WWE put down a new order saying that all Superstar Twitch and Cameo accounts must be signed over to the company. Now a couple Superstars are leaving the platform.

AJ Styles and Mia Yim both announced that they are leaving Twitch. Mia Yim, who is now Reckoning in Retribution announced on Twitter that she is leaving Twitch. It’s not goodbye, but it is certainly see you later for her.

Sorry guys, no more stream for the time being. Thank you for making these past few difficult months manageable. It’s not goodbye, it’s see you later.

AJ Styles had a much longer announcement where he thanked all of his Twitch followers for the great memories. He will cherish those memories, but he is now suspending his account after WWE made “changes that involve streaming.”


WWE made Superstars sign over Twitch accounts to them. All revenue from those accounts will now be sent to WWE and a percentage will be divvyed out to those Superstars. That money will not be extra money for those Superstars as it will come out of their downside guarantee.

Andrew Yang spoke out about this practice. He promised that if Joe Biden wins on November 3rd then something will be done about it.

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