Thunder Rosa’s Current Contract Situation Revealed

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Update: Billy Corgan made it clear that Thunder Rosa is still under NWA contract until 2021.

Original: Thunder Rosa dropped the NWA Women’s Title, and plenty of fans are expecting her to make another move soon enough. She is having fun with the situation and doing a bit of teasing in the process.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer explained that Thunder Rosa is still under contract with the National Wrestling Alliance for “a ways to go.” It wasn’t clear how long she’s under contract, but that could be a hindrance for her going elsewhere.

“She’s under contract with Billy Corgan and the NWA for a ways to go. She’s had interest from WWE and AEW. You know as far as what happens, as far as AEW, I mean they like her. They’d like to use her more. I don’t see them signing her as long as she’s got a contract with Billy Corgan.”

It was said that you don’t want to work with a promoter and then sign one of their top stars away from them. It certainly wouldn’t be good for AEW and the NWA’s relationship. AEW still expects to have Thunder Rosa on their programming to a certain extent.

There is also interest from WWE, but her current NWA contract is in the way. Billy Corgan did agree to let James Storm out of his deal so he could go to WWE. We’ll just have to see how this situation pans out, but Thunder Rosa has certainly gained quite a bit of attention by losing the NWA Women’s Title.

Transcription by Ringside News

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