Paige might not be happy about WWE taking her Twitch channel. That caused the first-ever NXT Women’s Champion to do a little research today. We’re not 100% sure what she uncovered, but Paige got a good idea about how unions work.

Saraya posted “Learned lot about unionism today.” This caused a lot of people to show support. Some Superstars might be in agreement as well.

Some consider it ridiculous that WWE controls so much of their Superstars’ lives while considering them independent contractors. Now the company is going to take all Twitch and Cameo profits that Superstars make during their free time and divvy out a percentage to those Superstars while taking it out of the Superstars’ own downside guarantees. Superstars will be working to make the money for their own downside guarantees in this new system.

Zelina Vega saw Paige’s tweet. She replied back with a thinking emoji and “hmmm..” Let’s see how far that thinking goes.


WWE can release a Superstar, or even worse, keep them at home and freeze their contract. Vince McMahon can eat away years of someone’s life if he wants to while leaving them at home without anything to do. The idea of Superstars joining a union has come up in the past, but it hasn’t gotten very far because of what WWE can do in retaliation.

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