The Undertaker and CM Punk have locked up in the ring, but they never got close in real life. They might not have spent a lot of time together, but the Deadman certainly noticed when the Second City Savior went to the UFC.

Taker admitted that he has no interest in fighting Brock Lesnar in the UFC. The Deadman still would have been interested in MMA if the height of popularity landed more in line with his prime.

 The Joe Rogan Experience had The Undertaker on the show for a long conversation. During that time, CM Punk’s jump the UFC came up. The Undertaker admitted that he didn’t understand why Punk went to MMA after WWE. It was a bit late in the game for CM Punk, but at least he did what made him happy.

“I’m not real close with him, I didn’t understand it. He had an issue with the company. Sometimes people just need a new challenge but he was a top dude, he was a top guy for the company.

“I don’t know enough because I wasn’t around [the WWE] enough at the time but I don’t know if he had enough background [to fight in the UFC]. It was kind of late in the game for him to make that transition. It was easier for Brock, he’s a freak athlete. Punk, I don’t know. If he just wanted the challenge, good for him.”

CM Punk himself admitted that he went to the UFC in the backwards order. He understood that when he took Dana White’s deal. He also used WWE to grow his star power to get that spot in the UFC, a company where he is still currently winless.

We’ll have to see if CM Punk fights for the UFC again, but The Undertaker will probably be watching.

Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quote

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