Welcome to Ringside News’ live results coverage of WWE RAW, featuring all of the fallout from Clash of Champions last night.

On Sunday, WWE Champion Drew McIntyre proved yet again that he was too much for Randy Orton, defeating The Legend Killer with a little help from The Big Show, Christian, Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair. What’s next for both of these men in the build to Hell in a Cell on Oct. 25? Could their paths once again cross with the Limitless Keith Lee? We’ll find out tonight!

We’ll also get an update on the Women’s Tag Team Championships. Title-holders Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler were medically disqualified by the doctors yesterday, meaning top contenders The Riott Squad still haven’t had their shot at the gold. The situation will be addressed on RAW.

Additionally, after successfully defending his United States Championship against Apollo Crews, Bobby Lashley is on to the next one. Lashley and his fellow Hurt Business teammates stepped right into the crosshairs of RETRIBUTION last week, with their main event tag match ending in a DQ. There’s plenty of unfinished ‘business’ for both teams. We’ll have to wait and see if they duke it out again, or if someone else will rise to challenge Lashley and company.

All this and more on an action-packed edition of RAW!

McIntyre with WWE legends segment

We’re starting off hot with Ric Flair! Tom Phillips informs us that it’s a celebration tonight as Flair struts to the ring. He’s followed by The Big Show, Christian and Shawn Michaels. All four men who were previously taken out by Randy Orton are back and feeling good in the ring.

We get a quick recap of all four legends returning at Clash of Champions. They helped Drew McIntyre retain the WWE Championship in an ambulance match.

Michaels says it’s been a long time since he’s done this, but here we go. “Welcome to Monday Night RAW!” Michaels then introduces McIntyre.

McIntyre remarks how cool it is to be standing in the ring with four legends. He notes how he’s known all four for a long time. He grew up with Christian and Big Show, travelling the road with them in his 20’s. He adds how they had his back and looked out for him. McIntyre goes to Michaels now, saying that he’s a mentor and that he wouldn’t be in this position without him. The champ finishes off with a complement of Flair.

McIntyre says that what brought them all together was their disdain for Randy Orton. He reminds everyone that he beat Orton last night and “put his ass in an ambulance.”

Michaels takes the mic, saying that all four legends are thankful for the whooping McIntyre doled out. He hopes that McIntyre doesn’t mind that all four interfered in the match. Michaels then blames it on Flair.

McIntyre is back on the mic, but Orton interrupts. He says their feud isn’t over until he says it is. He tells McIntyre that he has “no idea what hell is,” and won’t be done with him until he’s WWE Champion.

McIntyre jokes that Randy will beg for another match. Orton says McIntyre doesn’t get it. He doesn’t have to beg for anything. He’ll be given a title match because he’s Randy Orton, a 13-time WWE Champion. He reminds McIntyre that there’s a price to pay when you cross the legend killer. Orton then seemingly leaves the building.

McIntyre says all this talk about titles has given him an idea. He’s going to put his title on the line tonight in an open challenge. Anyone who he hasn’t faced is eligible. He asks “who wants to step up? Who wants to prove them self, who wants to be the man around here?” McIntyre closes by saying “somebody please step up.” The title is on the line later on!

We get a recap of Asuka successfully defending her title against Zelina Vega last night. Kayla Braxton is backstage to interview Vega. She discusses Vega being a poor sport. Vega answers, saying she’s just getting started, and that everyone is going to feel sorry for Asuka once she proves she’s ready for her. Asuka interrupts, and says she’s ready for her. Closes by saying “I hope you’re ready to lose to me one more time.” Vega takes on Asuka in a rematch for the title after the break! It’s championship Monday!

Back from commercial where the announce team hypes up McIntyre’s open challenge for later, as well as Jerry Lawler’s King’s Court with the Mysterio family.

Asuka vs Zelina Vega for the RAW Women’s Championship

Vega is in the ring already as the champ Asuka enters. Vega charges in for a take down to start, but Asuka reverses into an arm bar. Vega to the ropes, but Asuka is back on her. She attempts another arm bar, but Vega kicks Asuka’s left arm, which was injured last night. There’s your story. Vega now targets Asuka’s injured arm with a modified octopus stretch.

Asuka reverses into a pin attempt, but Vega regains control quickly. Asuka to the outside as Vega jumps at her from the apron. She’s met with a super kick as we head to commercial.

Back from commercial, Vega has momentum with continuous kicks to Asuka’s left arm. Asuka fights back with palm strikes and a GTS. Hip attack in the corner now and a release German suplex. A kick to the face gets a two.

Asuka tries another suplex but it’s blocked. Both women strike and miss, but Vega synchs in a standing arm bar, Asuka uses her power to reverse into a suplex and both women are down!

