The coronavirus pandemic is not over yet. Some people are just now revealing that they tested positive for the virus as many more are still dealing with terrible symptoms caused by COVID-19.

The Rock revealed that he and his family tested positive for COVID-19. AJ Styles soon followed as he revealed that he tested positive as well. All have since recovered.

In a reply to The Rock’s revealing tweet, Kevin Nash also revealed that he tested positive for COVID-19, and he was able to thankfully recover as well. His wife still doesn’t have her smell or taste back though.

Welcome to the team. Very sorry you’re family is infected. I was tired for a while didn’t train for the 4th day. My wife still hasn’t got smell or tastes back. Son was asymptomatic. Pray you heal up quickly. Thank you for making people realize it’s real

The Rock saw Big Sexy’s tweet and replied saying: “Sorry to hear that brother. Not a team we want to be on for sure. You guys stay strong too (still haven’t got my tastes back either).”

The novel coronavirus hits everyone differently. It’s great to hear that Kevin Nash, The Rock, and AJ Styles were able to make it through. Their bodies were equipped to fight off the virus, but others aren’t so lucky. Hopefully, a vaccine is coming sooner than later so everyone can get back to life as we used to know it.

Felix Upton

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