Thunder Rosa Teases Her Next Move In Pro Wrestling


Thunder Rosa dropped the NWA Women’s Title, and she’s been having some fun with the rumors about her future. A new video also gave her the opportunity to show a little skin.

Rosa uploaded a short video where she asked “hey dirt sheets what’s next for me?” Then she started to pull down her tights to reveal AEW, WWE, and NWA written on her hip. She only had three options to share, but she wasn’t revealing anything else.

WWE and AEW could be viable options for Thunder Rosa. She had a WWE tryout to become a referee, but she was unable to make that date due to a hurricane. She also recently wrestled for AEW and seemed to fit into that environment. AEW could use more veterans in their women’s division as well.

This is very much a wait and see situation. Thunder Rosa is obviously enjoying the extra attention.

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