Fans Troll Chris Jericho Over Trump Support After Totally Unrelated Tweet


A lot of fans pointed out that Chris Jericho donated to the Donald Trump campaign. Then he tweeted out on Election Night that he’s “not a political person.” Chris Jericho might want to copyright that line, because it seems as if it is going to stick.

Chris Jericho posted on Instagram to share a video of his old high school band. He also sent out a tweet go let his followers know about his new post. The reaction he received on Twitter had nothing to do with his teenage rock band.

Tons of fans replied to Jericho’s tweets to mention the US Presidential Election. Joe Biden is the new President Elect, and that is not the man Jericho backed. What made things worse was his comment about not being political as many fans brought that up.

You can check out some of the many replies Chris Jericho received below. He will face MJF at Full Gear for a chance to join the Inner Circle. Odds are Le Champion won’t be in a very good mood at all.

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