Welcome to Ringside News’ live results for the next huge AEW PPV, Full Gear 2020!

Tonight’s card is stacked with eight matches, and it all kicks off with Serena Deeb Vs. Allysin Kay for the NWA Women’s Title. That match will take place on the Buy-In Show, which starts at 7PM EST and you won’t want to miss what could well be the show stealing match.

From there we have seven matches lined-up, which includes Nyla Rose Vs. Hikaru Shida for the AEW Women’s Title, Cody Vs. Darby Allin for the TNT Title, FTR Vs. Young Bucks for the AEW World Tag Team Titles, and Jon Moxley Vs. Eddie Kingston for the AEW World Title in an I Quit match. That’s all the Championship matches scheduled for tonight and there’s a lot to look forward to.

However there’s just as much happening in the way of non-title matches; Chris Jericho battles MJF and if the latter wins he joins the Inner Circle; Kenny Omega faces his old friend ‘Hangman’ Adam Page in a number one contender bout; Matt Hardy attempts to finally best Sammy Guevara in an Elite Deletion match; and Orange Cassidy takes on John Silver of Dark Order.


And that’s the card. With only one match currently scheduled for the 7PM Buy-In Show, it’s safe to say we can expect another long night of high-flying action. So strap in, let us know what you’re excited to see, and enjoy the show!

The Buy-In

The show opens with a video package for the MJF/Chris Jericho match, with interviews with both guys as well as the likes of TAZ, Excalibur, and more. From there the show pivots to showcasing Darby Allin Vs. Cody, with Arn Anderson explain how much the TNT Title means.

We see a video chronicling the feud between Kenny Omega and Adam Page, to the backdrop of ‘Don’t Know What You Got ‘til It’s Gone’. Following that it’s a video for FTR Vs. Young Buck, which uses interview footage of both teams from this path week’s Dynamite. And finally it’s a package of Eddie Kingston Vs. Jon Moxley.

MJF and Wardlow are backstage for an interview. MJF gets angry and says not to get confused, that nobody is better than him bell-to-bell. He says this is the biggest match of his life, not Moxley. When he beats Jericho he will get to be a part of the best faction in AEW and have all their muscle as his back. Meaning he will be able to win all the gold he could ever want.

NWA Women’s World Championship

(C) Serena Deeb Vs. Allysin Kay

The bell rings and they lock-up, Serena takes a headlock but they quickly separate. They go back and forth with holds before Deeb catches Kay with two arm-drags and attempts a pin. Deeb hits a dragon screw before targeting the left leg. Kay breaks free and they shove each other, then Kay slaps her so Deeb returns the favour. Kay takes her down and unloads. Deeb goes to the apron and hits a neckbreaker over the ropes which earns a two-count.

They roll around trading punches but Kay gets away and delivers a big boot. Kay catches Deeb with a sit-out powerbomb and gets a two-count, then another. Allysin takes a sleeper but Deeb slams her backwards into the buckles, only for Kay to slam her down again. Deeb starts firing back and hits a short-arm lariat, followed by European uppercuts, snapmare, and a face stamp.

Deeb hits a neckbreaker for a near-fall. Deeb attempts a powerbomb but Kay counters with an Alabama Slam for a near-fall. Kay lifts Deeb and hits another powerbomb but the Champion rolls out of the ring. Kay goes out and drags her back into the ring. Deeb hits a dragon screw, followed by an arm-trapped facebuster and goes to the pin but Kay gets her foot on the bottom rope! Deeb drags her into the middle of the ring and applies a single leg Boston crab and Kay taps!

Winner: Serena Deeb

As Deeb is celebrating after the match, Thunder Rosa’s music hits and she comes out to stare down the NWA Women’s Champion!

Eddie Kingston and his family are interviewed backstage. The Bunny says there is no way Eddie will quit tonight. The Lucha Brothers answer a question in Spanish. Kingston is asked if it’s more important to win the AEW Title, or to make Jon Moxley quit, to which he says nothing means more than that title. And that’s it for the Buy-In. AEW Full Gear is about to kick-off!

Full Gear

Full Gear opens with a lengthy video package of the entire show, then the announcers run down the card. And joining the commentary team is Don Callis.

