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Off the heels of NXT TakeOver 31, only two segments have been announced for tonight’s episode of NXT as the black and gold brand looks to reshuffle the picture moving forward.

First up, fresh off of his dominant victory of Velveteen Dream, Kushida will be taking on former NXT Champion, Tommaso Ciampa. Both men have been on a bit of a hot streak lately, even though Ciampa failed to capture the NXT Championship, but will he be able to overcome the red-hot Timesplliter? Find out tonight.

Also on the card, Ember Moon makes her NXT television return. For two weeks, a green-tinted video package teased a former NXT superstar returning to the brand, and that person was revealed to be Ember Moon at TakeOver 31. How will Moon’s presence affect the NXT Women’s Championship title picture?

Tonight, NXT looks to regroup and build some new contenders and storylines, and we will begin coverage when NXT goes live tonight at 8:00 PM, EST!

Opening Segment

We get a recap of the result of every match from NXT TakeOver 31, plus the return of Toni Storm and Ember Moon and the surprise of Ridge Holland carrying an injured Adam Cole to the ring at the end of the show.

Tommaso Ciampa vs. Kushida

Kushida and Ciampa lock up, then trade slaps. Kushida gets in a front headlock, then plays with him a little until Ciampa reverses into a front headlock into an attempted crucifix pin. Kushida rolls through and hits a hip toss and dropkick on Ciampa.

Ciampa rolls out of the ring, and Kushida gives chase, tossing Ciampa back into the ring. Kushida hits the same arm breaker on Ciampa that Kushida did on Velveteen Dream. Ciampa hits Kushdia with a forearm and as Kushida goes for a back handspring, Ciampa takes Kushida’s arm out from under him, sending Kushida to the mat.

Ciampa gets a headlock in on Kushida, then transitions to a backbreaker. Ciampa picks up Kushida and hits him with some right hands. Ciampa strikes at Kushida in the head, but Kushida gets the upper hand and lays some strikes into Ciampa.

Kushida tries to whip Ciampa into the corner, but Ciampa reverses and whips Kushida hard into the corner. Ciampa mounts a grounded Kushida and strikes away at Kushida on the ground, then kicks him and hits him with a neckbreaker.

Ciampa taunts Kushida and hits him with a series of double axe handle strikes, then he locks in another headlock on Kushida. Kushida fights to his feet and Ciampa goes for another neckbreaker. Kushida reverses and goes for a hoverboard lock, but Ciampa escapes.

Ciampa tosses Kushida to the apron and goes for Willow’s Bell, but Kushida escapes and goes to the mat. Ciampa also goes to the mat, but Kushida evades and gets back in the ring. Ciampa gets to the apron and looks to get back in the ring as well, but Kushida hits Ciampa with a back handspring kick onto Ciampa, sending Ciampa crashing to the mat as we go to commercial.

Back from commercial and Ciampa is in control of Kushida. Ciampa goes for an Air Raid Crash on Kushida from the top rope, but Kushida escapes. Ciampa hits Kushida with a chop, sending Kushida to the apron. Ciampa goes to the apron as well and picks up Kushida, but Kushida bends Ciampa’s elbow over the top turnbuckle.

Back in the ring, Kushida goes for a rollup, but Ciampa reverses and goes for a Fairytale Ending. Kushida escapes and catches Ciampa with a kick to the head. Kushida grabs Ciampa’s arm and goes for an armbar, but Ciampa blocks. Kushida tries to transition into a triangle, but Ciampa picks up Kushida and hits him with a powerbomb.

Ciampa and Kushida get to their feet and trade strikes. Kushida kicks away at Ciampa, but Ciampa hits Kushida with a pump kick, then a fisherman’s suplex and Ciampa pins Kushida for two.

Ciampa picks up Kushida and goes for the Fairytale Ending, but Kushida escapes. Ciampa slaps Kushida and Kushida tries to roll up Ciampa, but Ciampa kicks Kushida away. Ciampa chases Kushida, but Kushida hits Ciampa with a huge palm strike to the face of Ciampa. Kushida locks in the Hoverboard Lock on Ciampa.