Asuka goes for the Asuka lock, but Vega clings to the bottom rope. Asuka — tied up with the official — gets hits with a back stabber for two. Vega with kicks to a downed Asuka. She goes high risk and gets hit with knees after a moonsault attempt. Asuka capitalizes with the Asuka lock for the submission win. Good match.

Winner and still champ: Asuka

We go backstage, where the four legends are playing poker. Phillips then reminds us about McIntyre’s open challenge as we go to break.

Back from commercial, Andrade is in the ring. He says Vega is nothing without him. He reminds Vega that Asuka beat her twice, and that she is a weakling. Andrade says he’s the greatest in WWE and held his team together. He then asks who wants to face him. Keith Lee answers! Open challenge one of two is on!

Keith Lee vs Andrade

Andrade gets waist control to start. Lee uses his power to battle out. Andrade off the ropes but Lee knocks him down. He grabs wrist control and manhandles Andrade with one hand. Lee launches Andrade into the corner but misses in the follow up.

Andrade takes control with a kick. He goes off the ropes but gets blasted with a cross body from Lee. Lee shows his power again, throwing Andrade from one corner to the other. Andrade off the ropes and goes low with a kick to Lee’s leg. Andrade to the top but Lee catches him. Andrade gets away and chop blocks Lee’s knee.

Andrade with double knees to Lee in the corner. He picks Lee up, but Lee reverses into a spirit bomb for the three!

Winner: Keith Lee

Phillips throws to a clip of The Hurt Business from earlier today. A WWE employee is sitting in Bobby Lashley’s spot at a table. He tells him aggressively that he’s in his spot and also steals his food. Quick way to get over The Hurt Business as heels. Commercial break.

Back from commercial where we get a promo for NXT Takeover 31 this Sunday. Phillips then throws to a replay of R-Truth at the beach with the 24/7 title, warding off Akira Tozawa, who has a shark fin. We then go backstage, where R-Truth is handed a letter from Tozawa. The letter says that he was eaten by a shark. A mysterious ninja then hands Truth Tozawa’s black belt, but he pins him right after. It’s Tozawa!

Winner and new 24/7 champ: Tozawa

Drew Gulak in a ninja outfit then rolls up Tozawa for the three. He’s pinned with a roll-up right after by Truth however, who leaves.

Winner and new 24/7 champ: R-Truth

A recap now of Seth Rollins telling Rey that Aalyah isn’t his daughter. We then go backstage where Murphy is with Seth. Rollins is pumped up, saying tonight is a big night with the Mysterio family on King’s Court. Murphy isn’t pleased. Seth asks him why he’s wearing ring gear, then tells him to put on the suit he got him. Murphy leaves, but he’s left his phone. Seth takes it as we head to commercial.

Back from the break where the WWE Draft is hyped up. It starts on Friday, Oct. 9 and continues the following Monday.

King’s Court segment

Jerry Lawler is in the ring to open the segment. He welcomes the Mysterio family to discuss Seth’s claims from a week ago.

Lawler asks Rey to comment. He responds by saying that it’s obvious that his kids are his. He says his family means the world to him and that it takes an evil human being to fabricate the kind of lies Seth has.

Dominik takes the mic and says next time he sees Seth he’ll put an end to him. Lawler chimes in, noting how Rey said last week that “Aalyah is naive and knows nothing of our world.” Lawler also reminds the family that she was seen with Murphy. This is coming off as a Dr. Phil segment. Lawler asks how Aalyah is feeling.

Aalyah says she’s upset about last week. She notes that her parents have a certain image of her, but at the end of the day, she’s 19. She adds that Murphy came and sat next to her and doesn’t know what to think of him. She adds that Seth is a bad person and a fraud.

Seth is on the big screen. He says he has to tell the truth. “The truth is that Aalyah might not be telling the truth about how she feels about my disciple Murphy.” He then takes out Murphy’s phone and shows the family text message exchanges between Aalyah and Murphy, including a happy birthday message. Aalyah says Murphy isn’t like Seth and walks away as Rey chases her.

Murphy is backstage and isn’t pleased with Seth. He says Seth doesn’t know anything, but Seth rebuts, questioning if he values the truth. Murphy grabs Seth, but from out of nowhere Dominik takes down both men. They brawl as officials enter. End of segment.

Lana and Natalya are out now to address the Women’s Tag Team Championships. We’ll hear from them after commercial.

Back from the break. Phillips says Dominik versus Murphy will happen tonight.

Back to the ring, Natalya and Lana say that they want and deserve the Women’s Tag Team Titles. Adam Pearce is out! He tells both women they have a match right now against the newest members of the RAW women’s division: Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke. The winners will inch up the tag title rankings, while Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler will not be forced to vacate their belts.