World Title Eliminator Tournament Final

Kenny Omega Vs. ‘Hangman’ Adam Page

This highly-anticipated match gets underway and they meet in the middle of the ring with Kenny looking a handshake but Hangman refusing. They lock-up and struggle around the ring for control until Omega takes a headlock. Hangman shoots him off and hits a shoulder tackle, then looks for a sliding lariat but Kenny dodges. Omega looks for a V-Trigger but Page dodges and chops him, then they trade chops back and forth before Omega hits a hurricanrana.

Hangman rolls out and Kenny readies himself but as he hits the ropes Page slides in and drops him. Hangman hits a fallaway slam and Omega rolls to the apron. Kenny jumps to the top rope where Page catches him with a superplex and Omega rolls out of the ring. Page goes out after him and chops the chest before tossing him into the guard rail. Omega turns the tables and chops the chest. Hangman then chops back and slams Kenny into the railing again.

Hangman whips Omega into the barricade again, then tries again but Omega jumps onto the steel and hits a moonsault on the floor! Omega gets Hangman back inside and connects with a Kitaro Crusher for a two-count. Both men again trade chops before Omega hits a rolling fireman’s carry into the moonsault and he starts selling his right knee. Hangman knocks Kenny to the apron and hits a springboard clothesline that sees Omega land head-first on the apron.

Page jumps over the ropes at Omega but nobody’s home. Omega hits a baseball slide that sends Page into the guard rail, then Omega hits a tope. Omega gets Page back inside for a missile dropkick from the top and scores a two-count. Kenny looks for a snap dragon suplex but Page fights it, then counters the One-Winged Angel and goes to the apron. Page starts to jump inside for the Buckshot but Omega knees him in the face!

The action continues on the ramp and they both attempt moves until Page catches Omega with a powerbomb! Page gets Kenny back inside and hits a pop-up powerbomb for a near-fall. They trade shots in the middle of the ring until Kenny hits a knee, then Tiger Driver ’98 for a near-fall. Omega attempts a German suplex but Page lands on his feet, then Kenny does the same and hits a snap dragon suplex only for Page to pop up and hit a lariat.

Page hits Dead-Eye for a near-fall. He looks to hit it again but Omega counters and Hangman sits down into a pin for a near-fall. Omega knocks him to the apron and snaps his leg over the middle rope. Page looks to hit a Buckshot but Omega ducks and connects with a V-Trigger, then another. Omega lifts him up and hits the One-Winged Angel for the win!

Winner: Kenny Omega

Of course, with that hard-fought victory, Kenny Omega has won the AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament and he has earned a title shot against either Jon Moxley or Eddie Kingston.

John Silver Vs. Orange Cassidy

The bell rings and Silver gets in Cassidy’s face and poses while talking trash. Cassidy slowly puts his hands in his pockets as Silver begs him not to. Silver swings a punch but Cassidy ducks it and hits a snapmare, then gives him the thumbs up. Silver gets mad but OC hits him with the soft shin kicks, then ducks a punch and hits a dropkick with hands in pockets. Silver grabs Cassidy and body slams him, then forcibly rips his hands out of his pockets…then cuts his pockets off!

Silver beats Cassidy into the corner, then throws him across the ring with a biel. He hits another, then catches Cassidy with a suplex for a two-count. Silver drops OC with a kick to the chest, then whips him hard into the turnbuckles a few times. Cassidy counters a third Irish whip and slams Silver into the buckles face-first. Cassidy goes up top and lands a crossbody, followed by a tilt-a-whirl DDT for a near-fall.

Cassidy goes up top but Silver punches him and climbs up as well. OC blocks a superplex and knocks him off the top, but Silver kicks him and throws him off the top onto the ropes. Cassidy catches Silver with a headscissors, then hits a Michonoku Driver for near-fall. Silver kicks Cassidy in the chest a few times, but OC kips-up. Silver blocks a pin attempt a kicks him again, but OC hits Slumdog Millionaire. Silver hits a release torture rack spin for a near-fall. Cassidy hits Orange Punch followed by Peach Break for the win!

Winner: Orange Cassidy

We see a lengthy video package for the TNT Championship match between Cody and Darby Allin, which showcased Cody’s return and win over Brodi Lee, as well as the history between him and Allin.

