WWE is always looking to spin things to make the situation look better than it is for them. This is a tactic they’ve used for years from lying about WrestleMania attendance numbers to hiding COVID-19 results from the public. Vince McMahon knows what the television viewership numbers are for his company, but he had a way to turn even that dismal number around.

While speaking on WWE’s third quarter investors’ call, Vince McMahon praised his company’s “vibrance” and he said they have “new spirit.” This was attributed to the new faces they have at the corporate level.

He also addressed WWE’s diminishing fan base, and he spun that right around. McMahon boasted WWE’s social media numbers and said that they have more fans now than they ever have before. He said the television ratings “is what it is,” but “aside from that” their viewing audience is much bigger.

“When you look at television ratings, that’s what they are. With us, it’s one of our many measurements. When you look at total, when you get into YouTube, etc… we have far more fans now than we have ever had. When you look at television ratings, it is what it is. Not to say we don’t want to increase them, of course we do. Aside from that, our total audience is much bigger, so you can’t just hang your hat on ‘ratings are down.’ Without question, we have to have a mothership, and we do with Raw and SmackDown, and from there, clips and comments and other videos, take it to the next week or the next year. We’re never off the air. It’s fine to say ratings are down, I wanted to give you that bit of color in terms of overall viewpoint.”


WWE might not exclusively hang their hat on television ratings, but a lot of other people do, namely their television networks. We’ll have to see if WWE can turn those social media numbers into viewers of RAW and SmackDown, but the company also has ways of padding those social media numbers.

Felix Upton

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