Welcome to Ringside News’ live results coverage of WWE RAW. Tonight is the go-home show for Survivor Series and there’s plenty at stake with two title matches.

The New Day will defend their tag titles against Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander of the Street Profits in what should be a fast-paced affair.

Later in the evening, Randy Orton will settle his blood feud with Drew McIntyre for the WWE Championship. This past Friday, McIntyre appeared on SmackDown and had some choice words for Universal Champion Roman Reigns. Tonight we’ll see if the pair match up at Survivor Series, or if the legend killer will maintain his spot on the RAW side.

All this and more on an action-packed edition of RAW!

Drew McIntyre opens the show. As he’s entering the ring, we get a replay of his confrontation with Reigns from SmackDown.

McIntyre welcomes everyone to Monday Night RAW and reminds the viewers that Survivor Series is on Thanksgiving. He then lists off the things he’s thankful for, such as his family, the fans and the intimate setting of the ThunderDome.

McIntyre goes on, saying he’s thankful for the doubters who talk trash. Speaking of doubters, he then continues to Roman, who McIntyre notes “doesn’t care about anyone else.” He continues, “I”m going to Claymore him back to earth and humble that man.”

As McIntyre tries to move onto Orton, the WWE Champion appears on the big screen. Orton says he’s thankful for a bunch of things too, such as being a 14-time WWE Champion. He also says he’s unfazed by the fine laid down on him last week for putting his hands on Adam Pearce, noting that he’s been getting fined for 20 years while also touching on his tenure.

“I’ve been at home under suspension sitting on my couch for a longer amount of time than 80 percent of the WWE roster has spent in the ring.” He reminds McIntyre that he’s still the best and still on top because he’s “the greatest wrestler ever.” Orton closes by saying he’s going to prove his statement by being McIntyre tonight.

McIntyre takes the mic again, saying that his foot will go through Orton’s head tonight. As McIntyre attempts to leave, The Miz and John Morrison enter.

The Miz discusses how “the possibilities of change are endless.” He essentially teases that he’s going to cash in the money in the bank during the WWE Championship match. Morrison also reminds McIntyre that The Fiend didn’t show his face last week because he was afraid of The Miz. Once again, The Miz reminds McIntyre that “change is coming whether you like it or not. He continues to verbally blast McIntyre, saying that tonight, he’s going to be the one “laughing all the way to the bank.”

To the back with Lana, who takes part in a six woman tag match alongside Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler next. She requested the match, to the surprise of Jax and Baszler, wanting to show that she’s “all about team RAW.” Baszler remind Lana that her and Jax run RAW, and Jax demands that Lana not tag in.

Baszler and Jax enter first. We then go to commercial.

Back live as Lana makes her entrance. Asuka and Dana Brooke and Mandy Rose follow.

Nia Jax, Shayna Baszler and Lana vs Asuka, Dana Brooke and Mandy Rose

Lana starts for her side, but is immediately tagged out by Shayna, who lands a backbreaker on Brooke. Brooke is then thrown to the outside as Shayna fakes a tag to Lana and instead tags Jax.

Jax sets up Brooke for a samoan drop, but Rose jumps from ringside to break up the attempt. Jax beats down Rose for her troubles, and holds her down as Shayna stomps on her injured left shoulder on the ring steps. Commercial break.

Back live, Shayna attempts to stomp on Brooke’s arm but she reverses, sending Shayna’s head into the bottom turnbuckle, Brooke tags in Asuka, who runs wild with hip attacks and a kick for a near fall.

Jax enters the ring and takes out Brooke. Back in the ring, Shayna goes for a gut wrench, but no dice. Jax distracts Asuka on the outside though, as Shayna locks in another kirifuda clutch. Lana makes a blind tag and hits a downed Asuka with a kick for a near fall.

Asuka bounces back, landing a kick of her own before submitting Lana with the Asuka lock.

Winners: Asuka, Dana Brooke and Mandy Rose

Post-match, Jax says she’s proud of Lana, and that she’s on team RAW now. It was a ploy however, as Lana is picked up for a samoan drop, going through the announce table for a ninth week in a row.

To the back, where RAW’s men’s team is still bickering. The lack of cohesion is evident for both the women and men. AJ Styles says his team’s ego is getting in the way, once again stating that he’s the captain. Sheamus isn’t having any of it as the fighting continues.

AJ says if they continue to fight, they’re going to lose. He then notes that each guy hates to lose, and that they need a tune up match. He’s penciled them in to face RETRIBUTION tonight, and that if they follow his lead, they’ll be fine.