Lana and Natalya vs Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke

Headlock takedown for Natalya to start, Brooke reverses and lands a flip to Natalya in the corner. She tags in Rose. Rose hits a suplex and tags Brooke back in. She gets a kick to the face for two. Natalya off the ropes. Lana with a blind tag and a quick tag back to to Natalya who lands a kick.

Double team now by Natalya and Lana, first in the corner and then tandem moves in the ring. Lana back in now with a headlock and slam to Brooke. She slaps Rose as well. Brooke gets a roll-up after a Lana taunt. She tags in Rose, who takes out both Natalya and Brooke, including a reverse sidewalk slam to Natalya. Rose off the ropes with a pump knee for three on Natalya.

Winners: Rose and Brooke

We get a replay of Aleister Black attacking Kevin Owens from last week. Black with a dark backstage promo. He says Owens thrives in a system where he can manipulate the viewers. He adds that Owens has a knack for betraying people. He asks if he’s taught his son about betrayal. Black takes off his eye covering to display his iris — fully black. He says people tend to forgive and forget what Owens has done, but he won’t. It’s Owens versus Black after the break.

Back from the break with the legends. The Street Profits enter to toast them.

Kevin Owens vs Aleister Black

Black walks aggressively to the ring. Owens is already inside. Owens with a double drop kick right off the hop. He attacks Black on the outside. Black battles back in the ring with strikes. He lands a running elbow in the corner and grounds Owens.

Owens fights back with fists. It’s a brawl here. Owens with an aggressive Irish whip to Black in the corner. Black fires back with his own dangerous strikes. He chokes Owens on the second rope. Black off the ropes but Owens lands an elbow.

More back and forth strikes. Black jaw jacks with the ref and Owens gets a school boy for a two. Multiple clotheslines and a senton for Owens. He follows up with a German as Black leaves the ring. Owens isn’t waiting and hits a cannon ball off the apron. Commercial break.

Back from the break where Phillips puts over the physicality of this one. Owens with a DDT, but Black responds with a kick to Owens’ previously injured ankle. Brutal strikes by both men. Black with a nasty kick to ground Owens in the corner.

Owens with a slap, but Black gets a snap mare take down and hits the penalty kick for two. Black with a headlock. Owens fights out but meets a high kick to the back of the neck for two.

Black misses a pump kick, Owens hits a super kick for two. Owens reigning down heavy blows. He goes to the top rope but Black meets him. Black attempts a superplex but Owens knocks him down. He goes for a senton but Black gets the knees up. He hits the pump kick for two. Frustrated, Black goes for two more covers and Owens kicks out.

Black goes back to punching Owens. This is a fight! Incidental shot by Black to the official ends this one by DQ. Black yells at the ref but gets a stunner for his troubles.

Winner by DQ: Kevin Owens

Backstage now, where The Hurt Business are attacking Mustafa Ali. Coming to his aid are Ricochet and Apollo Crews. Looks like a six man tag for later. Commercial break.

Drew Gulak vs R-Truth vs Akira Tozawa for the 24/7 title

Back from the break for our second title match. All three men are in the ring. Truth gets doubled-teamed, but the alliance is short lived. Gulak and Tozawa beak each other and Truth fires back with a clothesline to both men.

Tozawa and Gulak take control with another double team. They hit Truth with a suplex. Gulak stretches one of Truth’s arms and Tozawa stretches the other. Out of nowhere, Gulak goes for a cover on Tozawa. The distraction helps Truth fight back but it’s short lived. Gulak throws Tozawa into the ref and focuses on Truth with the Gu-lock.

Tozawa to the top rope and hits Gulak with a senton as Truth gets out of the way. He slams Tozawa and hits Gulak with an attitude adjustment for the three.

Winner and still champ: R-Truth

Backstage with Charly Caruso. She’s interviewing Rose and Brooke, asking about their team. Both women put the other over, with Rose adding that they’re coming for the women’s tag titles.

Transition to Dominik, who’s shown warming up. He faces Murphy next. Commercial break.

Murphy vs Dominik

Murphy out first, followed by Dominik. Dominik right after Murphy in the corner. Murphy halts him, but Dominik takes him down. Another big brawl here. Both men to the outside, where Dominik slams Murphy into the barricade and back in the ring. Murphy rolls out. Dominik goes for a baseball slide but Murphy evades. Dominik grabs him and slams his head into the announce table. Murphy fights back and throws Dominik over the table.

Both men throwing hands again. Dominik with a cross-body off the top for two. Dominik takes Murphy to the corner. Phillips plants the seed that Dominik might be letting his emotions get the better of him.

