Lance Storm Corrects Chris Jericho’s Negative Tweet About Counting Election Results


Chris Jericho tweeted out last night to say that he’s “not a political person.” Then he proceeded to say that it was taking too long to count the votes in the 2020 US Presidential Election.

Jericho said: “I’m not a political person, but is it strange to anybody else, that for the first time ever, we have to wait a day…2 days…5 days…10 days…to find out who won the the presidential race?”

Le Champion said that this is the first time ever that the United States has been forced to wait this long to find out who won the presidential election. Lance Storm had to correct him.

Storm sent off a tweet after seeing his former Thrillseekers tag team partner’s post. He reminded Jericho that the 2000 presidential election took a month to determine. We can thank those hanging chads for that. Now it’s about getting the count correct in a sea of scrutiny.

The 2000 election took a month to finally be decided. Not exactly the first time ever. I cut promos about this in WCW.

Chris Jericho received some backlash from people who immediately saw an issue with his recollection of American politics. The Million Viewer Man might said he’s not a political person, but this is probably a good time to bring up the thousands of dollars he donated to Trump’s campaign in the last few months.

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