Just as Kushida looked to have the win, Velveteen Dream appears on the top rope and hits a diving double axe handle from the top, hitting Kushida and Ciampa, ending the match in a DQ.

Winner: Tommaso Ciampa

Kushida dumps Velveteen Dream to the outside and then hits a tope. Kushida hits a palm strike on Dream, sending Dream into the audience past the barricade, and Dream runs off. Ciampa is announced as the winner via disqualification, but Ciampa is fuming in the ring. He is upset about the win via disqualification, but Kushida poses at the top of the entrance ramp.

We will hear from Ember Moon next, right after commercial.

Back from commercial and ember Moon is in the ring. Moon talks about how long it has been since she has been in NXT and how she has been “in isolation” for 14 months. She talks about how she used the isolation to find “Ember’s Law,” which means that no one is going to walk over her and tell her what to do anymore.

She says that the one thing that stayed the same is that she is still after the NXT Women’s Championship. Io Shirai’s music hits and she comes down to the ring. Moon and Shirai stare each other down in the ring before Io asks for a mic.

Before Io can say anything, Rhea Ripley’s music hits and Ripley comes out. Ripley already has a mic. She stands at the top of the ramp and says that she loves Moon’s attitude and agrees that Ember deserves a title shot. Before Ripley can say more, Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez blind side Ripley and attack her.

Ember Moon comes down and saves Ripley while Io stays in the ring. The four of them brawl and William Regal comes out and separates them. Regal sets up a tag team match between Kai and Gonzalez against Ripley and Moon for the main event.

Drake Maverick is shown arriving outside the arena and Maverick is talking about how he and Killian Dain have been “working together” over the past two weeks to prepare for their next match. As Maverick is saying that there is “a lot of things in the pipeline,” Dain appears behind Maverick.

Maverick tells Dain that he got them a tag team match against Ever-Rise. Dain is upset, but he storms off as Maverick follows cheerily. They are up next, right after this commercial break.

Back from commercial, Io is interviewed backstage about how Ember went out of the ring to save Rhea Ripley, but why didn’t Io. Io says that Ember and Rhea aren’t her problem, but her problem is defending the NXT Women’s Championship.

We get a recap of Ridge Holland dropping Adam Cole’s body at ringside after NXT TakeOver 31. We cut the Era backstage, and Cole says that they will make Holland pay. O’Reilly says that he is sorry that he didn’t finish off Balor, but they tell him not to apologize. Cole says that he has no idea why Ridge did what he did. Cole says that Holland broke his ribs and Holland is a dead man, “And that is Undisputed.”

Ever-Rise vs. Drake Maverick and Killian Dain

Maverick and Dain come out together, but Dain is clearly upset about their new entrance video and theme music.

Dain tosses Maverick into the ring, but he makes Maverick stand on the apron and he will be the legal man. Dain wants to start the match, but Maverick decides to tag in. Maverick takes on Chase Parker and takes control with a wristlock.

Matt Martel tags in and takes control of the same wrist. Martel whips Maverick into the ropes, but Maverick comes back with a dropkick. Maverick bars Martel’s arm and Maverick wants the tag in, but he is too far away.

Martel pulls Maverick back in and takes Maverick down with a clothesline. Martel taunts Maverick and lays into him with right hands. Martel tries to take Dain off the apron, but Dain was completely unphased.

Chase Parker tags in and Parker and Martel pick up Maverick and toss him into the turnbuckle. Parker pins Maverick, but Dain comes in and breaks it up. Martel asks Dain why he is getting involved, and Martel insults him.

Dain won’t have it, so he drags Maverick into the corner and tags himself in. Dain clears the ring and gets ready for a Vader Bomb in the corner. Maverick tags himself in and Dain and Maverick argue. Martel pushes Maverick into Dain and rolls up Maverick, but Dain hits Martel with a pump kick, knocking Martel out.

