Sting surprised the pro wrestling world when he debuted on AEW television. This was a big secret, but it didn’t get off the ground until Tony Khan ran it by everyone else in charge.

The Young Bucks recently spoke with the Sitting Ringside’ podcast when they discussed how Sting arrived in AEW. This was a decision that Tony Khan wanted to make sure that everyone was in agreement on.

Nick Jackson said that they had to keep that big secret of Sting’s debut between a very small group of people, about five to seven of them knew about it. This was obviously a big piece of information that they had to keep to themselves.

“Yeah, keeping secrets in wrestling as you know is almost impossible these days so, when you can keep one and make it exciting like that and it’s so worth it because man, people love it and you know what’s funny? There was a very limited amount of people that even knew about it. Probably what? Five to seven maybe, Matt? So we knew it was happening and you could feel — that show, we billed it as a big show so we knew it was gonna happen then but none of the boys knew. They just thought it was a big show. So when he walked backstage, every wrestler turned their head and went, ‘Oh my God’ and when you could pop the boys obviously, you’re doing something right.”


Matt Jackson also revealed that Tony Khan didn’t go with it until he got the thumbs up from all of the Executive Vice Presidents of the company. Obviously, they were all in agreement and it didn’t take very long at all before Sting was officially coming in.

“We knew for what? A couple months, Nick? That he was doing it. It was Tony [Khan’s] idea and he wasn’t going to do it until he got the thumbs up from all the EVPs and we were in a room, I remember a couple months ago and he told us and immediately, we all literally gave the thumbs up. We were like, ‘Hell yeah, that sounds awesome’ and he was excited because Tony, he ultimately, he’s a fan. He’s probably the biggest wrestling fan I’ve ever met in my life. So him getting to work with a guy like Sting, someone who he grew up watching, I could just see his eyes just light up.”

Sting is a regular on AEW programming now. There is also a very big possibility that he will eventually wrestle in cinematic match. The story is just being written for Sting in AEW, but it didn’t get started until everyone was on the same page about bringing him in.

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