WWE sent down word that they are doing away with bonuses, raises, and promotions. This was not handled well and there are a lot of very upset people within the company right now.

Ringside News has learned that nobody knows how long this new salary freeze is supposed to last, but it’s not good look at all considering the record profits that WWE continues racking in.

One WWE staffer who received the bad news vented to Ringside News saying, “Record smashing income. Record smashing profits. Executives all got their big bonuses and multi million dollar stock grants, and the little guy gets bled to death.”

We have also learned that those raises and bonuses were expected soon, after their next performance reviews. A lot of incentive to perform is that annual bonus, and it’s not there anymore.


The current situation of traveling during a pandemic was also voiced to us. A tenured member of the creative team voiced to us how they make the engine run, but now they’re cut out of the rewards they were expecting.

“As we endanger our lives and our families every week to fly to the heart of the pandemic to come to work and make the engine run, we’re cut out of our annual bonuses when we’ve been expecting them.”

No timeframe was given as to how long bonuses and raises are nixed. The only indication is it won’t happen “for the foreseeable future.”

It was also said that, by comparison, the bonuses that staff were set to receive weren’t all that much. We were told that, “All the writers and producers combined don’t get the bonus that Kevin Dunn or a Brad Blum get.”

This situation was not received well backstage, as you can imagine. It hit morale in big way and plenty of people are very upset that they are not getting money that they counted on receiving soon.

H Jenkins

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