Mike Bennett was released from WWE on April 15th, and it took a while for him to make a ROH return. Then again, ROH suspended their operations for a while during the pandemic. His return felt like coming home as he revealed to Wrestling Inc.

The creative process in WWE can wear on anyone, and Bennett understands that all too well. They pick apart matches, and that left Mike Bennett feeling creatively unfulfilled as he carried on in Vince McMahon’s company by simply going through the motions.

“It felt like home if that makes any sense,” Bennett expressed. It felt comfortable. It felt normal. I became a pro wrestler because I love pro wrestling, and there was a time in my career where having matches and getting in the ring, you got excited about it. It was like Christmas morning. You couldn’t wait for it, and [to be] brutally honest, for the last three years, I lost that feeling completely. I wasn’t excited about work. I wasn’t excited about matches because they were micromanaged.”

“They were so picked apart. You weren’t creatively fulfilled. I never got excited about wrestling, and I would say this match with Vinny was the first time I’ve genuinely been excited about getting into a ring. I was genuinely excited. I couldn’t wait for every aspect of it because I knew I was going to get to be myself again in a company that I wanted to be in, and I just felt like myself again. I felt like it was Christmas morning all over again.”

Mike Bennett suffered an injury right now, but ROH will be waiting for him when he is cleared to compete once again. That homecoming was long overdue for Bennett as he was able to return to a place where he can now explore those creative ideas that WWE kept squashing time and time again.

Felix Upton

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