TNT Championship

(C) Cody Rhodes W/Arn Anderson Vs. Darby Allin

This title match gets underway and Cody’s entourage goes to the back. Cody and Darby share a staredown, then lock-up with Cody taking a wristlock. Cody let’s go before taking the wrist again. Darby counters and takes his back but Cody just swipes his leg in a condescending way. Cody offers Darby a hand but he gets up on his own. Cody grapples with him but Darby slaps him and Cody gets mad but he goes out to regroup with Anderson.

Cody gets back inside and Darby takes the back, and again Cody swipes his leg. This time Darby accepts a hand but immediately takes Cody down with a roll-up for two. Cody rolls outside and Darby hits him with a suicide dive into the back. Allin puts Cody in the ring and goes to the top rope but Cody grabs him and throws him over the top rope onto the ramp back-first! Darby crawls back into the ring and Cody goes to work on keeping him grounded.

Cody targets Darby’s wrist, which prevents Allin from a pin attempt. Cody takes him down with a hammerlock and twists his arms behind his back for a one-count. Cody stomps Allin and counters a springboard by slamming him down to the mat. Cody puts Allin on the top rope and punches him, then hits a shoulder-breaker from the top. Cody quickly goes to an armbar but Allin gets his feet to the bottom rope.

Cody goes to the top rope and jumps for a moonsault but nobody’s home. Darby avoids a splash in the corner, headbutts the gut, then hits a Code Red for a two-count. Allin runs into a boot from Cody, who looks for CrossRhodes but Darby fights free. Darby goes up top and Cody chases after. They struggle on the top rope until Cody hits CrossRhodes from the top rope! Cody goes for the pinfall but Darby’s arm is under the bottom rope.

Darby jumps on Cody’s back with a sleeper hold but Cody climbs the ropes and jumps off backwards to crush Allin. Darby rolls outside but makes it back in before the ten count. Cody lifts Darby and hits a few body slams in a row. Cody slams Allin again but only gets a near-fall, so he grabs his weight belt. The referee takes the belt away and the distraction allows Darby to apply Last Supper for a near-fall. Darby hits a float-over Stunner, then the Coffin Drop but Cody kicks out! They trade pinfall attempts until Darby wins!

Winner and New TNT Champion: Darby Allin

Cody is shocked after the match and he snatches the belt from the referee. Darby slowly climbs to his feet and Cody gets down on one knee to hand him the TNT Championship. Darby cries and accepts it. They pose together but out comes TAZ and he says he is sick of all the emotions, the crying etc. He tells them to take their sorry asses to the back but Ricky Starks and Brian Cage run into the ring and attack Cody and Darby.

Starks and Cage then both lift the TNT Championship and struggle with it but TAZ takes it from them. Cage lifts Darby and carries him into the crowd area and throw him through the Full Gear sign. They then carry Darby over to the car he arrived in and look to break his arm using the car door, but Will Hobbs runs them off with a chair.

Dustin Rhodes and QT Marshall cut a promo backstage and they take aim at The Butcher & The Blade. Dustin says this Wednesday night they have challenged The Butcher & The Blade to a Bunkhouse Match and they won’t last five minutes.

AEW Women’s World Championship

(C) Hikaru Shida Vs. Nyla Rose W/Vickie Guerrero

The match begins and Shida unleashes a flurry of punches while ducking wild swings from Nyla. Shida hits the ropes and dropkicks Nyla, then again and knocks her onto the apron. Shida goes outside and hits Nyla with the rising knee on the apron before slamming her into the guard rail. Shida gets her chair from under the ring and runs at it but Nyla clotheslines her and throws the chair.

Rose goes around the other side of the ring and pulls a table out but Aubrey makes her put it back. Shida then runs off the chair and hits her rising knee that sends Rose through the barricade. Vickie then attacks the knee of Shida, allowing Nyla to slam her into the guard rail and take charge. Nyla puts Shida’s foot into the girder under the ring and bends it until Aubrey stops her. Nyla puts Shida’s legs around the ring post and slams her knee into it.

Nyla puts Shida inside the ring and hits a chop block. Nyla then stomps the back of Shida’s leg over and over. Rose hits a running crossbody, then applies a single leg Boston crab and punches the knee. Shida breaks free and chases Nyla to the top rope. Rose throws Shida off and jumps at her but the Champion moves out of the way. Shida looks to hit a running knee but Rose hits her knee. Shida counters a back suplex and follows-up with a running crossbody.

