Lance Storm Reacts To Fan For Saying They Hope WWE Never Re-Hires Him

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Lance Storm was furloughed from WWE on April 15th, and he was later handed his full release. He’s currently not working for any pro wrestling company including AEW. One fan seemed to think that he was, and he also didn’t know how long AEW has been around.

A fourteen-year old named Anika Chebrolu won $25,000 for a discovery that might help find a vaccine for COVID-19. Lance Storm sent out a little commentary on the matter as he quipped: “Meanwhile 14 yr old boys are googling porn on the Internet. I hope she’s also getting scholarships offers.”

One fan fired back a reply at Storm that was misinformed and also confusing. He said: “I read that you appeared on AEW tv a few years ago. Disgusting & disappointing behavior from you. Zero loyalty to Vince/Bruce. I hope you never get re-hired!”

Storm replied back to make a point that AEW didn’t even exist a couple of years ago, so how could he have worked for them then?

No one appeared on AEW TV a few Years ago.

Lance Storm would certainly be a valuable asset to AEW, but he didn’t work there a couple of years ago. Nobody worked for AEW a couple of years ago except for Tony Khan as he hatched a plan to start a new company.

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