Drew McIntyre is set to defend the WWE Championship against Goldberg on January 31st at the Royal Rumble event. This will be a surreal experience in more ways than one.

Riju Dasgupta recently spoke to Drew McIntyre about his upcoming match against Goldberg. McIntyre made it very clear that he plans to break Goldberg’s new streak.

Drew McIntyre used to watch Goldberg while he was growing up in Scotland. Now he is facing the former WCW Champion. McIntyre explained that he used to watch Goldberg in WCW even though he was an ECW and WWE fan at heart.

“I was a wrestling fan in general. WWE was my favorite show and when I got a little older, my brother and I really liked ECW. But we also watched WCW all the time. We recorded it all the time and we watched the full episode after WWE. But when Goldberg was on his run and had his undefeated streak prior to beating Hogan for the WCW Championship, we used to flick back-and-worth between WWE and WCW, just trying to find that two-minute Goldberg match and that means you have to flick back-and-forth every two minutes because his matches were so quick and so dominant. If you wanted to catch it you had to keep changing the channel all the time and I remember being so young and trying to see that match and my brother and I getting so excited to see Goldberg run somebody down.”


Drew McIntyre then went on to discuss how he used to play as Goldberg in video games, but now he is facing him in real life. It is a bit of a surreal experience, but that is the ride his WWE journey has taken him on.

“I remember like making myself up in the video games and like create character and then fighting all my favorites in the game and fighting Goldberg and then fast-forward 20 plus years later and suddenly I’m WWE Champion in real-life. I’m actually in the video game as real Drew and I’m fighting real Goldberg. It’s a pretty surreal situation as a lifelong fan and to be in the ring at Royal Rumble as WWE Champion fighting the actual Goldberg. So, I’m still trying to wrap my head around things”

Goldberg’s matches have never been very long. Drew McIntyre’s bouts can be lengthy, but it’s anyone’s guess how quick their match will be at the Royal Rumble. Either way, it will still be an experience that Drew McIntyre will never forget.

H Jenkins

H Jeknins is a News Correspondent at Ringside News, keeping wrestling fans updated with timely and accurate reports on all things wrestling.

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