Fan Gets Exact Replica Of AJ Styles’ Tattoo Including His Children’s Birth Dates


WWE has a lot of very passionate fans, and one recently decided to make his fandom of AJ Styles permanent. He got an exact replica of Styles’ famous side tattoo down to every last detail.

AJ Styles has four children, three sons and a daughter. All of his children have the initials “AJ” just like their dad. He tattooed his children’s birthdays on his side under a large AJ. This fan went all in with his Styles tribute tattoo and he got everything replicated down to the birthdays.

The tattoo received a lot of attention on Reddit. A lot of fans thought it was a bit much that this die-hard Styles fan got the exact same tattoo.

Justin Whang, who runs the popular “Tales From The Internet” YouTube channel, posted about this tattoo after it was brought to his attention. “It’s one thing to copy someone’s tattoo, it’s a whole other thing to copy someone’s tattoo of their children’s birth dates,” Whang said.

You can check out the tattoo below. There is no denying that it is a well-done replica tattoo. There are certainly some differing opinions on the matter.


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