All of the team, minus Riddle and AJ leaves. Riddle jokes that he has a new nickname for AJ, who asks his bodyguard Jordan Omogbehin if he’s been talking to Riddle. AJ assumes there’s no way, because Omogbehin doesn’t speak English. The big man then says “of course I do,” to the surprise of AJ, who asks why he didn’t tell him. Omogbehin adds that AJ never asked, as AJ concludes by saying that he has “so many questions.” Commercial break.

Back live with Brooke, who’s asked how Mandy is doing. Before she can say much, Reckoning (Mia Yim) of RETRIBUTION beats her down. She’s been hurt enough that she, along with Rose, who was previously injured during her match, cannot compete at Survivor Series.

Firefly Funhouse Segment

To the funhouse with Bray and Alexa. Bray talks down the Miz, but says he wants to help him with his issues, offering “a super special lesson on manners.” Alexa adds that it will be Bray versus The Miz tonight. Bray notes that Miz doesn’t want to see his bad side, as a video of The Fiend flashes on screen.

Bray notes that while he hasn’t had much time to prepare for the match, all of his friends will help. First, Bray puts on a blindfold as Huskus and the buzzard creep up behind him. Bray smacks them, working on his “agility.” Next is spelling. Bray is asked to spell the word jackass. He’s rocking glasses, and spells The Miz. Next, Bray plays darts, hitting rambling rabbit in the chest with a “bullseye.” He says that he’s now prepared, and will see everyone soon. End of segment.

To the ring where The Hurt Business is entering. Commercial break.

Back live. MVP has the mic. He says this Sunday at Survivor Series, you will see the best of the best, and “there is no one better than The Hurt Business.” MVP says Bobby Lashley will squeeze the life out of Sami Zayn. Shelton Benjamin then takes the mic, noting that he and Cedric are going to take the RAW Tag Team Championships tonight.

MVP concludes by saying that they will own all the gold, and will make sure SmackDown is out of business.

The New Day enter. Woods tells the team to bring it down. Kofi adds that everything THB are saying is a lie, minus Survivor Series being the best versus the best. “It won’t be Cedric and Shelton. No, it’s your boys The New Day.”

Kofi tells THB that they’ve been telling a bunch of lies and are jerks. “Do something about it,” comments MVP. Kofi then makes an awful joke, calling The Hurt Business “The Jerk Business.” Woods then does the vintage “who” line and ends with New Day rocks. The two teams battle for the tag titles after the break!

The New Day versus The Hurt Business for the RAW Tag Team Championships

Kofi and Cedric start. Both men battle for waist control, with Cedric taking momentum off a gator roll and shoulder tackle for a one. Kofi fights back with a waist lock take down. He then tags in Woods, as the pair hit multiple double team maneuvers.

Woods lands a chop but is overtaken by the strength of Shelton, who was tagged in. Woods goes off the ropes and re-takes momentum with a drop kick for a near fall. Shelton uses his power to get back into things with a power slam and a spine buster for a near fall.

Cedric is tagged back in and slows the pace with a waist lock. He then lands a vicious drop kick from close range as Woods heads off the ropes. Shelton is tagged back in, working over the neck of Woods.

Woods tries to reach for the corner, but Shelton uses his power to grab him. Woods gets a roll-up though and lands an enziguri, tagging in Kofi right after. Kofi picks up the pace, going off the top with a cross-body for a near fall.

Kofi goes for a boom drop, but Shelton once again shows his power, throwing Kofi into the corner for a buckle bomb. Cedric is tagged in as the pair hit a modified doomsday device off the top for a super close near fall. Commercial break.

Back live, Shelton has Kofi downed in a head lock. He breaks the hold with a jaw breaker but Shelton is able to re-take control, placing Kofi on the top rope. Kofi fights back, landing a DDT from the top.

Cedric and Woods are tagged in. Woods with a high kick to Shelton and an honour roll to Cedric. Woods beats down both of the heels, sending Shelton to the outside while landing a missile drop kick to Cedric for a near fall.

Woods tags in Kofi, hitting a cave-in from the top. Shelton gets in the ring just quick enough to break up the count. He then hits Woods with a knee strike, as Cedric lands two suicide dives on Kofi and one on Woods. Shelton is now legal, hitting an inside out clothesline on Kofi on the outside.

Shelton rolls Kofi to the centre of the ring, hitting an Angle slam, but Kofi kicks out at two! Cedric tags in, landing a double team with Shelton and then a brain buster, which is broken up by Woods.

Cedric goes for the lumbar check, but Kofi reverses into a super kick and then trouble in paradise. He tags in Woods, who lands day break from the top for the win. Great match.

