WWE Expects To Bring Back All Furloughed Employees By End Of Year

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WWE cut a ton of people across the board on April 15th. A lot of those pro wrestlers have already found new homes. Some other backstage and office workers are still looking for work. The company plans to bring them back if they were furloughed.

During WWE’s third quarter 2020 investors call, WWE President & Chief Revenue Officer, Nick Khan stated that the company expects to bring back all of the furloughed employees by the end of 2020.

It was noted in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that this will make up “25%” of the company’s workforce. We will have to see if they accomplish this, but they have brought back some people already. They also gave others like Gerald Brisco a call to say that they are no longer needed in the company.

WWE boasted very strong profits for last quarter, and they could afford to hire everyone back as it stands. A notable issue is that some of those departments like those dealing with live events might never be the same if house shows become a thing of the past.

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