Big Show Hid Money From WCW & Told Them It Was Gone When He Accidentally Received Massive Check

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Big Show was a main event name in WCW, but he wasn’t being paid very much at all. There was a time when he got a big check, and he wanted to make sure that WCW couldn’t mess with it.

On an old podcast with Steve Austin, Big Show revealed how he got one over on WCW. He was making 1/3 of Marc Mero’s pay at the time, and he knew the company was making far more off his name than he was.

Big Show said he went in to do motion capture work for the WCW video game. When the time came to get his check, Big Show was shocked to see how much it was for. He quickly cashed the check and split the money up into separate bank accounts. He wanted to make sure that money didn’t go away after they cut him the check. He was right to take that precaution.

He later received a call from WCW. They told him that there was a mistake with his check. Apparently, he wasn’t supposed to get the whole amount. Big Show gave WCW access to his bank account to prove that he didn’t have it anymore. He made it look like he had debt that was paid and the money was gone.

Big Show was comfortable telling this story decades later, but at the time he really pulled a big scheme. He also said the next time a WCW video game came around they had attorneys and accountants to make sure that WCW got Big Show’s check first so they could divvy out his cut.

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