Winners and still champs: The New Day

To the back where Sheamus and Drew are chatting again. Sheamus reminds Drew how close they are and shows him something in a chest that’s been lost for years. Drew opens the chest, it’s a bunch of Scottish garb, which has Drew emotional. Sheamus then hands him a sword as Drew looks intently at the weapon and chest.

To the ring, where AJ is entering for commentary. Commercial break.

Back live with Mustafa Ali and RETRIBUTION. Ali says even a king can take down a pawn, while Reckoning reminds the viewers that she already took out Dana Brooke. Ali notes that all of team RAW are “spineless cowards ready to stab each other in the back.” Ali says that his side just has to stand back and let them fall.

Back to the ring, where the rest of team RAW enters, starting with Braun Strowman. RETRIBUTION then make their way to the ring.

RETRIBUTION vs Braun Strowman, Sheamus, Matt Riddle and Keith Lee

Team RAW is already bickering prior to the match. Riddle starts against Slapjack. Riddle gets Slapjack’s back, going for a sleeper hold. He then hits two Russian lifts.

Slapjack tags in T-Bar, who’s hit with an overhead kick. He battles back with a high kick to Lee, but Riddle lands a gut wrench and senton. He goes to tag in Sheamus, but Braun isn’t having it as he wanted the tag. The pair are about to come to blows, leading to AJ stepping in, along with Omogbehin. Tons of dissension as we head to commercial.

Back live, T-Bar has Riddle in a head lock. Mace tags in and then Slapjack. They land a triple team in the corner for a near fall. Ali is tagged in, asking if AJ is watching as he lands strikes and then a neck breaker for a two.

Ali with kicks in the corner to Riddle, and then a tag to T-Bar. He plants his foot into Riddle’s neck in the corner and tags in Mace, who hits a double team big boot along with T-Bar.

Slapjack is tagged back in. He taunts team RAW and pays for it for a second, but fights back with a ripcord knee. Riddle responds with a muscle buster and tags in Keith Lee.

Lee runs wild on everyone, including a big shoulder tackle to Slapjack. He goes for a choke slam to Mace and T-Bar on the outside, but Ali, the legal man, hits a suicide dive on Lee and gets him back in the ring for a near fall.

Team RAW re-takes momentum with a bunch of shoulder tackles from Braun and a brogue kick from Sheamus on the outside. Lee takes advantage in the ring, hitting a power move on Ali. Sheamus uses the opportunity to tag himself in, but Braun then tags himself in right after. Everyone is fighting, as Braun clotheslines Sheamus to the outside.

In the meantime, Riddle is legal, and gets rolled up for three by Ali, who takes advantage of the distraction.


To the back, where Nikki Cross is being interviewed. She says she has to get to Alexa before The Fiend can, no matter what.

Transition to Jeff Hardy, who is upset about a poster that shows the car accident he was implicated in. The contact is 555-AMEN, meaning Elias made the poster. He says he’s about to give Elias the big break he’s been looking for. Commercial break.

Back live, Elias is practicing a song in the locker room. Hardy butts in, asking what the deal is with the flyers. Elias notes that the powers that be haven’t apprehended the culprit yet, and that it was clearly Hardy. Hardy snaps, noting that he’s been proven innocent. “If you keep accusing me of something I didn’t do, I’ll be found guilty of a lot worse than hitting you with a car. Can I get an Amen brother?”

To the ring where The Miz and Morrison enter. The Miz notes that the pair haven’t seen eye to eye in the past, touching on the demonic doll Bray sent to his house months ago. He wants it to be water under the bridge however, saying there’s no reason for tonight’s match to happen. Miz wants to find a peaceful solution and brings up Orton and Drew’s match tonight. He says they should work together to “make our dreams come true” with reference to the main event.

Alexa enters, chuckling while saying “he says no.” Cross comes out, trying to get Alexa to come with her. She says “you’re right,” but then slaps Cross silly and beats her down.

Bray Wyatt’s music plays. He links arms with Alexa as the pair head to the ring for Bray’s match against Miz. Commercial break.

The Miz versus Bray Wyatt

Back live for the start of the match. Bray says he’ll forgive Miz, but Miz lands multiple shots to the face instead. Bray laughs it off and lands a head butt.

Miz takes over following a kick to the head and a rake to the eyes. Morrison lands a shot on the outside on Bray, but Alexa fends him off. Bray is livid about what just occurred, raining down punches on Miz and then throwing him into the steel steps on the outside. He tells Miz and Morrison not to talk to Alexa — he’s very defensive of her.