Rose grabs Shida’s knee and squeezes it before slamming her for a near-fall. Rose drapes Shida on the top rope and hits a flying knee from the top rope to the back of her leg. Rosa puts Shida’s foot on the bottom rope and jumps on it, then she goes up top again but Shida pops-up and attacks her. Shida kicks Nyla off and she lands on the ramp. Shida climbs up top and hits a missile dropkick to Nyla on the ramp.

Shida sends Nyla back inside and hits another missile dropkick for a near-fall. Rose fires back and hits Shida with a powerbomb but stops the pin attempt herself. Nyla gives Shida the finger, then hits Shida’s own running knee and sits on her for the pin…only for Hikaru to kick out at one! Shida rallies and hits a running knee to Nyla in the corner, then slams Nyla off the ropes with a falcon arrow. She goes for the cover but stops it herself!

Shida runs to the ropes but Vickie hits her with a Kendo stick. The action spills to the floor and Vickie looks to do it again but Aubrey takes the Kendo stick from her. Shida shoves Rose into Vickie, then slams her into the stage, then the guard rail. Shida gets her back inside and hits a falcon arrow for a near-fall. Shida then hits the running knee but Nyla kicks out again! Shida hits the running knee again, then repeated knees to the face and wins.

Winner: Hikaru Shida

After the match Shida heads to the back with her title, meanwhile Vickie Guerrero gets in the ring and berates Nyla. They scream at each other and Vickie leaves.

AEW World Tag Team Championships

(C) FTR Vs. Young Bucks

The match gets underway and we start with Cash and Matt locking-up but quickly separating. They grapple again and Matt kicks Cash off and he rolls out of the ring in frustration. FTR rush into the ring but Nick joins Matt for a staredown. Dax and Nick get tagged in and Harwood takes him down with a side headlock. Nick breaks free and he hits an arm drag before holding Dax down with the wrist.

Cash tags in but he too gets hit with an arm-drag and the wrist held. Matt tags in and they double-team Cash, chopping him and hitting a splash/fist-drop for a one-count. Cash takes Nick to the corner and slams him into Dax’s boot, and Harwood gets the tag. Nick quickly jumps over Dax and hits an arm-drag, then hits an in-rushing Cash, and the Bucks double-team FTR, knocking them out of the ring.

On the floor Dax swings a punch at Matt, who ducks and he strikes the ring post. Matt gets Dax back inside and beats him in the corner. The Bucks then slow the pace down and play FTR’s game of isolating Dax and attacking the hand he hit on the ring post. Dax fires back and hits a body slam followed by a snap elbow drop. Matt rolls to the apron and kicks Cash, then slams Dax into the buckles. Matt attempts a moonsault but lands on his feet and sells the injured knee.

Matt rolls out but Dax hits him with an axe handle from the apron, then tags Cash. As Cash gets Matt back inside and peppers him with shots, Dax gets hits wrist taped at ringside by a doctor. Dax tags in and drops Matt before targeting the knee. Dax knocks Matt from the ring but puts him back in and tags Cash who attacks the knee some more. Matt drops Cash and looks to tag, but Dax comes in and continues the assault.

Nick looks to get a tag but Cash grabs him on the apron. Nick beats Cash but Dax knocks him to the floor, then takes Matt to the top rope and hits a superplex. Cash comes off the top for a splash but Matt gets his knees up. Dax throws Matt outside and tags Cash, who jumps at him but hits the guard rail. Dax gets the tag and prevents the tag to Nick again but Matt counters a kneebreaker and crawls through Cash’s legs, then tosses Cash over the ropes and DDT’s Dax.

Nick and Cash get the tags and Jackson unloads with right hands. Nick knocks them both to the outside and hits a dive onto them. Nick then dives off the top at Cash but gets caught and Dax tags in to hit a Hart Attack for a near-fall. Nick counters Dax and superkicks him, then ducks and dodges Cash and tags Matt who intercepts him with a Spear. Matt wants a piledriver but his knee gives out, and Cash lifts him up so they can hit a double-team bulldog drop for a near-fall.

