Brodie Lee is gone, but he will never be forgotten. The Dark Order’s 10, Preston Vance will never forget the encouragement Brodie Lee always gave him.

Following Brodie Lee’s passing, Preston Vance had trouble getting motivated. Then he remembered something Brodie Lee always told him backstage. 10 is dedicated to working out, and he would often get a full routine in prior to working a match, or even just going out to stand at ringside.

Those memories of Brodie Lee telling him that he needs to get his pre-match pump in will motivate Preston Vance forever.

Anybody who knows me knows I don’t miss the gym for anyone or anything. However yesterday I could not pull myself to go. I found myself in the same slump today. And as I sat there I could hear Brodie say “you better start your pre show pump Vance you only have 4 hours till bell time.” He would say this every week then laugh and walk away. He would get the biggest kick out of me busting out a full workout before I had to wrestle or even just stand out there accompanying the other DO members. Brodie is no longer here and he’s still making me better myself everyday. That says a lot about the effect he had and still has on people. Thank you Brodie.


10 is one of Brodie Lee Jr’s favorite wrestlers. He will team with Cody Rhodes and Orange Cassidy, two of Lee Jr’s other favorites, to take on Team Taz. That match will be featured during a very special episode of AEW Dynamite dedicated to Brodie Lee’s memory.

RIP Brodie Lee.

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