Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis are back in ROH after their April, 2020 WWE releases. They’ve been through a lot together and Maria isn’t about to let fans trash her husband.

One fan replied back to a tweet asking: “Take a pick. Who carries the testicles in the relationship??” concerning Mike and Maria Bennett. One fan said: “She clearly carries them in her purse . He’s a little bitch.” Maria Kanellis saw this tweet and she had to fire back and stand by her man

Haha..do you have any idea how ridiculous you sound? FAKE bravado. My husband has carried our family on his back for years. I may have the voice but he has the strength. Get out of here with that “back in my day” nonsense. Real “men” have the hot chick, men like you talk about it

Another account fired back a reply saying: “I love how heroic and manly your husband is, to the point where his wife has to stick up for him…… Welp, Happy Valentine’s Day!! Also, enjoy those simps in the comment section!! Yikes!”


Mike Kanellis can speak for himself, and he did so in this instance. He fired back a witty reply along with an animated gif of a manly man shaving with a razor.

Sorry I didn’t reply, I was busy shaving. Like a real man. Then I chopped down fire wood. Like a real man. Then I tweeted manly things at someone I didn’t know. Just like the real men did, back in my day. High five dude. A MANLY high five, that is.

Mike and Maria Bennett are one of many couples celebrating Valentine’s Day today. They simply got off to an interesting start with Maria having to defend her husband’s manhood online. It’s all in the day of a pro wrestler.

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