Ronda Rousey was spotted training with James Storm recently and that really sparked the rumor mill into high gear. Storm recently explained how it came about, and how it was just a one-time deal.

While speaking to Busted Open Radio, James Storm explained that he was at a Primetime Live pay-per-view and someone just happened to mention to Rousey that he was in town. She wanted to train with him, and it went incredibly well.

“It was just a one day deal, it wasn’t like I’ve been going out there forever. I went out there for the Primetime Live pay-per-view and one of my buddies has a training school and I guess Ronda and Travis have been going there. He mentioned to Ronda that I was in town and she was like, ‘Tell him to come by, see if he’ll work out.’ I said yeah. I went to the undisclosed location and got in the ring and worked out with her. I’ve always been kinda old school when it comes to intergender wrestling, ‘can a woman really work with a man?’ When she was across the ring from me, I was like, ‘Yeah, I don’t really want to be across the cage from her.’”

“She was showing me some of her Judo throws and I was like, ‘Jesus.’ It’s all in the hips. When I was talking to her and trying to explain to her that Mr. Perfect would always tell me ‘the most important move in the match in the move in-between moves.’ It took me forever to realize what that was, but basically, when you put someone down, that brief reaction from the crowd and you can control them just by looking at them. I told her, especially in WWE, they’re all about facials. Watch Jeff Hardy. We got in the ring and I was showing her different stuff, it was a lot of fun.”

Paul Heyman made a lot of fans question Ronda Rousey’s status as he suggested that she might have signed a WWE contract extension. Prior to that, it was thought that her deal is going to run up in April, 2021.

Ringside News exclusively reported that there are no plans in place for Ronda Rousey’s imminent return. It’s still nice to know that she’s keeping the ring rust off as she continues her WWE hiatus.

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