AEW and NJPW have a partnership now, but not everyone is impressed. Tama Tonga is not feeling this new deal between the two companies at all, and he might prefer to see that Forbidden Door remain closed.

Tama’s Island provided Tonga all the opportunity in the world to speak his mind about the current situation between the two companies. He was shooting pretty hard and then he called AEW a “midcard company.”

“I’m not understanding which path they are coming from because KENTA shows up on AEW, smacks around Jon Moxley, Kenny approaches him and is like, ‘Brother Switchblade didn’t tell me you were coming.’ KENTA tells him to ‘shut the f*ck up.’ KENTA ain’t no bitch. He’s loyal. The following week, you do a press conference set-up like New Japan. Nobody is talking but Don Callis. Good Brothers stay silent, Omega slouched over like a lost child. Machine Gun had to comfort him. Don Callis says Jay White can’t pull in money. Now you taking shots at Jay White? A week before, you were calling him Brother Switchblade. Make up your damn mind.”

“You apologize but then take shots. It’s like you’re retreating and shooting as you run away. That’s bitch sh*t. If I was the Bootleg Club, I’d curl up too. The defeat in Kenny Omega’s eyes. I’m glad Machine Gun stayed silent. The other hoot, calling us scabs and midcards. Kenny Omega is in a midcard company. Wednesday Night Wars. It’s AEW and NXT. It’s a minor league war. Raw vs. Nitro was on a different level. This ain’t that,”


We’ll have to see if Tama Tonga eventually ends up in AEW so he can back up some of those words. He obviously has a gift of remaining unfiltered. Let’s see if he is ever afforded the chance to back it up in the ring.

Felix Upton

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