WWE has a certain stigma within the entertainment industry. Some fans realize the bias that others might have due to the preconceived notions from others. Jim Johnston created tons of iconic entrances during his WWE career, but the work didn’t come pouring in when the company cut ties with him.

While speaking with Vice, Jim Johnston said that he hasn’t been able to find much work since leaving WWE. The entertainment industry thinks that WWE entrances are all heavy and aggressive. Johnston’s eclectic ability is what kept him employed for so long.

Still, the ongoing stigma regarding the pro wrestling business has kept him from getting a lot of offers he is likely more than qualified for.

“There’s still this stigma against professional wrestling only being a bunch of muscly buffoons. People assume I can only do that aggressive glass smash sound and not a lot else. My music reflected society. Stone Cold’s theme was about giving the viewers the courage to stand up to power. Undertaker was about helping kids process death in a way that wasn’t depressing.”


“With my work I always tried to beam right into the emotions of a character. I love [composer] John Williams and wanted to approach wrestling music in a similar way; it was all about making the audience feel something for the character. If you took John’s music out of Star Wars then it wouldn’t work as well and I feel like it’s the same thing with my music for the WWE. My music’s role was to give wrestling more heart for the audience to grab onto.”

Johnston might be best remembered by some fans for his appearance in the “Beyond The Mat” documentary. He played the Vader theme song during that film, but he had a huge hand in creating so many more memorable tracks.

WWE has also parted ways with CFO$, the group that replaced Jim Johnston. The company has new music team now, and they have put out such songs as Keith Lee’s original main roster music that enraged so many fans.

Felix Upton

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