Val Venis’ career in WWE was centered around a porn star gimmick, and that did not have the longevity that he would have liked. Jim Cornette was there and he realizes who was at fault for Venis’ lack of a career. Sometimes it’s all about the booking, and Vince Russo was behind that idea based in adult entertainment.

During The Jim Cornette Experience, he went into Val Venis’ career. They started on the subject by addressing the controversy that The Big Valbowski drummed up by spouting one QAnon conspiracy theory after another.

In the end, Cornette pointed blame at Vince Russo for booking Val Venis in such a way. This did not lead to a lengthy run with any gimmick, and he became “poison in wrestling” after that.

“He was a smooth worker for a guy his size. He was still smooth and quick and light on his feet. He could cut a promo, he had personality, he looked like something, he acted like somebody. He had all the tools to be something. I can see why he might be bitter. This isn’t bitter, this is just crazy.”

“He was another casualty of Vince Russo’s booking, sh*t stain f*cking incorporated killed another guy’s career. This was a point when he hadn’t been in the business for 10 years when he debuted as Val Venis and this was in 1997 if I recall.”

“Let’s say he was in his early 30’s. Where the f*ck did he ever go? Where the f*ck did he ever wrestle. I’m knocking the guy now, because he’s apparently lost his f*cking marbles. He was a great wrestler before, but where did he go? Nowhere. Nobody wanted a guy who’s whole f*cking gimmick was about his dick. His name rhymed with penis, that was so ‘oh wow! Who in the world could come up with something like that?! That was cutting edge creativity. That… Sean Morley with any other gimmick still had every tool and everything to get over with a push in the WWF, it’s just you had a guy who was living out his weird prepubescent sexual issues because of his lack of experience in same with his wife for his entire life. That is why you had all the weird women and dick jokes and all of the bullsh*t.”

“Val Venis gave Sean Morley a three-year run, maybe? Not even on top and killed the rest of his whole f*cking career. He’s made a couple of special appearances as Val Venis. Otherwise he’s poison in wrestling.”

Val Venis deleted his own Twitter account after Joe Biden was inaugurated as the 46th POTUS. He could return to the platform, but his support was certainly dwindling up to that point.

At 49-years-old, Venis left the pro wrestling world behind him. We’ll have to see what’s next, but he’s bound to make a lot of noise wherever he shows up. Jim Cornette regards him as a wasted talent, but his opinion on Val Venis’ recent political rants is a much different story.

Transcription by Ringside News

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