Paul Heyman is a divisive figure in the world of professional wrestling. While there are those who swear loyalty to him and have a lot of praise as well, others hate his guts. He was also instrumental in making ECW the alternative to WWE and WCW back in the 90s.

Former WWE and ECW wrestler Justin Credible worked alongside Paul Heyman for several years and it seems he recently revealed how much Paul Heyman helped him during a difficult time in his life.

While being interviewed by Job’d Out Wrestling, Credible revealed that Paul Heyman paid $75k out of his own pocket for the birth of his son.

“Let me tell you about Paul Heyman real quick… Paul Heyman paid for my son’s birth and my wife’s pregnancy – out of pocket cash – he paid $75,000+, which a lot of people don’t know, because he committed to this via contract, he never got health insurance proper. So, when my child was born, I gave him every single receipt and every single bill that got paid. He tried his best to keep his word, he really did, and if you were important to him – he was going to try to go to bat for you.”


Paul Heyman is currently managing Roman Reigns and it has proven to be the recipe for success that Reigns truly needed

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