Dain picks up Maverick and power bombs him onto Martel. It counts as a pinfall attempt from Maverick, and he pins Martel for three.

Winners: Killain Dain and Drake Maverick

Maverick is celebrating their win in the ring and he starts to dance. Maverick tries to get Dain to dance, but Dain clocks him and knocks him out. Dain looks like he is going to leave Maverick in the ring, but he decides against it and picks up Maverick, carrying him to the back.

We get a video package about the return of Toni Storm, then we go to commercial.

Back from commercial, ad we see Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae walking their dog outside. LeRae talks about how she had her match won, but they deserve rematches because, as Johnny says, “Destiny is inevitable.”

They arrive home, and Johnny and Candice have a new 65″ TV delivered to their house, seemingly from Indi Hartwell. They bring the TV inside, and that is the last we see.

Austin Theory vs. Leon Ruff

Theory shoves Ruff, and Ruff hits a hurricanrana into a pin for two. Theory runs at Ruff and tries to clothesline him, but Ruff dodges. Theory lands a clothesline the second time. Ruff gets to his feet and uses his agility to evade Theory and hit a neckbreaker on Theory.

Ruff hits a clorthesline on Theory, pinning him for two. Ruff gets a wristlock on Theory, then chops him in the chest. Ruff tries to get fancy and hit a jump from the top rope, but Ruff slips. Theory catches him and hits him with the ATL, pinning him for the win.

Winner: Austin Theory

Theory gets on the mic and says that’s what happens when he has the chance to warm up. He taunts Adam Cole and says that he was cold when they faced off last time. He notes that Cole is injured so he won’t be able to come out, but he says that he is the future of NXT, and no one can do anything about it.

Suddenly, Dexter Lumis’ music hits. Lumis comes down to the ring and Theory seems to be startled by Lumis as Lumis gets in the ring.

Austin Theory vs. Dexter Lumis

Theory tries to stalk around Lumis, but Lumis tracks him. Lumis catches a kick from Theory and lands a huge right hand on Theory, sending him to the mat. Lumis picks up Theory and throws him into the corner, then punches away at him.

Theory elbows Lumis in the ribs and runs the ropes, but Lumis hits a Thesz Press on Theory. Theory rolls to the outside, but Lumis gives chase. Lumis blocks a punch and hits Theory, then throws him back in the ring. Lumis hit Theory with a bulldog into a pinfall attempt for two as we go to commercial.

Back from commercial and Theory takes down Lumis with a clothesline and hits a back suplex on Lumis, covering him for two. Theory stalks Lumis and mocks him, then he locks in a headlock on Lumis. Lumis fights back to his feet, but Theory takes him down with a clothesline and a standing moonsault for two.

Theory punches Lumis in the side of the head, then chops away at him back. Lumis gets in a front headlock on Theory, and Lumis gets to his feet. Lumis fights off Theory, but Theory goes right back and goes for a suplex. Lumis blocks, but Theory clubs him in the back and hits the suplex, then pins Lumis for two.

Lumis gets to a sitting position in the corner, and Theory chases him and pins him in the corner with a boot. Lumis gets out of the corner, and Theory taunts Lumis, but Lumis hits Theory with a strike to the face. Theory comes back and his a snapmare on Lumis, pinning him for two again.

Theory picks up Lumis and goes for a suplex again. Lumis blocks and goes for a suplex of his own. Theory block and escapes out the back, landing on his feet. Theory runs the ropes, but Lumis catches Theory and hits a spinebuster.

Lumis hits Theory with a series of right hands and an uppercut. Lumis hits a rolling thunder monkey flip on Theory, then hits a slingshot suplex on Theory, covering him for two. Theory hits a rolling thunder dropkick on Lumis.

Lumis gets to his feet before Austin Theory. Lumis stares down at Theory and tries to escape the ring, but Lumis catches him in The Silence, knocking Theory out cold, giving Luims the submission win.

