Welcome to Ringside News’ live results for AEW Dynamite on September 30th, 2020.

Tonight’s AEW is headed by a marquee match that might actually be decent, and that is FTR facing SCU with the AEW Tag Team Championships on the line. The asterix here is that the match will have a twenty minute time limit and, if SCU can’t win, FTR are declared the winners. This is a weird, unnecessary and convuluted rule but whatever, it should be a decent match.

AEW’s top guys, Chris Jericho and Orange Cassidy will both be in action tonight, with Jericho facing Isiah Kassidy and OC facing 10 of Dark Order. Jericho continues his run of attempting to put over some extremely-rough-around-the-edges young talent, and Cassidy is seemingly delving into a feud with Dark Order because we can never have enough comedy.

Elsewhere tonight, Cody, Jon Moxley and Britt Baker will all make appearances, while Darby Allin returns to action against Ricky Starks. Cody will respond to the challenge set forth by Brodi Lee last week; Moxley will presumably rekindle his feud with an absent Lance Archer; and Baker returns to the ring following her impressively awful match at All Out against Big Swole.

And that’s the rundown for tonight’s AEW Dynamite. Let me know what you’re excited about and why, and stay here for live updates from 8 PM EST onward. Enjoy the show!


Tonight’s show opens with Absolute Ricky Starks making his way to the ring, carrying a Darby Allin-themed body-bag with him. We get another of Darby’s terrible home videos in which he goes down a ramp in a body-bag and hits the ground hard. Taz is on commentary, at least for this match.

Ricky Starks Vs. Darby Allin

The bell rings and Starks slaps Darby, but Allin fires back with a dropkick that sends Ricky from the ring. Starks slides in and attempts a spear but Allin counters with a bulldog headlock. Alin hits a modified arm-drag and the action spills to the apron where Darby hits a suplex.

Of course, AEW has been on the air for almost five minutes so it’s time for the first suicide dive of the night and Starks hit his head hard on the barricade. Allin gets in the ring and thinks about another but Brian Cage comes out. Before Cage can do anything, Will Hobbs runs down and the two behemoths brawl up the ramp and through the tunnel to the back.

Darby is distracted on the apron and Starks yanks him arm-first off the apron onto the floor and he lands hard. Starks gets Darby back in the ring and beats him in the corners before Irish whipping him hard to the opposite buckles. Darby fires back with a kick, then looks for a dropkick but Starks catches a leg and applies a single-leg Boston crab.

Starks keeps Allin grounded with knees and reverse curb stomps, earning himself a two-count in the process. Allin creates some distance and hits a Canadian Destroyer for a near-fall. Ricky looks to Irish whip but Darby catches him with an armbar and captures both arms to stop a rope grab. Starks gets there anyway and both men are down.

They trade slaps on their knees, then on their feet and Darby gets the better. Allin hits a float-over Stunner, then looks for a springboard but gets caught with a spear in mid-air. Starks takes Darby to the top rope and looks for an avalanche Roshambo but Allin fights free, kicks Ricky off, and hits a Coffin Drop for the win.

Winner: Darby Allin

Ricky Starks is so damn good and Darby is just like everyone else, hitting the same moves and not selling. I think they’re pushing the wrong guy but let me know if you disagree.

The announcers run down the card for tonight’s show, which includes Jon Moxley facing an opponent of Eddie Kingston’s choice. Cody comes to the ring with his hilariously over-the-top entrance. We’ll find out after the break if Cody accepts Brodi Lee’s challenge to a dog collar match.

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Dasha Fuentes is in the ring with Cody and she asks for an update on his health. Cody says Al Snow once told him that you’ll always wrestle hurt but you shouldn’t wrestle injured. And sometimes he wonder what will happen if you injure yourself mentally. He then mentions that everybody backstage at wrestling shows shake hands but it’s not because of respect, it’s because they need each other to get by.

Cody says that he recently got a call from Hollywood and he jumped at the chance to take part in another show. And he found himself sitting beside Snoop Dogg, Rosario Dawson, and Jennifer Nettles, and who the hell is he? He’s just the guy who got beat in three minutes. Well he’s back now and he’s heard a lot of people cut the same boring promo’s about being the future star or the ace, but AEW is a year old now. There is no future, there is only now. And the only people who can call themselves the ace are Hikaru Shida, Jon Moxley, or Brodi Lee.

