MJF was just featured in the New York Times, and praised for his musical performance in Le Dinner Debonair. MJF’s grandfather recently died of cancer, and he loved the New York Times. MJF also loves proving his haters wrong.

Some fans were critical of the musical segment on Dynamite. “Me And My Shadow” was revised and brought to a pro wrestling audience who was very much unprepared for it. All fans knew was that Chris Jericho and MJF were going to have a streak dinner, but the musical theater was a complete surprise

MJF penned a thoughtful message about his grandfather who he said “just died of cancer.” During his life, MJF’s grandfather “led one of the best party bands of all time.” Friedman spent a lot of time with his grandfather, and he was a great influence on him.

The Salt Of The Earth developed a love for The Rat Pack thanks to his grandfather, a man who read the New York Times as part of his daily routine.


MJF’s grandfather loved every second of MJF’s musical segment with Chris Jericho, and so did the New York Times. He concluded his message with three simple, yet effective words directed at his critics: “EAT SH*T TURDS.”

You can read his entire post below which includes a follow-up where MJF posted a photo with his grandfather. We also posted a video of the New York Times acclaimed Le Dinner Debonair below.

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