Winner: Dexter Lumis

Before Lumis can celebrate too much, Cameron Grimes runs in and hits the Cave In on Lumis. Lumis is out, and Grimes gets into Lumis’ face, saying, “When I ask you a question, you answer me, freak,” referencing their encounter from last week.

Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez are interviewed backstage about their upcoming tag team match. Gonzalez says that she will take out Ripley once and for all and Kai says that Ember Moon should get behind her if she wants an NXT Women’s Championship match.

Up next, we have a Prime Target segment about the NXT Championship match between Finn Balor and Kyle O’Reilly, right after this commercial break.

Backstage, Cameron Grimes is asked why he attacked Dexter Lumis last week. He says that “When I ask you a question, you answer me, you don’t just stand there like a freak.” He calls out Lumis and Ridge Holland, saying that it doesn’t matter who gets in his way, because he is going to the moon.

We get a Prime Target video package for the NXT Championship match between Kyle O’Reilly and Finn Balor. We are told that Finn has a broken jaw, but he will recover soon. Then, we hear from Ridge Holland about his attack on Adam Cole. Holland says, “Last week I didn’t have a Mercedes. This week, I do. You can thank Adam Cole for that.” Ridge Holland is in action after this commercial break.

Back from commercial, and Damian Priest is interviewed about his match at TakeOver. Priest talks about how he really wants to make his name live forever, and he is open to any challengers, they just have to come for him.

Ridge Holland vs. Danny Burch

Burch and Holland lock up, and Holland hits Burch with an uppercut, then takes down Burch. Burch gets back to his feet and takes Holland down with a wristlock. Holland breaks the hold and they trade blows. Burch hits Holland with an uppercut, then strikes away at him in the face.

Holland tosses Burch into the corner, and Burch gets to the middle turnbuckle, then hits a dropkick from the middle rope on Holland. Burch hits a German suplex and a clothesline on Holland, pinning him for two, then transitions into a crossface.

Holland breaks the submission and picks up Burch. Holland hits Burch with a sidewalk slam, pinning him for the victory.

Winner: Ridge Holland

Holland taunts Burch as he leaves, and Burch gets up and attacks Holland, but Holland hits Burch with headbutts. Holland lays into Burch with headbutts, but Oney Lorcan comes in for the save. Holland takes down Lorcan and kicks away at him, laying into him with boots and elbows.

Refs come down to the ring and separate Holland, taking him out of the ring. Lorcan runs the ropes and hits a dive onto Holland on the outside. Holland and Lorcan brawl back into the ring and Holland lays out Lorcan. Holland gets out of the ring again, and Lorcan dives onto Holland to the outside again.

The refs throw up the X to the camera and Lorcan gets back in the ring to check on Burch.

Johnny Gargano has set up the new TV in his house and it had a USB with it. It shows how many times Indi Harwell saved Candice LeRae in the Women’s Battle Royal. Johnny says, “There’s something here,” and they talk about how much they like Indi Hartwell, as we go to commercial.

Back from commercial and we have another edition of “Thatch-as-Thatch-can wrestling.” Thatcher talks about how important it is to snatch opportunities as soon as they present themselves. He says that a man is defined by the pain that he inflicts. He says that life “will grind you down until you quit . . . but I won’t let it do it to me.”

We get videos clips from before the break when Oney Lorcan attacked Ridge Holland. Ridge Holland is being stretchered out of the arena, but he holds up a thumbs up to the crowd, telling them that he is okay.

Shotzi Blackheart vs. Xia Li

Blackheart hits li with a dropkick immediately, then runs at her in the corner and hits a reverse slingblade. Shotzi follows it up with a kick to the face. Li fights back with chops to the chest of Shotzi.

Li picks up Blackheart and hits her with knees and a kicks to the midsection. Li hits Shotzi into the midsection with her shoulder multiple times, then sets Shotzi on the top rope. Li goes to the top as well and goes for a superplex.

