Cody Rhodes Doubles Down On Promise To Never Challenge For AEW World Title Again


Cody Rhodes lost an AEW World Title match to Chris Jericho, and that was the only shot Cody received. The match’s stipulation said that he cannot challenge for the AEW World Title again, a promise he intends to keep.

During the recent AEW Full Gear teleconference, Cody Rhodes doubled down on his promise to never compete for AEW’s top title. He made it very clear that he won’t be challenging for that title using a loophole like a different alias either.

This is a very interesting stipulation to keep, but AEW intends to stick with their match results. In a different company they might have already figured out a loophole by now, but that’s not the case in AEW.

Rhodes is TNT Champion, and he commented on how that title is the most important in the business. Jon Moxley had to respectfully disagree.

The Young Bucks are in a similar situation at Full Gear. If they are unable to win the AEW Tag Team Titles from FTR then they won’t be able to compete for those titles again. It might be a very interesting situation, especially if 3 Executive Vice Presidents of AEW are not able to challenge for top titles.

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