Nick superkicks Dax and Cash, then they hit Dax with a 3-D, followed by a Twist of Fate and Swanton Bomb for a near-fall. Cash drops Matt, then Dax hits Nick with a powerbomb for a near-fall. Dax trades shots with Matt, then they hit each other at the same time and both go down. Dax and Cash pay homage to D.I.Y from NXT, and hit a running knee/superkick for a near-fall.

Wheeler is sent outside and the Bucks hit a catapult into an enziguiri to Dax, then Nick jumps at Cash with a 450 at ringside. Matt gets Dax in a Sharpshooter in the middle of the ring, and Nick gets Cash in one on the outside, but Cash crawls off the stage and Matt’s knee gives out. The Bucks hit More Bang For Your Buck to Dax, then stomp his hand and hit the B.T.E Trigger but Wheeler breaks the pin. Nick tosses Wheeler outside and follows-up with the escalara, meanwhile Matt brings a chair into the ring with Dax.

The referee politely asks Matt to get rid of the chair, then Nick appears on the apron and they look to hit a Meltzer Driver, but Cash pulls Nick down and powerbombs him through a table at ringside. Dax grabs Matt and Cash goes up top for the Mindbreaker piledriver but Matt gets his foot on the bottom rope. Cash takes the boot off Matt’s injured leg and stomps his foot over and over, then Dax tags in and applies a kneebar.

Cash tries to spear Nick but he dodges it and Cash falls to the floor. Nick hits a 450 splash to Dax and Matt covers for a near-fall. Cash hits a superkick to Nick that knocks him out of the ring. We’re left with Cash and Matt. Wheeler hits another superkick, but instead of pinning he goes to the apron and attempts a 450 splash but nobody’s home. Matt hits a superkick and covers for the win.

Winners and New AEW World Tag Team Champions: Young Bucks

The Bucks are elated after their monumental win, and out comes Kenny Omega to celebrate with them. We can see Hangman Page watching from the tunnel.

Elite Deletion Match

Matt Hardy Vs. Sammy Guevara

This cinematic match opens with Matt on the phone at the Hardy Compound telling someone he might need some help tonight. Vanguard 1 then finds Sammy at the front gate, in a golf cart. A projection of Matt appears and tells him he was stupid for coming, then the lights come up and Matt is in a monster truck behind Sammy’s golf cart. Matt runs over the golf cart and says “now that was a squash job”.

Sammy, of course, wasn’t in the cart and he appears from behind Matt with a trash can and hits him. Guevara climbs on top of the monster truck hood and this a moonsault to Matt on the floor. They battle through the woods and Sammy slams Matt into a few trees but Hardy hits back with a suplex on the dirt. They fight all the way up to Matt Hardy’s house and Guevara hits a heel kick, followed by a suplex on the front lawn for a two-count.

The action comes to a fountain outside the house and Sammy dunks Matt’s head into it, but he comes out holding a sceptre and beats Sammy with it. They find a ring set up in the woods and Matt hits Sammy with a Side Effect for a two-count, before bringing a table into the ring. Matt sets the table up and powerbombs Sammy through it but the count is broken by Ortiz.

Hardy is thrown out of the ring where Santana appears and they help Sammy beat him down. Suddenly Private Party are shown in a car and Matt has contacted them for help. Santana, Ortiz, and Sammy continue the beatdown in the ring and Sammy hits a Twist of Fate. Private Party knock Sammy out of the ring and beat down Santana and Ortiz. Hardy grabs fireworks from under the ring but Sammy spears him.

Matt chases Sammy with the fireworks and shoots them at him but Guevara gets his own and fires back. They shoot at each other like soldiers in trenches and Sammy retreats through the woods. Meanwhile Private Party are still fighting with Santana and Ortiz in the ring. Sammy falls in the mud and Matt shoots him with fireworks over and over. Hardy tells Sammy to get up or “old people will say this is a mudshow”, then hits him with a Twist of Fate.

Before Matt can make the pin, Hurricane Helms appears alongside Gangrel and Gangrel is threatening to kill Helms unless Matt leaves Sammy alone. Gangrel says Matt was never loyal, despite him helping him break in.