Dominik off the ropes but Murphy lands a pump kick. Plenty of those tonight. Murphy with kicks to a grounded Dominik. Dominik back in the match with a jaw-breaker. Murphy with a foot stomp but Dominik responds with a fierce tornado DDT.

Dominik in a fit of rage. He gets a warning from the official about the five count. Dominik slams Murphy into the apron on the outside and and throws him back in. He then takes a kendo stick from under the ring, but Aalyah comes out and asks him to put it down. Dominik is distracted as Murphy gets the schoolboy for three.

Winner: Murphy

Post-match Dominik goes after Murphy. Brother and sister fight as Dominik calls Aalyah naive. She slaps him and walks off. Commercial break. Looks like The Hurt Business is in action next.

Back from the break. There’s a recap of Lashley beating Apollo for the US Title from Clash of Champions.

Backstage, Dolph Ziggler is talking with Pearce. He says he has a challenger for McIntyre’s open challenge. The two walk off.

MVP, Lashley and Shelton Benjamin of The Hurt Business vs Ricochet, Ali and Apollo

The heels enter first. MVP takes the mic, saying insanity is repeating the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. He’s directing his comments to Apollo. MVP reminds Apollo that he’s lost to Lashley at two straight PPVs for the title. He says Apollo has brought his “little recess friends” tonight to step to the Hurt Business, but they’re “going to get dropped,” according to Lashley.

Faces out now. They take out all three heels, but the Hurt Business regain their ground. All six men are brawling on the outside. This match technically hasn’t started yet. All of the sudden the lights go dark! The RETRIBUTION logo takes over the screens and we head to commercial.

Back from the break. The six man tag is back on and no sign of RETRIBUTION. Shelton has a headlock on Crews. He tags in MVP, who lands punches in the corner.

MVP goes for a boot and misses. Everything breaks down as Lashley hits a suplex on Crews. MVP misses Apollo who lands a cross-body and tags in Ricochet. It’s Ricochet and Benjamin as the legal men now. Ricochet with a few high flying moves but misses a split leg moonsault. Benjamin with a firm strike in the corner. He tags in MVP.

MVP goes for the playmaker, but Ricochet dodges and lands a kick. He tags in the fresh man Ali, who hits a dropkick. MVP gets up, but Ali uses his speed to hit a neck breaker. Lashley and Crews get involved on the outside, as does Ricochet.

Back in the ring MVP rolls up Ali for two. Ali counters into his own roll up for two. He hits a satellite DDT and 450 for the three.

Winners: Ali, Crews and Ricochet

Back to the four legends playing poker. Flair wins the hand and struts off. Commercial break.

Back from the break for a vignette with Bianca Belair. She wins three track and field races. Fun way to touch on her track background, where she was an All-American.

We get a replay of RETRIBUTION’s promo from last week as well as a recap of their attacks from the last few months.

Drew McIntyre enters for the WWE Championship open challenge. We’ll find out who he faces next! Commercial break.

Back from the break. Ziggler’s music hits. He introduces his tag team partner, the returning “Glorious” Robert Roode!

Drew McIntyre vs Robert Roode for the WWE Championship

Roode with kicks to start. He targets the right leg of of McIntyre, which was injured at Clash of Champions. There’s the story. Slaps in the corner from Roode. He goes back to targeting the leg of McIntyre. McIntyre battles back with chops. Roode goes to the outside, but McIntyre lands a reverse Alabama slam onto the apron. Nasty! Commercial break.

Back live with both men on the top rope. Roode crotches McIntyre, leaving him hanging. He goes for an aerial attack, but McIntyre shows his core strength, grabbing Roode and tossing him off the top.

Ziggler interferes. McIntyre grabs him and takes him into the ring, but Roode lands a chop block and throws both knees of McIntyre into the bottom turnbuckle, one after the other. Roode slams McIntyre’s right knee into the announce table and then goes to the top. McIntyre is back in the ring. Roode hits a clothesline from the top and goes straight to the figure four leg lock.

McIntyre reverses the pressure, but Roode gets to the ropes. Glasgow kiss from McIntyre and an overhead belly-to-belly. McIntyre goes for more but is chop blocked again. Vintage Roode with a spine buster.

McIntyre gets up and is able to get control with a future shock DDT for two. Ziggler on the apron, McIntyre goes to boot him but misses. Roode capitalizes with a Glorious DDT but only gets a two.

Roode is frustrated. He goes for another DDT, but McIntyre reverses. McIntyre off the ropes with a Claymore out of nowhere for three! Good match.

Winner and still champ: Drew McIntyre

Backstage, Orton is disguised as a janitor. He enters the legends lounge, turns off the lights, puts on his night vision goggles and obliterates all four men with a chair. Orton then puts his disguise back on and leaves as the shows ends.

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