurance policy in the business, Spears in a wrestlers wrestler and has been held down for too long. FTR are the only grand slam tag team champions in the world. MJF is already the most talked about name in pro wrestling today. He is unstoppable at only 24 and he will only get better. Says Jericho wont be to GOAT, he will. “We are the Pinnacle. We will be the backbone of AEW for years to come.” They will take what they want, when they want, they want Jericho’s locker room. MJF says he better that you and you know it.

Commercial break.

Big Money Matt Hardy makes his entrance with Private Party and Butcher and the Blade, Matt says he lives to make money, he is a business man building an empire. Jurassic Express are out next along with Bear Country.

Jurassic Express & Bear Country Vs. Matt Hardy, Private Party, The Butcher & The Blade (w/ The Bunny)

Hardy and Stunt start off, Matt with a knee to the ribs, Marko ith a slap, Matt catches a dive, Jungle Boy tags in and the match breaks down, everybody brawls in the ring, Bear Country throws Stunt to the outside onto the everybody. Hardy witha side effect for a 2 count.

Picture in picture. Jungle Boy is dominated by Hardy and Butcher, Butcher with a gut buster, Blade tags in, Jungle Boy tries to fight out but Blade regains control with a headlock. Jungle Boy tries to fight out but gets shut down by Blade. Clubbing blow to the back. Jungle Boy with a big clothesline. Tag to Luchasaurus, he runs wild with big boots, big chops to Private Party. Cassidy senbt intot eh ropes, big back body drop to Quen. German on Blade, Tail Whip and Chokeslam on Private Party, moonsault press for a 2 count as Butcher breaks the pin. Butcher absorbs a headbutt and plants Luchasaurus. Bronson with a exploder suplex. Bear Country and Jurrasic Express argue as Marko tags in, Cassidy with a pump kick, Stunt with a flurry of kicks, gin and Jiuce from Private Party, Hardy tags in hits the Twist of Fate, 3 count.

Matt Hardy, Private Party, The Butcher & The Blade win.

Bear Country and Jurrassic Express argue outside.

Moxley and Kingston are backstage, says he got beaten to a bloody pulp, he should be on a beach right now, they need to fix the real problem. he doesn’t like the Good Brothers. Gallows has wiggly eyes, will split his forehead open. Asks if he can say Bullet Club, they are solders.

Commercial break.

Dasha is backstage with Christian Cage. Christian talks about workhorses, says he makes wrestlers level up, but he’s not a workhorse, he is the workhorse. Says there is only one spot that interests him, held by Kenny Omega. says Omega is on borrowed time, but he will see Kenny down the road. Why is he in AEW? To cement his legacy, to put to action 3 simple words. Out. Work. Everyone.

Good Brothers attack Eddie Kingston as he makes his entrance, Moxley comes out to help all taped up. Gallows with huge uppercuts on the outside, sent Moxley into the barricade. Gallow with a headbutt to Moxley, Good Brothers with the magic killer on the outside.

Eddie Kingston & Jon Moxley Vs. The Good Brothers

Bell rings as Anderson continues the attack on Kingston. Gallows tags in an attacks in the corner, gauging at the eyes. Anderson works the arm, strikes to the face. Gallows back in with a huge kick, 2 count. Kingston fights back with chops momentarily, Gallows gets the upper hand with strikes and knocks Moxley off the apron.

Picture in picture. Good Brothers continue the attack. Kingston gauges the yes of Anderson. Biting the hands of Anderson. Kingston and Gallows trade slaps back and forth in the corner. Gallows with a right hand and tags in Anderson, Anderson with boots in the corner. Gallows with a snapmare and headlock. Moxley gets back up on the apron. Kingston with a diving shoulder tackle. Explode suplex from Eddie Kingston. Moxley tags in and runs wild on Anderson, release German suplex. Shotgun dropkick, Stomps in the corner. Elbow to Gallows. Huge clothesline to Anderson. Moxley hits a piledriver on Anderson, 2 count. Gallows breaks the count and atacks Moxley, Moxley drives him out the ring and hits a tope suicida.

Anderson with a huge spinebuster for the 2 count. Good Brothers hit the Bott of doom, Kingston walks into a shovelhook, 2 count on Moxley. Kingston breaks up a magic killer and sends Gallows to the outside, Moxley witha small package for the win.

Moxley and Kingston win.

Good Brothers attack Moxley after the bell. Omega comes out holding a chair. Sets up the chair in the middle of the ring, Kingston attacks Omega but succumbs to the numbers game. Magic Killer on Kingston. Put Kingston leg through the chair, Anderson stomps on the chair, breaking Kingston’s leg. They put the chair around Moxleys neck, Gallows goes to the top but the Young Bucks come out to stop them. Good Brothers offer the Too Sweet but the Young Bucks don’t respond. and walk away. Omega gets in Matts face but they walk away. Moxlesy comes back in swinging the chair, the Super Elite clear out.