Hardy frees Hurricane from Gangrel, who runs off. Guevara re-enters the picture and throws Hurricane into the lake of reincarnation. Sammy blocks a shot from Hardy and plants him with a DDT. Shane Helms walks out of the lake as himself, not Hurricane. Cut back to the ring where Gangrel now is and he’s helping Santana and Ortiz beat on Private Party. Guevara and Hardy re-joing the fight and there is action going on everywhere.

Guevara and Hardy run off again and they enter a garage, where Hardy orders the door be shut. Hardy and Guevara start to brawl inside the garage, where another full pro wrestling ring is set up, as are other props such as a coffin/casket, steel chairs, ladders, lawn mowers, tables and other stuff.

In the ring, Guevara removes the steel hook that the turnbuckle is attached to while Hardy sets up a table. Guevara hits Hardy with it and then goes to work on the middle turnbuckle and steel hook under the top one he just removed. He removed the entire top-rope, which he used to choke Hardy after wrapping it around his throat. As he squeezes on the ropes and tightens the choke, we hear some horror music and sound effects as Hardy seemingly goes unconscious.

The match isn’t over because, according to Excalibur, Hardy is still breathing. Guevara lets go of the ropes/choke and rolls Hardy over. He picks him up and lays him on the table that is set up inside the ring. Sammy clibs a giant ladder that is set up inside the ring, then jumps off and hits a swanton bomb through the table and covers him but Matt kicks out!

Hardy suddenly hits a Twist of Fate and Guevara rolls to the apron. Hardy charges him and dives, spearing him the ropes and through a table at ringside. Now there’s blood on the arms and head of Guevara as he crawls around the concrete. Hardy grabs a steel chair and hits Guevara with the top of the chair right in the face – payback. Hardy then folds the chair and gives Sammy a Conchairto to the back of the head and covers him for the win.

Winner: Matt Hardy

After his victory, Matt instructs Private Party inside and they have a tiny bin with them. Matt tells them to take out the trash and they put Sammy inside the bin. They then wheel it outside and put it into a truck flatbed. Matt tells Senior Benjamin to take the obsolete trash away and he drives off.

Lance Archer is shown outside somewhere beating up a random guy. Jake Roberts says he’s being put in a bad spot because he needs to feed Archer and nobody’d stepping up. Archer says the time of slaughter is coming for the elite. He says everyone has glass ego’s and he’s throwing boulders at those glass houses. He doesn’t care if you’re in a circle, a family, whatever, everybody dies.

Chris Jericho Vs. MJF W/Wardlow

The match gets underway and both men are hamming it up, reluctant to actually fight. Eventually they do and Jericho gets an early advantage. The action spills to the floor as MJF knocks Jericho off the apron and goes out after him on the floor. MJF slams Jericho into the guard rail. Jericho body slasm MJF on the floor, then grabs the camera and jokes around before they get back inside. Jericho is sent shoulder first into the ring post and MJF starts targeting the arm for his armbar finish.

Jericho fights back and knocks MJF to the apron where he wants to hit the springboard clothesline but MJF hits the arm in mid-air. Jericho attempts a bulldog but MJF throws him off and crotch-first into the turnbuckles. MJF hits a backstabber to Jericho hanging off the ropes and he’s starting to get cocky. Jericho uses Aubrey to distract MJF and hit an eyepoke. He then hits a Lionsault and takes MJF to the top rope for ten punches and a hurricanrana!

Jericho continues the assault and puts MJF on the top rope again but MJF turns the tables and drops Y2J. MJF kicks Jericho in the face and yells at him. They trade shots in the centre of the ring, with Jericho getting the better until MJF pokes the eyes. MJF hits the ropes and Jericho drops him with a chop. Jericho unloads some more chops but MJF takes him down with the Salt of the Earth. Jericho rolls out and applies the Walls of Jericho to MJF!

Jericho holds it on but MJF eventually gets to the bottom rope. MJF hangs Jericho on the middle rope and hits a Codebreaker, then gets up and hits a Heatseeker for a near-fall. MJF looks for a Lionsault but lands on his feet when Jericho rolls, and Y2J catches him with a Codebreaker for a near-fall. MJF gets an inside cradle for two, then Jericho looks to hit the Judas Effect but MJF catches him in the Salt of the Earth! Jericho crawls to the bottom rope to force the break.

