Cody Rhodes Mentioned ‘Going To War’ & Winning Against WWE During AEW Dynamite


Cody Rhodes won the war against WWE for his own name. The company tried to keep that name from him, and it worked for years. They finally gave up on the trademark and now Cody is a Rhodes again.

The American Nightmare cut a promo during Dynamite this week that made a lot of fans perk up. He mentioned leaving the empire, going to war, and winning. During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer confirmed that Cody was talking about that legal battle for his name.

During Dynamite, Cody Rhodes said: “You’re looking at the man, the superstar, who left the empire, went to war, and actually won. And that pisses a lot of people off, because the truth that I speak contradicts the lies that a lot of people live.”

Those words came from the heart and referenced something very real outside of television. It appears that Cody will be making his way to the ring as Cody Rhodes at Full Gear. He even had Justin Roberts announce him as Cody Rhodes after Dynamite was over.

Prior to WWE giving up the “Cody Rhodes” name, he dropped his own trademark claims on “Slamboree” and “The Match Beyond,” Perhaps NXT Slamboree is on the way, but at least Cody has his family’s name once again.

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