Dasha asks him about the dog collar match and Cody says that’s an incredibly violent match. And he has to look at things from the perspective of the executive vice president of AEW, so his answer is no. He leaves the ring but stops, turns, and comes back down and says “no, as in no regrets.” They won’t leave the same as when they entered, next week they will have the dog collar match.

Brodi Lee comes powerwalking out in a green suit and he’s immediately and slowly followed by some AEW officials. Brodi and Cody fire hands but get separated by the officials and many people from ringside get involved also. All hell breaks loose and then Brandi Rhodes comes down and, because they’re not unbelievable enough, she takes out all of Dark Order by herself with a dive off the top rope. Anna Jay beats on Brandi, then Nyla Rose gets involved and Brodi gets ushered from the ring by his goons. The women are still brawling on the floor and Brodi holds his title on the stage but then comes back down to fight some more.

Tony Schiavone interviews FTR and Tully Blanchard backstage. Cash says they did a favour to Best Friends last week because they’re not on their level. They are the pinnacle of tag team wrestling and they have to beat SCU to cement their legacy. Dax asks why on earth The Young Bucks deserve an AEW Tag Team Title show? They’ve blown every chance they’ve ever had. Unless Dave Meltzer is calling the shots. Tony makes to ask another question but Matt Jackson superkicks him and continues the hilariously bad heel run.

Dasha Fuentes interviews SCU backstage and Kazarian says they’re playing chess while FTR is playing checkers, and tonight they become 2X Champs. They walk towards the ring and stop by Shawn Spears who sarcastically wishes them luck.

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AEW Tag Team Championships

(C) FTR W/Tully Blanchard Vs. SCU W/Christopher Daniels

Hangman Page is on commentary and we start with Dax and Kazarian, and they lock-up and trade holds. They separate and stare each other down before locking-up again and this time Kazarian drops Dax with a shoulder tackle, then counters a hip-toss and hits a lariat. Scorpio tags in and hits a dropkick to Harwood for a one-count.

Dax takes a wristlock and tags Cash but Sky backs away. Cash takes the back but Scorpio counters and takes him down by the head. We get a repeat of Cash shooting Scorpio off and Sky dropping him with a shoulder. Cash trips himself up and blames Christopher Daniels, so the referee ejects him from ringside!

Dax gets a tag but Scorpio dodges their double-team and hits a crossbody to Dax, then a dropkick to both. Kazarian tags in and they hit a double back drop and clothesline him out, then throw Cash over and out onto Dax. Kazarian tags Scorpio and slides out, then suckers FTR into the pathway of a tope from Sky. Dax pulls Sky from the ring so he can’t make a pinfall, then it’s their turn to trick and Cash drops Scorpio with a lariat on the floor. Cash stands on Sky’s face and adjusts his boot as we head to the break.

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Back live and Cash misses Scorpio in the corner and crotches himself. Dax tags in and gets rolled-up but Cash Distracts the referee. Cash tags back in but Scorpio catches him with a Russian leg sweep. Tags made to both Dax and Kazarian, and Frankie drops both FTR with lariats and a leg drop to Cash hanging on the ropes. Kazarian hits a fisherman suplex to Cash while pinning Dax for a two-count.

Dax saves Cash from getting back suplexed, then tags in to hit a double-team sunset flip/dropkick for a two-count. Kazarian knocks Cash off the arpon and makes a tag before hitting a German suplex to Dax. Scorpio gets knocked from the ring but re-joins Frankie in time to hit a crossbody for a two-count. Cash gets a tag and FTR hit a powerbomb right into a dragon suplex for a near-fall.

Cash goes up top but Kazarian shoves Dax into him, then climbs up top and battles with Cash. FTR look to hit a Hart Attack to Kazarian but he counters Dax with a powerslam for a near-fall. Scorpio tags in and hits a flying crossbody, followed by a crucifix for a near-fall. Scorpio attempts another pin and Tully holds Cash’s hands but the referee breaks their grip.

Cash rolls to the ramp and Scorpio suplexes him back inside. Cash rolls right back out the other side so Scorpio follows after. Sky looks for another suplex into the ring but this time Tully swipes his feet and Cash lands on him, then Blanchard holds Scorpio’s feet down and Cash scores the pinfall!

