Welcome to Ringside News’ live results coverage of WWE RAW. Tonight features the fallout from yesterday’s TLC pay-per-view. Feel free to refresh this page all night long for updates (while the show is in progress), while also leaving your reactions in the comments section.

The company is teasing that two feuds will continue this evening, in Randy Orton vs Bray Wyatt and AJ Styles vs WWE Champion Drew McIntyre.

Orton lit aflame “The Fiend” last night, while McIntyre successfully defended his title against Styles in a TLC match that also saw The Miz unsuccessfully cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase.

Additionally, Charlotte Flair returned yesterday as Asuka’s mystery tag team partner. The pair won the Women’s Tag Team Championships off of Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler, and Charlotte will likely have something to say about her return this evening.


All this and more on an action-packed edition of RAW!

Charlotte kicks off tonight’s show, with her tag title in tow. First, there’s a replay of her and Asuka’s win from yesterday.

Charlotte begins by saying “what would the ThunderDome be without the queen? My first night at the ThunderDome I walked in as champion, because that’s who I am at my core.” Charlotte also noted that Asuka — a friend — needed a hand yesterday and she stepped up. She then welcomes Asuka, her greatest opponent ever.

Asuka takes the mic, speaking in Japanese before saying the empress of tomorrow is the double champion. She adds that Nia and Shayna were not ready for Asuka, and were definitely not ready for her partner Charlotte.

Charlotte then starts asking about the RAW Women’s Championship. Before the conversation can continue, Jax and Baszler enter.

Jax jokes that it’s so good to see Charlotte. She reminds her that she’s the one who injured her arm, and says that her “robotic voice” hasn’t changed. Charlotte commends “that robot voice kicked your ass last night.”

Shayna changes the tone, saying she and Jax hand out “seasons beatings,” including one to Kairi Sane and one to Lana.

Cue Dana Brooke and Mandy Rose. They mock the appearance of Shayna and Nia, before reminding them that they’re not the champs anymore. Charlotte cues a referee. Brooke and Rose will face Jax and Baszler next! Commercial break.

Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler vs Dana Brooke & Mandy Rose

Back live, Rose gets waist control on Shayna and hits a drop kick. She tags in Brooke, and the pair hit a double team which sends Baszler to the opposite corner, as Jax makes the tag,

Jax lands a head butt and works over Brooke heavy. Both teams battle on the outside with the the heels taking momentum into the break.

Back live, Shayna works over the ankle of Rose, securing an achilles hold. She tags in Jax, who chokes Rose in the ropes.

Rose fights back with punches but gets a clothesline for her troubles.

Rose fights off Jax, but she falls into Shayna for the tag. Rose is looking for the hot tag but is cut off. She battles back with strikes and lands a running knee, tagging in Brooke who gets a near fall.

Brooke to the top rope, senton lands but Jax pulls Brooke out of the ring. Rose foes off the apron to take out Jax, and Brooke hits a cartwheel attack.

Back in the ring, Brooke goes for a full up on Shayna, but she kicks out at two. Shayna then transitions into the kirifuda clutch. Brooke fights it off on first try, but is unsuccessful on the second. The heels win via submission,

Winners: Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler

Transition to a video replay of The Hurt Business winning the tag titles.

To the back, where The Hurt Business rip a New Day shirt off a backstage staff member, throwing a Hurt Business shirt on instead. The VIP lounge is up after the break.

Back live for the VIP lounge. It’s a celebration as the group is draped in gold! MVP says that the VIP lounge is for champions, and for “people that are better than you.”

Shelton comments that last night he and Cedric — the new tag champs — showed why they’re the best on the roster. Cedric adds that “the come up is here” and he’s “Lebron Alexander” now.

Bobby Lashley adds that the Hurt Business are the “most dominant force in WWE.” He also comments that there’s no one on the roster who can beat him for the US title.

The group then poses for a picture. In the back is 24/7 champ R-Truth, who is chased away by the rest of the 24/7 title contenders.

Jeff Hardy ‘s music then hits, as he and Riddle, known as the Hardy Bros, enter.

MVP chimes in, saying they weren’t invited to the celebration. Riddle congratulates the group, but then tells them they’re celebrating wrong, and that all they need to do is “chill out with the homies” instead of popping bottles, while escaping the “day to day existential grind that life is.”

He isn’t done. “There’s no reason to spread negativity,” he adds. MVP interrupts, saying no one cares about his concepts.

Hardy is on the mic now. He says that the pair have their faith to lean on, and don’t care about money. Interesting promo. Commercial break.

Backstage, Angel Garza is asked how he’s preparing for his match against Drew Gulak. He hands the interviewer a rose and heads out for his entrance. Gulak is already in the ring.

Angel Garza vs Drew Gulak

Garza dumps his pants, using it as a distraction to take control on Gulak. Gulak regains control, but Garza quickly takes momentum with quick chops and running knees in the corner.

Gulak transitions into an abdominal stretch, but Garza gets out of it. The pair exchange shots, with Garza taking momentum after a super kick. He then hits the wing clipper for the victory.

Winner: Angel Garza

Transition to a replay of last night’s WWE Championship TLC match.