Wardlow hands MJF the Dynamite Diamond ring, then distracts Aubrey. MJF swings with the ring but Jericho ducks and Jake Hager appears and tosses Jericho Floyd the baseball bat. Jericho is about to swing when MJF gives him the middle finger and falls down like Eddie Guerrero. Aubrey turns around and Jericho pleas that he didn’t hit MJF. Suddenly MJF rolls-up Jericho and wins!

Winner: MJF

Of course, this now means MJF is an official member of the Inner Circle. Jericho and Hager reconvene in the ring and MJF comes to stand with them. MJF reaches out a hand and Jericho shakes it before hugging him. Jericho welcomes MJF and Wardlow to the Inner Circle.

The next PPV is to be Revolution on February 27th 2021 and we got a quick teaser for it.

Dasha Gonzalez interviews Best Friends and Cassidy but up walks Kip Sabian, Miro and Penelope Ford. Kip asks for an apology from Cassidy for almost hurting Ford. OC apologises but Kip slaps him and asks for better. They almost fight but OC tells Best Friends it’s OK and they leave.

AEW World Title

I Quit Match

(C) Jon Moxley Vs. Eddie Kingston

The bell rings and they start slugging each other and Moxley drops Kingston. They start chopping each other as well, and Moxley takes Kingston down but Eddie bites his ear. They get to their feet and bot start trading chops again, then slaps to the face. Kingston slaps Moxley silly and hits an overhead belly-to-belly and the Champion rolls outside. Kingston puts Jon back inside and grabs a chair from under the ring, but Mox flies through the ropes with a suicide dive.

Moxley slams Eddie into the guard rail, then bends and snaps his fingers. Kingston fights back as the action heads through the empty crowd area. Moxley hits a snap suplex on the concrete but he’s not interested in quitting. The fight back towards the ring and Kingston tosses Moxley into the railing, then the ring post. Kingston tosses a few chairs into the ring and we see that Moxley is bledding.

Kingston sets a chair up in the ring but Moxley grabs a barbed wire bat and hits Kingston with it in the back, then gut and the chest. Moxley puts the bat in Kingston’s face and rakes his forehead with it. Now Kingston is bleeding from the mouth. Eddie ducks a bat shot and hits a back suplex, then another. Kingston grabs a chair and throws it into Moxley’s face on the mat.

They trade shots on the mat and Jon sticks a thumb in Eddie’s eye but Kingston responds by choking him. Kingston then throws Moxley down onto the barbed wire bat before beating him with the chair. Eddie rips some of the barbed wire off and wraps it around his fist and punches Moxley over and over. Kingston hits a spinning backfist and applies a kimura but Moxley bites his way free.

Kingston drops Moxley and goes outside to grab a bag of thumbtacks. He empties the back in the corner of the ring, then grabs Moxley but gets hit with a backdrop and clobbered with a lariat. Moxley grabs Kingston by the thumbtacks but Eddie turns and hits a urinagi on the tacks! Moxley’s arms and back are covered in tacks but he refuses to quit as Kingston goes out and grabs a bottle of rubbing alcohol.

Kingston opens Moxley’s legs and low blows him, then does it again. Kingston stands on Moxley’s crotch before opening the bottle of rubbing alcohol and pouring it over Moxley’s back. Moxley writhes but he won’t quit. Kingston goes out and brings the barbed wire strand in again, but instead he just applies a bulldog choke to Moxley. The Champion tries to fight up but Eddie clubs him with crossface forearms, then knees to the jaw.

Moxley dodges a knee and applies a sleeper. Moxley let’s go and hits a piledriver, then goes to the bulldog choke himself. Kingston fights up but Moxley hits a Paradigm Shift. Jon grabs the piece of barbed wire and wraps it around his arm, then applies the bulldog choke to Eddie and he quits.

Winner: Jon Moxley

Moxley examines the damage done to his skin after the match and Eddie Kingston is crying. Moxley yells into the camera that he will never quite because he’s made of blood and guts. Jon lifts Eddie and tries to help him leave but Kingston shrugs him off and leaves. Kenny Omega then walks out and stands on the ramp, smiling at Moxley. Omega says he won’t be having a hardcore match, it’ll be traditional wrestling rules. Moxley poses with the belt to close the show.

And that’s it for AEW Full Gear 2020! Let us know what your favourite match was and be sure to come back tomorrow for more wrestling news. Until next time, stay safe!

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