Shotzi blocks and plants Li face first. Blackheart hits a senton onto Li from teh top rope, pinning Li for three.

Winner: Shotzi Blackheart

Li sits in the corner and looks upset. Boa comes down to the ring in a suit with a letter with some Chinese writing on it. He hands the letter to Li, she opens and reads it, nods at Boa, and then walks with him to the back. Shotzi seemed completely oblivious and continued to celebrate in the ring.

The match between Ripley and Moon vs Kai and Gonzalez is up next, right after this commercial break.

Back from commercial and Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez are already in the ring and Rhea Ripley is coming down to the ring.

Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez vs. Rhea Ripley and Ember Moon

Moon and Kai start the match. Moon takes Kai down with a wristlock, follows it up with a senton and a kick to the face, pinning Kai for two. Moon hits Kai with a snapmare, then she picks up Kai and hits an armbreaker. Kai tosses Moon to the mat by her hair and tags in Raquel Gonzalez.

Gonzalez runs at Moon and goes for a power bomb, but Moon escapes. Gonzalez shoves Moon hard into her own corner, then tags in Kai. Kai slaps Moon in the face, but Moon fights back with hard strikes, sending Kai to the outside.

Moon hits a dive onto Kai through the ropes. Gonzalez makes a move towards Moon, but Ripley sees her and hits her with a senton. Back in the ring, Moon tags in Ripley. Ripley tosses Kai into the ropes, and Gonzalez hops up to make the blind tag.

Ripley lays out Kai and stalks her, but Gonzalez comes out of nowhere and hits her with a boot to the face, sending Ripley to the ground outside the ring as we go to commercial.

Back from commercial and Gonzalez has Ripley in a submission hold, bent across her back. Ripley is able to escape by hitting an arm drag and tries to get to her corner, but Gonzalez stops her. Ripley gets to her feet and tries to run past Gonzalez, but Gonzalez takes Ripley down with a clothesline to the back of the head.

Kai tags in and hits an elbow on Ripley’s midsection, then she cover Ripley for two. Ripley gets to her feet, but Kai locks in a guillotine on Ripley. Ripley fights Kai off and Ripley pops her up, planting her face first.

Ripley tags in Moon and Moon drops Kai with a drop kick and a series of kicks to the body. Gonzalez comes in and Moon fights them both off, then throws Kai into Gonzalez. Moon hits a short faceplant on Gonzalez, then a codebreaker on Kai, pinning Kai for two.

Moon throws Kai into the corner and runs at her, but Gonzalez pulls Kai out of the corner and tags in. Gonzalez picks up Moon and Kai kicks Moon in the head. Gonzalez hits a power slam on Moon, then pins her for two.

Gonzalez picks up Moon again, but Moon is able to escape with elbows to the face. Ripley and Kai get the hot tags. Ripley gets Kai in an electric chair, and Ripley drops her face first, then pins her for two.

Gonzalez distracted Ripley long enough for Kai to hit Ripley with the Kairopractor, pinning her for two. Ripley gets to her feet and drags Kai into their corner. Ripley whips Kai into Moon, who takes her down with a clothesline. Moon pins Kai, but Gonzalez breaks up the pin.

Gonzales goes for a suplex on Moon, but Ripley pulls Moon’s leg, shifting the momentum into a DDT. Ripley boots Gonzalez out of the ring, and Kai dumps Ripley out. Moon hits Kai with a power bomb and goes to the top rope to hit the Eclipse.

Gonzalez blocks the Eclipse attempt, but Ripley grabs Gonzalez in a fireman’s carry. Kai kicks Ripley backwards and Ripley is sent toppling over the announce table with Gonzalez on her shoulders. Moon uses the distraction to hit an Eclipse on Kai, pinning her the win.

Winners: Ember Moon and Rhea Ripley

Ripley and Moon size each other up in the ring and shake hands as NXT goes off the air.

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