Winners: FTR

The announcers reveal a tournament that will start at AEW Full Gear to determine the AEW World Championship number one contender. They mention that Kenny Omega will be in the tournament and Hangman gets annoyed and leaves.

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Chris Jericho W/Inner Circle Vs. Isiah Kassidy W/Marc Quen & Matt Hardy

The match starts and Jericho shoves Isiah in the face, forcing him to the corner and bullying him. Kassidy fires back and unloads a flurry of offence. Kassidy pummels Jericho on the mat and almost pins him with an Oklahoma roll. Jericho comes back in and takes charge, methodically beating Isiah down in the corner.

Kassidy knocks Jericho from the ring and tosses him over the barricade, where Luther punches him and clotheslines him back towards ringside and of course the referee couldn’t care less. Kassidy then hits a spinning tope over the ropes onto the entire Inner Circle at ringside, then gets Jericho back inside and hits a splash for a near-fall. Kassidy lands some punches but Jericho hits a flapjack and takes control again.

*Commercial Break*

We return to see Jericho hit a big vertical suplex, then lift Kassidy and slap him back down. Kassidy fires back but hits the ropes and Jake Hager hits him from the floor and thankfully Aubrey didn’t see it…even though she watched Luther beat Jericho earlier. Kassidy avoids Jericho in the corner and he crotches himself exactly like Cash did just 15 minutes ago.

Kassidy hits a float-over Stunner like Darby Allin for a two-count. Kassidy runs at Jericho and wilfully jumps over the ropes for him, then jumps back in and hits yet another springboard Stunner for a near-fall. Isiah lands forearms against the ropes but runs into a forearm from Y2J, who then attempts a Lionsault but Kassidy gets his knees up, then Isiah hits a Lionsault of his own for a near-fall. Kassidy hits a Codebreaker for another near-fall. Kassidy goes to the apron and springboards in, only to get hit with the Judas Effect.

Winner: Chris Jericho

As soon as the bell rings the Inner Circle come in and attack Kassidy, leading to Quen and Hardy running them off. Jericho attacks Luther on the floor, and Hager beats on Serpentico

We get a comedy skit with Miro and Kip Sabian at an arcade where Miro is beating him at axe throwing, as well as video games. Miro is worried about how he can throw the best bachelor party and up walks Billy Mitchell – the world record Donkey Kong player from the 80’s – and he says he can help. They stare at the camera like they have a plan.

Dasha Fuentes interviews Best Friends backstage but FTR interrupt. Dax says they did them a favour last week. They say there’s a spot in the main event for Champions like them, and a spot in the middle of the card for comedy acts like them who want to get driven around by their mommy – even though FTR were literally in the middle of the card tonight. FTR turn to leave but Best Friends feign punching them and they wince. Just to drive home how nothing is ever serious in AEW land, Orange Cassidy grabs the microphone and calls them “weenies”.

*Commercial Break*

Orange Cassidy W/Best Friends Vs. Ten W/Dark Order

As the match starts, Ten takes Orange Cassidy’s sunglasses and puts them on short-arms Silver, who dances with them. Ten them counters Cassidy and hits a spinning slam. Ten puts Cassidy in the corner and beats him, then slams him again for a one-count. Ten puts OC’s hands in his pockets and mocks him before hitting a spinebuster.

Cassidy rolls to the apron but Ten kicks him off. Ten goes out after OC and whips him into the barricade, then gets him back in the ring before he gets hugged by two members of Dark Order to mock Best Friends. Orange Cassidy then jumps off the top rope onto Dark Order. OC gets Ten back inside and hits a tilt-a-whirl DDT, kips up, and hits the Orange Punch and an inverted Vertebreaker for the win.

Winner: Orange Cassidy

Thankfully that was a short match. How the hell are you supposed to take Dark Order seriously? Not only were they all taken out by Brandi Rhodes earlier, but they’re literally just another comedy act.

MJF is backstage with Wardlow and he enters the locker room of the Inner Circle with a gift. He opens his box and pulls out some personalised bomber jackets, for everyone except Sammy Guevara. MJF blames Wardlow and apologises to Sammy. Jericho asks why he’s even here and MJF says simply to congratulate them. Jericho says that’s nice and all but he asked a while ago, so he’ll ask again, does MJF want to join the Inner Circle? As you might expect, MJF asks him if he wants him in the group and they go back and forth. Jericho thanks him and says it was classy, to which MJF congratulates him on 30 years in wrestling. MJF leaves and Sammy calls him a loser but Jericho says he isn’t.

