Lacey Evans & Daughter Surprise Residents At Nursing Home With Unexpected Visit


The world is going through some very hard times right now. The pandemic changed life for so many people, and that is especially true if you’re in a nursing home. Most residents can’t even leave the building for fear of COVD-19.

Lacey Evans recently uploaded a video where she took her daughter to brighten up the day for some local nursing home residents. They couldn’t see them face-to-face, but they were able to wave hello through a window.

To those going through it in these times, U R not alone & this too shall pass! Sometimes we have to make the best out of situations & even simple smiles on faces can make such a big difference! Keep your heads up ya nasties!!!

WWE Superstars are all about putting smiles on people’s faces, even on their day off. Lacey and her daughter Summer certainly livened up that nursing home while they visited. You can check out the full YouTube video below.

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