Goldberg’s WWE return was met with plenty of discussion throughout the pro wrestling world. He stepped up to Drew McIntyre who then said that facing Goldberg would be like fighting his own father. That won’t stop WWE’s booking direction as they head toward the Royal Rumble on January 31st.

While speaking to Boston Wrestling’s MWF Wrestling Insiders show, John Cena Sr. let it all out concerning WWE’s current direction for Goldberg. He doesn’t have an issue as long as they don’t embarrass Goldberg. At this point, WWE isn’t doing the former Universal Champion any favors.

“If Goldberg wins the belt then thats it. If he wins, if he goes over McIntyre, if Goldberg goes over McIntyre I think the fans are just going to say [disapproving sound]… why would you do that match anyway? I take nothing away from Goldberg’s athleticism, he’s a guy in great shape. When he [McIntyre] says ‘I feel like I’m beating up my dad’, I don’t think your dad’s built like Goldberg. Kudos to you Goldberg, I may knock you and make a few comments but you know what, he’s still got a few rides left but if you’re gonna put him on the ride at least put him in a position where you don’t embarrass him, you elevate him. And this is what they’re doing, it’s not working in Goldberg’s favor.”

John Cena’s father wanted to make sure that it was made clear that he isn’t taking anything away from Goldberg. He just wants to see WWE put Goldberg in situations where he can gain credibility.


“Take nothing away from Goldberg, that’s not what I’m trying to do when I make my comments, what I’m trying to say is that if you’re going to take a man of his calibre, who holds some credibility, at least give him the chance to get some credibility. Don’t squash him. Don’t put him in matches where he can’t go. Don’t embarrass him to the point that the match looks like a piece of garbage. That’s not doing anything to the individual or for the organization, nor the person that’s facing him.”

Goldberg and Drew McIntyre’s match at the Royal Rumble is not official. The WWE Champion will address Goldberg on RAW next week. That is likely when they will put that match in stone.

This could be a very interesting road to WrestleMania, and it might include Goldberg swooping in to take a top title in WWE just in time for the show of shows.

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