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Britt Baker makes her return to the ring for the first time since having the worst match of the year at All Out.

Dr. Britt Baker W/Reba Vs. Red Velvet

The match begins and they lock-up with Velvet taking the wrist. Baker reverses control and takes Velvet down and holds her there with a headscissors. Velvet ducks a lariat and hits an arm-drag, only for Baker to hold on and apply a submission. Velvet gets clobbered with a back elbow, but fires back with a leg lariat. Velvet hits a wheelbarrow bulldog for a two-count.

Britt takes a hammerlock and into a clothesline, then smiles at the camera. Baker drills Velvet with forearms, then hits a butterfly suplex. Velvet falls onto the middle rope and Baker kicks her into it, then again. Baker chokes her on the bottom rope before whipping her to the ropes and catching her with a slingblade. Red Velvet gets a roll-up for two, then Baker hits a swinging fisherman neckbreaker for two. Baker hits a kick to the head for the win.

Winner: Britt Baker

After the match, Britt takes Velvet down and applies Lockjaw after Reba puts a glove on her hand.

Next week we will get the first defence of the FTW Championship as Brian Cage faces Will Hobbs, Jon Moxley defends the AEW Championship against Lance Archer, Brodi Lee defends the TNT Championship against Cody in a dog collar match, and it’s a celebration of 30 years of Chris Jericho.

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Eddie Kingston is in the ring with Pentagon and Fenix to reveal who will face Moxley tonight. Kingston says last week he wrestled Jon Moxley last week and he did not tap out. And Moxley was so angry he called Tony Khan and demanded another match with someone of Kingston’s choosing. He isn’t choosing himself though because he’s beat up, but before he gets to that he wants to talk to the referee. Kingston asks the referee why he stopped the match when he didn’t tap out.

They berate and threaten the referee until Moxley comes down and runs them off. The Butcher then comes down and stands behind Moxley until Kingston tells the referee to ring the bell.

AEW World Championship

(C) Jon Moxley Vs. The Butcher

The Butcher drops Moxley right away with a lariat, then keeps him grounded with knees and forearms. Butcher drills Moxley with more forearms and chokes him on the middle rope as we head to the final break of the night.

*Commercial Break*

The Butcher starts targeting Moxley’s knee following a small botch in which he got caught in the ropes. Moxley turns the tables and applies an armbar but Butcher counters into a Boston crab. Moxley fights out but Butcher hits him with a running powerslam and goes right back to the single-leg Boston crab.

Butcher stomps Moxley in the corner and looks to hit another powerslam but Moxley shrugs him off. Moxley grabs him for a Paradigm Shift but Butcher counters. Butcher attempts a Stretch Muffler but, after several tries, can’t get it locked in and applies a wonky-looking Boston crab.

Moxley fights free but Butcher drops him with a lariat and Jon rolls outside. Butcher goes after and tries to whip Moxley into the barricade but Moxley’s leg gives out. Butcher runs and jumps but nobody’s home and he hits the barricade with a crossbody. Butcher eventually gets back in and they trade forearm shots and chops.

Moxley’s knee gives out again and Butcher hits a crossbody for a near-fall. Both men are down but get up forehead-to-forehead and continue trading shots. Butcher counters Moxley with a Urinagi and a near-fall, then drops a leg on his neck for another two-count. Butcher goes to the middle rope but Moxley drills him with a forearm, then climbs up and hits a superplex.

Moxley breaks free from another leg lock and hits a jumping piledriver for a near-fall. Moxley gets fired-up and puts Butcher on the top rope but gets kicked back and Butcher hits a crossbody for two. Moxley hits a Paradigm Shift out of nowhere, then applies the bulldog choke and Butcher taps.

Winner: Jon Moxley

After the match Moxley stares down Eddie Kingston at ringside. Moxley poses with the title and Eddie flips out at ringside, kicking the barricade before being taken to the back by Pentagon and Fenix.

And that’s it for AEW Dynamite. Let us know what you thought about the show and be sure to check out our results for NXT. Until next time, stay safe.

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