UFC 257 is going down tonight, and plenty of fans can’t wait to see if Dustin Poirier will be able to topple Conor McGregor. Sheamus will likely be watching on ESPN+ as well.

During a recent interview with Digital Spy, Sheamus said that he would give Conor McGregor some slaps that he’s not used to if he stepped in the ring. He also said that it’s a matter of when and not if in regards to Notorious come into WWE.

The Celtic Warrior also explained the difference between WWE and UFC. He said that “it takes more edge” to be a WWE Superstar than a UFC Fighter. If Conor McGregor wants to step up to him, then he’ll gladly take that match.

“In UFC you fight once a year or twice a year, in WWE we’re fighting every week. We’re taking big bumps every week, the physicality we go through is crazy. It’s a different world we’re in, I think it’s definitely more competitive, it’s definitely more physical.”

“It takes more edge being in WWE than it does doing the UFC stuff. I’ll probably get slated online for saying that but until you actually do our schedule you don’t really realize how tough it is. But as I said, if he wants to come in and give it hand I have no bother stepping in the ring with [Conor McGregor].”

We’ll have to see how UFC 257 goes for Conor McGregor. He could come off the pay-per-view on an even bigger wave of momentum, bypassing any thought of Vince McMahon offering him enough to come in. You can also never count out Vince McMahon’s deep pockets, because he’s been known to drop a ton of money when he wants a high-profile attraction.

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