Miz fights back and lands an axe handle off the top followed by a DDT. He lands it kicks on Bray in the stomach a bunch of times, but Bray quickly gets up. Sister Abigail is reversed, but Bray regains momentum after a nasty clothesline and a standing uranage. Morrison goes to distract Bray, but Alexa hops off the steps and jumps on Morrison.

Bray, distracted after blowing a kiss, is hit with a running clothesline in the corner, but once again it does little damage as Bray hits Sister Abigail for the three. The story here is how protective Alexa and Bray were of each other.

Winner: Bray Wyatt

As the pair attempt to walk off hand in hand, The Fiend’s image appears on the screen and the lights go out. Big cliff hanger as we get a video package of Drew versus Randy for tonight. The package showcases the trials Drew had to overcome early in his WWE career in order to get to the top. The theme is that “no two stories are ever the same,” as the video package shifts to the 14-time champion Orton stopping at nothing to “fulfill his pre-ordained legacy.” Tonight will be the final chapter in the pair’s long-term feud. Commercial break.

Back live, where backstage, Adam Pearce provides an update on who will replace Rose and Brooke at Survivor Series. He says it will be Lacey Evans and Peyton Royce. Transition to Asuka, who’s interviewed about her match against SmackDown Women’s Champion Sasha Banks. She says she will win, because “no one is ready for Asuka.”

Orton is interviewed now. He says he has a long list of distractions tonight, including Drew, Bray and The Miz. He tells Charly Caruso that she doesn’t want to be on that long list of distractions, and leaves. Commercial break.

Back live with Angel Garza, who talks about all the roses in his garden which have thorns. Garza sees himself as the thorn on the roses. He’s willing to “inflict pain to defend their beauty.”

Backstage, Jax and Shayna are discussing the new layout to their team. Peyton and Lacey appear, wanting to talk strategy but are brushed off. Jax says the new team is the “worst idea since Quibi.”

To the ring, where the WWE Championship is on the line. Drew enters with his kilt on, as well as the sword of his ancestors. Commentary puts over the fact that he’s trying to reclaim the title which took him 19 years to secure. Orton will enter after the break.

Back live, Orton makes his entrance and the match is on.

Randy Orton versus Drew McIntyre for the WWE Championship

Commentary puts over the familiarity the two men have with each other. They trade shots, with Drew taking momentum off of a spine buster. Orton slides out of the ring and tries to leave with the title but Drew chases him down.

Drew goes for a claymore in the ring, but Orton evades and once again leaves the ring as Drew favours his back. Commentary says he looks “shell shocked” early on. Orton tries to leave once again, but Adam Pearce comes out and says that match now has no count outs or DQ. There must be a winner as we head to commercial.

Back live, the pace has picked up. Drew with a clothesline, but Orton responds with a back breaker. He grabs a chair and hits Drew in the midsection, taunting him immediately after. Orton lands another shot to the ribs of Drew and targets the previously broken jaw of Drew with the top of the chair.

Another chair shot from Orton, which results in a near fall. Orton takes Drew to the outside, hitting a back suplex on the barricade followed by a shot to the face with the steel steps. Orton slides Drew in the ring for another near fall, and gets right back on him with a knee to the face.

Orton is suffocating Drew with relentless pressure. He attempts to slam his head into the announce table, but Drew battles back. Orton regains momentum with a thumb to the eye and a strong uppercut followed by another back suplex, this one on the announce table. Story here is Orton waring down the back of the challenger with nonstop offence.

Orton lands another back suplex onto the table. He goes for a third, but McIntyre fights back and lands two of his own. Drew goes for another claymore, but once again misses and lands on his back on the table. Commercial.

Back live, Orton has a table set up. Drew reverses, slamming Orton’s head into the steps. Back in the ring, Orton regains control and locks in a head lock. The pair trade shots, with Drew getting some breathing room after a fierce chop. He then hits two overhead belly to belly suplexes.

Drew hits a neck breaker and goes for a future shock DDT but misses. Both men with reversals as Drew heads to the top, followed by Orton. They trade shots as Orton hits a superplex for a near fall.

Drew tries to steal one with a back slide but Orton kicks out. Drew quickly responds with a future shock DDT but Orton kicks out at two. Orton to the apron, where Drew hits a nasty right, resulting in Orton falling through the table on the outside.

Drew rolls into the cover, but Orton once again kicks out at two. Drew goes for a Claymore for the third time, but Orton reverses into a power slam. He then lands a draping DDT with Drew on the announce desk. Orton hits another DDT and goes for an RKO. but Drew reverses into a Claymore for the three!

Winner and new WWE Champion: Drew McIntyre

Post-match, Drew tells Roman to set a place at the table, because he’s coming over. No cash in from The Miz.

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