Backstage, AJ is asked about the result of yesterday. He says that Miz screwed him out of the title. He’s then asked why he chose to be a guest on Miz TV, and says it’s because he wants Miz to explain himself. Commercial break.

Back live with The Miz, who says he failed yesterday in his attempt to become a two-time WWE Champion. He then welcomes Styles.

Miz welcomes him, saying he tried to take advantage of an opportunity yesterday. Styles butts in, saying he’s selfish and incompetent. “We both lost because of you.”

Miz then gives a classic passionate promo, saying he’s worked for 15 years to get respect. “If I cashed in to become WWE Champion, just maybe you would respect me, and everyone would respect me.”

Miz then apologizes, saying they were both robbed. He also wants to present Styles a chance to co-star in the new instalment of The Marine.

Omos then butts in saying it was John Morrison who actually cashed in. The pair bicker, with Styles getting in between. Miz then says that Omos was right. Morrison wasn’t allowed to cash in for him. He wants his contract back. Drew McIntyre then enters.

He says that he, Sheamus and Keith Lee had “one to ten pints” after the win. He then said after the juices got flowing, he had an idea for a sequel after last week’s nightmare before TLC, called the nightmare after TLC.

Sheamus and Lee then arrive at ringside, providing rhymes. They then get in the ring and beat down Miz, Morrison and Styles. Lee is unintentionally kicked into Sheamus, which leads to the faces arguing in the ring.

Transition to a video package of RETRIBUTION trying to get Ricochet to join their ranks over the last few weeks. T-Bar then enters. He faces Ricochet after the break.

Back live, Sheamus and Lee are still mad at each other about what happened in the ring. Drew arrives and tells them to cool off because they have a six man street fight later. Drew then reminds Lee that Sheamus is the man you want on your team. “Imagine the damage you can do together.”

Back to the ring for Ricochet’s entrance. Match is on now.

Ricochet vs T-Bar

Ricochet off to a fast start on the larger man, taking T-Bar down with a kick. T-Bar then catches Ricochet, hammering him with knees to the ribs and then a large toss to the other side of the ring.

T-Bar follows up with a huge lariat that sends Ricochet flying. He then slows things down with a chin lock.

T-Bar lunges at Ricochet but is thrown to the outside. Ricochet then takes out Mace and Slapjack, but T-Bar hammers him again with another clothesline.

Ali comes to ringside, saying that Ricochet belongs with them. He fights him off, but T-Bar grabs Ricochet, hitting a torture rack GTS for the victory.

Winner: T-Bar

Post-match, T-Bar reminds Ricochet that RETRIBUTION is not his enemy, but his ally. He then tells him to join the group of it will be the end of his existence.

Transition to a post-match interview with Kofi and Woods from yesterday, where Kofi says the pair will bounce back, like they’ve done many times in the past.

Back to the ring for The Hurt Business’ entrance, with Lashley and MVP in action. They face Riddle and Hardy after the break.

Back live for Riddle and Hardy’s entrance.

MVP and Bobby Lashley vs Jeff Hardy & Riddle

Hardy and Lashley start, but Hardy is quickly tossed aside as Riddle is tagged in, He gets mauled by Lashley, who tags MVP.

Quick tags from Lashley and MVP, keeping Riddle away from his corner. Riddle eventually tags in Hardy after a dropkick to Lashley.

Vintage Hardy with the double leg drop and drop kick to the face. Cover but Lashley quickly powers out as Riddle is tagged back in, hitting bro-etry in motion on Lashley,

MVP tags in as the heels head to the outside to re-group. Commercial break,

Back live, Hardy gets dropped off the top rope and onto the steel steps by Lashley.

Lashley takes advantage in the ring, targeting the injured arm of Hardy. He then tags in MVP.

The veteran lands the ballin elbow on Hardy for a near fall. He then goes for a big boot in the corner but misses, as Hardy hits whisper in the wind.

Hardy tags in Riddle, who lands a kick, rushing forearms and a senton. Fisherman suplex into the bridge is broken up by Lashley, who leads MVP into his corner for the tag.

Lashley hits Riddle with a flatliner. He goes for a stalling suplex but Riddle breaks it up and tags in Hardy. Over the top goes Riddle, using Hardy as a vault to take out the rest of the hurt business.

Hardy to the top, but misses with whisper in the wind. Lashley then locks in the hurt lock and Hardy taps out.

Winners: Lashley and MVP

To the back, where Styles, Miz and Morrison are arguing. Neither team for tonight’s six man tag is on the same page. Commercial break.

Back live with Elias, who’s with Jaxson Ryker. Elias says his 2020 has been a whirlwind. He then transitions to his music, saying that it helped transform Ryker, who will send a message tonight.

Before he can finish, Gran Metalik enters.

Gran Metalik vs Jaxson Ryker

Ryker beats down Metalik as Elias sings at the top turnbuckle. Metallic gets momentum, and sends Elias flying, but Ryker finishes off Metalik shortly after with a sit out choke bomb.

Winner: Ryker

Transition to another replay of the firefly inferno match. Orton speaks after the break.

