Some things are hard to forget, especially when that memory involves John Cena chucking you out of the ring. That happened to Ken Jeong on August 3rd, 2009 during an episode of RAW. The most regrettable part is he was trying to save Jeremy Piven at the time. Jeong has yet to forget about it.

The Hangover star was on WWE The Bump today. He recounted being launched by Cena and he didn’t appreciate WWE replaying the footage. As Jeong continued to explain how much he hates John Cena, The Bump crew had a good laugh.

“You know there’s still beef between me and Cena. That was not supposed to happen — that was not supposed to happen [they started showing the clip] No — no — I told WWE not to show this footage. No, you know guys, I’m serious… you know I told you not to show that footage, I’m a doctor from Hollywood and smarter than everybody. John Cena, although he is more famous and richer than me… I still hate him, okay? I still hate him. That was not supposed to happen to see you in a SmackDown or RAW ring, I’ve got some famous friends now, I’ve got some famous friends now that’s all I’m saying.”

Ken Jeong was likely referring to Dave Bautista. The two became good friends while working together and The Animal would probably have the good doctor’s back if he needed him in a pinch.

Cena is very busy with his own career outside of WWE. We’ll have to see if those two can hash it out if they ever meet again.

Transcription by Ringside News

Felix Upton

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