Joey Ryan was called out several times during the #SpeakingOut movement. He filed several lawsuits as well. A couple of those multi-million dollar lawsuits were thrown out. He also won one of those lawsuits by default.

SoCalUncensored reports that Joey Ryan has won a lawsuit against one of his accusers by default. His accuser, indie wrestler Allie Kat, did not respond to his lawsuit in time. The lawsuit, filed on October 7th, claimed that the allegations damaged Joey Ryan’s reputation and income.

It was later clarified that nothing was proved in this situation. Allie Kat simply did not respond in time. It was also noted that Impact Wrestling did not respond to Joey Ryan’s wrongful termination lawsuit either, but they likely have better attorneys than Allie Kat.

To be clear this is a default judgement. She didn’t respond in time. Nothing was proved one way or another, and she could still possibly get the judgement set aside. My guess is most of these cases will end with nothing being proved one way or another.

In a lot of cases it is easier for the defendant’s legal team to get the cases dropped for jurisdiction or something else rather than arguing the case on its merits. Impact also didn’t respond in time to the suit Ryan filed, but they likely have better lawyers than Kat.

This does not necessarily mean that Allie Kat will be forced to fork over upwards of $10 million as Joey Ryan’s lawsuit demanded. It was reported by Heel By Nature that attempts were made to serve Allie Kat with the documentation, but they were unable to personally give her those papers.

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