Ric Flair is back on WWE television as a regular performer now with Lacey Evans. He turned on his own daughter this week on RAW and jumpstarted a new storyline for himself. This did not come without controversy.

Some people are concerned about the two-time WWE Hall Of Famer’s presence at WWE events.

One article was published asking if WWE is “trying to kill Ric Flair.” This article took shots at WWE’s COVID-19 testing policy among other things. The subject was not taken lightly by Kevin Nash who unleashed a fiery tweet at the article while calling it “complete bullsh*t.”

Saw this in a Google feed. The story says the @WWE doesn’t do a adequate job Covid testing. Complete bullshit. Everytime I’m involved I’ve been quarantined in a hotel room after being tested then brought to the arena. I was positive and sent directly to my home to quarantine


Kevin Nash himself did test positive for COVID-19, but he was sent home from quarantine. He knows the testing system well, and he had to call out that article for taking such a spin.

WWE tests all of their performers prior to each television broadcast. They are doing what they can to prevent the spread of COVID-19, but the incredibly contagious virus is also incredibly difficult to stop 100% of the time. Our thoughts continue to go out to anyone dealing with a terrible situation caused by this dreadful virus.

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