Back live with Orton, who enters the ring.

“My whole life, I have been called many things: sick, twisted, deranged and demented. Last night I proved each and every one of those things when I burned The Fiend alive.”

Orton then recounts what happened yesterday in detail, saying that he can still smell the result, because “the scent of burning flesh tends to linger.”

Orton adds that The Fiend is gone, and that he’s “the son of a bitch that took him out.”

All of a sudden the lights go dark. Orton looks very confused as departs the ring.

Back in the ring, Alexa Bliss is swinging on a swing set which Bliss says The Fiend built for her. “I’ll be your wondering where he is,” she says. “It’s pretty good tanning weather in Florida, he could be at the beach. But I hope he doesn’t get sun burnt.”

Bliss adds that The Fiend is home now, but “if he ever leaves home, he might come back to Alexa’s playground, and if he does it’ll be like nothing you’ve ever seen before.” The lights then go dark again.

We then transition to a replay of Charlotte and Asuka winning the tag titles. Charlotte then makes her way to the ring. Commercial break.

Back live, Asuka enters the ring. Peyton Royce and Lacey Evans are then interviewed backstage. Evans hypes up the team and leaves, but before Royce enters, she makes sure to remind everyone that she’s the one who got the match against the tag champs.

Lacey Evans & Peyton Royce vs Asuka and Charlotte Flair

Asuka and Royce start. Asuka goes for the Asuka lock, but Evans had tagged in.

Evans sweeps the leg of Asuka but quickly gets countered into the hip attack. Royce tags in and lands a stiff shot on Asuka as we head to commercial.

Back live, Evans lands a bronco buster in the corner, however Royce tags in. Frustrated, Evans tags in again and lands a leg drop on Asuka.

The pair bicker, as Royce stops Asuka from getting to the corner.

Not long after, Asuka hits a big suplex and tags in Charlotte, who lands multiple fierce chops on Royce and a big boot.

Evans tries to intervene, but she gets a fall away suplex for her trouble. Royce manages to lock in a single leg crab, but Asuka hits her with a kick.

Charlotte then takes Royce off of her feet and secures the figure eight for the victory.

Winners: Charlotte Flair and Asuka

Commercial break.

Back live for a video package of Titus O’Neil’s community outreach. We then get a replay of Drew, Lee and Sheamus beating down Miz, Morrison and AJ.

To the back, where Miz is trying to get his money in the bank contract back. Looks like that’s going to be an ongoing story.

Back to the ring, where Drew is entering, followed by Sheamus. The rest of the competitors in the holiday street fight will enter after the break.

Back live for Keith Lee’s entrance, as well as the heels.

Drew McIntyre, Sheamus & Keith Lee vs The Miz, John Morrison & AJ Styles in a holiday street fight

Morrison and Sheamus start things off. Morrison drags Sheamus to the heel corner and tags in Miz. Cheap shot from Morrison as AJ is tagged in.

Sheamus battles back with a short arm clothesline, but it’s short-lived as Morrison tags back in and gains momentum.

Sheamus takes out Morrison, dragging him to the face’s corner as Drew tags in.

Drew lands some stiff shots on Morrison, but Morrison fights back by targeting the injured leg of Drew from yesterday. Dragon screw now from Morrison, but Drew gets separation with the Glasgow kiss.

Lee and Drew double team Morrison, landing a suplex that vaults Morrison across the ring.

Keith Lee tags in and hits a few tandem moves with Sheamus. They celebrate, but things get heated quickly as Drew steps in. Commercial break.

Back live, things have broken down in the ring. Drew and Sheamus tee off on Miz and Morrison with ten beats. Lee then sends both of the heels into the barricade.

Lee tosses Miz into the presents on the outside as Sheamus goes to work on AJ in the ring with a chin lock.

Sheamus goes for a charge on AJ, but he goes shoulder first into the post. Styles then tags in Miz. Drew enters the ring, chopping Morrison all the way to the outside.

Back in the ring Sheamus — on the top rope — is caught by Morrison and thrown into a table on the outside. Morrison is the legal man and pins Sheamus, but he kicks out. Miz is tagged in.

Sheamus tries to get to his corner, but Miz refuses to let that happen, landing a DDT, but Sheamus kicks out.

AJ tags in, hitting a falling enziguri on Sheamus and then a cheap shot on Lee. Sheamus hits white noise as both men make a tag. Drew and Miz are in.

Drew with belly to back suplexes on Morrison and Miz, followed by a reverse Alabama slam on Morrison and a prone Miz.

AJ gets back in the ring, but Lee obliterates him with a pounce. Sheamus then hits an Irish curse back breaker on Morrison. AJ comes from behind, hitting Drew with a kendo stick candy cane. Drew responds by throwing AJ into a tree. He then power bombs him into a table.

Back in the ring, Sheamus tags himself in, but Lee tags in right after. Lee pushes Morrison off the apron, into the arms of Omos, who throws Morrison into a table.

Lee then hits a spirit bomb on Miz for the win.

Winners: Keith Lee, Drew McIntyre and Sheamus

Post-match, Sheamus hits Lee with a brogue kick. End of show.

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