Impact Wrestling recently ran a storyline where Ace Austin was after Trey Miguel’s mom. It was almost a much more complicated angle than that.

During Tommy Dreamer’s House of Hardcore podcast, the Innovator of Violence revealed that Impact Wrestling nixed much of that angle with Miguel’s mom. She was supposed to be a full-fledged groupie, one that Dreamer remembered from the ECW days.

Impact Wrestling didn’t follow through with that angle for Trey Miguel’s mom, but the original intention was to turn her into a ring rat.

“What I wanted to do—and we were all ‘gung ho’ for it, but it sucks because in society, or how we have to be so careful nowadays in professional wrestling—we wanted, because Trey would get mad at anybody, especially you, and do something because it’s his mom. So, we wanted to make his mom like an old school ‘groupie’ or rat and she was so super respectful to the younger generation, but what we wanted to do was have her come up to every older wrestler, myself, Rhino and be like, ‘Hey Tommy.’ We wanted to always have Trey backstage be like, ‘Oh, Mom, let me introduce you to Tommy Dreamer.’ And she’d be like, ‘Hi, It’s so nice to meet you’, and then, ‘Trey to go to the car for a second.’ Trey leaves and I would be like, ‘Hey Mrs. Miguel, how have you been.’ She [would say], ‘It’s so good to see you again. I haven’t seen you since ECW! That was like… ‘97?’”


“And she was going to do that with everybody because we were going to tell the story of who was Trey’s dad. And then we were going to have all the older wrestlers be like, ‘How long has it been?’ And she would be like, ‘Oh, about 20 years, 22 years.’ [Then we’d be like], ‘How old is Trey?!?’ [She would reply], ‘He’s like 23.’ We would all be sweating it, and then she would say, ‘No, it’s not yours, he’s not yours.’ We were going to do this all throughout and it would be our ongoing storyline and then finally, the last person was going to be D’Lo [Brown]. We wanted to do this with me, Don Callis, whoever else we brought in. At one time, we had so many veteran wrestlers and then finally D’Lo is going to come up and say ‘Hey, Ms. Miguel.’ All of the babyface, the older wrestlers, they were going to start with the same line, the ‘Hey, Ms. Miguel…’ She was going to say [to D’Lo], ‘Yeah, Trey’s your son.’ D’Lo was just going to do the headshake and that was the end of the whole angle.’ But we couldn’t do it and I wish it happened.”

Trey Miguel left Impact Wrestling, but he didn’t sign elsewhere. His fellow Rascalz teammates did end up signing with WWE’s NXT brand. They have yet to debut. Miguel later explained his reason for not signing with NXT at this time. We are still waiting for his next move in the pro wrestling world.

Thanks to Wrestle Zone for the quote

H Jenkins

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