Commercial break.

Tony Schiavone is on the stage, brings out Sting. Then brings out Darby Allin. Darby says he won the TNT Championship and has defended it 3 times, its a joke, he wants to defend the title each week. Wants to pay tribute to the greatest TNT Champion of all time, Brodie Lee, will defend the belt agains the Dark Order.. Archer comes out saying it should be his time. Calls Darby and Indyriffic joke and will put his ass in a coffin. Jake the Snake calls him a weiny. Says Sting will get what’s coming to him, calls Archer the biggest, baddest son of a bitch.

Tazz comes out with Team Tazz. Cage gets the mic, says Sting stuck his nose in their business, he respects Sting. Says Sting is still the Icon. Team Tazz ask what the hell is wrong will him, Cage walks away from Team Tazz.

Video package of Scorpio Sky. says he wont be a stepping stone, he is a wrestling savant.

Fenix makes his entrance with Pac. Angelico already in the ring.

Fenix vs Angelico

Fenix with the armbar, Angelico gets the headlock, Fenix with a armdrag. Fenix witha cricifix for a 2 count, Angelico misses a big boot, catches the arm, attacks the injured back.

Picture in picture. Angelico rips of the tape on Fenix’s back. Continues the advantage, shoulder submission, ankle lock. Fenix gets the neck and back stretched out. Kick to the back. Fenix with a huricanrana, hits a cutter for a 2 count. Angelico with an elbow to the back, locks in a deathroll, Fenix gets to the ropes. Fenix with a rollup, 2 count, Angelico with an enziguri, kicks back and forth, knucklelock, Fenix with a cricifix bomb, and a sit out piledriver, 3 count.

Fenix wins.

Marvez is with Miro in the gym. Miro says he inst interested in Chuck being his butler. Kip says isnt over it, Miro argues with him, says the worst thing is having his wife at ringside, when the bell rings, he doesn’t care about him, his wife or anything, he needs to be world champion. Outside the ring they are still buds. Kip accepts the match.

Commentary runs down next weeks card.

Marvez is with Dark Order backstage. -1 say he will accept the challenge, Dark Order says maybe in 10 years. Jon Silver accepts the open challenge. Up next the lights out match.

Commercial break.

Backstage, the Pinnacle take over the Inner Circles locker-room.

The lights go out and Britt Baker makes her entrance. Thunder Rosa is out next.

Unsanctioned Lights Out Match – Anything Goes: Dr. Britt Baker Vs. Thunder Rosa

Rebel attacks Rosa with a crutch, Rosa attacks Rebel and Bakers hits a spear through the ropes, Britt hits the air raid crash from a 2 count on the outside. Baker attacks Rosa with a chair. Rosa throws the chair in Bakers face, attacks Baker and Rebel with the chair. They fight in the crowd. Rosa misses a flipping senton, Baker gets a 2 count. Baker sends Rosa back to ringside. Rosa sent into the barricade. Baker and Rebel set up a table. Baker with a curb stomp on the steel steps. throws chairs in the ring.

Rosa is bleeding. Picture in picture. Baker with knee to the face. Sets up a chair in the ropes. Forearm from Baker. Rosa hits a suplex in the ropes, 2 count. Rebel throws more chairs into the ring, Rosa attacks with one of the chairs. Baker with forearms in the corner. Superplex onto all the chairs. 2 count. Rebels gets a ladder. Rosa with a bulldog onto the ladder, 2 count. Rosa with knees in the corner. sandwiches the ladder onto Baker and dropkicks the ladder.

Rosa gets another table, Baker is bleeding a lot. Rosa bites at the open wound, Bakers with a superkick to Rosa. Baker with a flatliner onto the ladder. Rosa with a death valley driver off the top rope onto the ladder, 2 count. Baker is dripping blood everywhere. Baker with a DDT on the chair. curb stomp on the chair, 2 count. Bakers puts the glove on, preping for lockjaw, Rebel hands Baker a bag of thumbtacks. Baker goes for the swinging neckbreaker, Rebel tries to attack but Rosa hits her with the crutch, Rosa dropkicks Rebel through the table on the outside, Rossa with a powerbomb on the thumbtack, 2 count!

Baker with the lockjaw while they are lying in the thumbtacks, Rosa rolls over onto the thumbtacks, Bakers with a thrust kick. Rosa with a fire thundeer driver off the apron, through the table on the outside. 3 count.

Thunder Rosa wins.

The referee raises Thunder Rosa’s hand as Dynamite ends.

Martin Dickinson

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