Today is Sheamus’ 43rd birthday, and his old friend Drew McIntyre wanted to get him something special. It turns out that he had a rather funny reason behind his gift as well.

We previously reported that Sheamus was gifted a massive blanket that featured a photo of himself and his dogs. This was a thoughtful present from Drew McIntyre and his wife.

The Scottish Warrior replied back to Sheamus calling his gift a “floor mat.” That’s not what it is, and McIntyre made that point very clear with his explanation.

Floor mat? That’s a blanket so you can finally live out your dream and sleep with yourself

We’ll have to see if WWE ever books Drew McIntyre vs Sheamus in a WWE Title program. There is plenty of history between them. They might even be able bring this little interaction into the situation. We certainly got a kick out of the WWE Champion’s response.

Steve Carrier

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