Booker T and The Rock had a rivalry that kicked off the Harlem Heat member’s time in WWE. This is a feud that The Rock remembers fondly, but those matches are harder to recall for Booker T.

While speaking on WWE The Bump, Booker T discussed working with The Rock in his first WWE program. He said that The Rock ribbed him a bit when he first came in by telling the future two-time WWE Hall of Famer that he’s around for pointers.

Booker T also feels like he gave too much respect to The Rock during that time. He was just coming into WWE and wanted to look strong. That constant work also didn’t allow him to remember much, because he never got a chance to really feel those matches with the People’s Champion.

“It’s kind of crazy. I was a little intimidating because I was coming in his backyard. I remember doing a press conference with him sometime and out of sarcasm, The Rock comes to me and said, ‘hey kid if you need any help at this stage, just let me know.’ The thing is that this was my first press conference because in WCW we didn’t do that kind of stuff, you know so. I was like, ‘this son of a gun,’ you know what I mean.”

“There was always a respect between myself when we got in the ring to perform at the next level. Him and I, I wouldn’t say we were the best of friends, but when it came to going out and doing the work we went out and did it.”

“Also, I believe that I gave him a little bit more respect than I should have when I came in and worked him. Just because, there again, he was the golden boy. I was coming in from the other side. The matches we had, they were really good matches, but I have to go back and watch them because I didn’t feel them. Matches I remember I felt, because certain things were happening. In those matches with The Rock I was working so I had to keep my eye on everything going on. So, when he remembers them he’ll say that the matches were awesome, but it was because I was there for the work,”

In a recent interview, Booker T also called The Rock out for jacking his Book End finisher and one of his most popular catchphrases. That didn’t come up in this conversation. Booker T made a ton of memories in the pro wrestling business, but it’s hard for him to recall much of his time with The Rock since he was so focused on his work in the ring.

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