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Universal Champion Roman Reigns and number one contender Jey Uso will team up again tonight, nine days away from their tilt at Clash of Champions. The Bloodline will go toe-to-toe against Sheamus and King Corbin in a rematch from last week, but this time it’ll be in a Samoan Street Fight! Reigns, who continues to “Wreck Everyone and Leave,” let Uso do most of the heavy lifting a week ago, before showing up at the end of the match to get the pin. Will the same tactic be used tonight? We’ll have to wait and see.

Elsewhere, Sasha Banks returns to the blue brand two weeks after former best friend Bayley put her on the shelf. What will Banks have to say in response to the brutal attack she endured from the longest-reigning SmackDown Women’s Champion?

Nikki Cross will also be a special guest on “A Moment of Bliss.” For weeks, Cross has tried to snap Alexa out of a trance, but the mind of “Little Miss Bliss” seems to be elsewhere. With a Sister Abigail landed on Cross on the outside last week, and dreadlocks in her hair, it appears the former women’s champion has turned to the darkness. We’ll find out more this evening.


Additionally, former Intercontinental Champion AJ Styles will take on Sami Zayn. The Great Liberator has maintained for weeks that he’s the rightful IC champ, after never officially losing the belt following WrestleMania. The Phenomenal One has his share of beef with Zayn, after he disrupted his chance to reclaim the gold from Jeff Hardy last week. Chaos is sure to ensue when the pair duke it out.

All this and more on an action-packed edition of SmackDown!

We open live from the WWE ThunderDome at the Amway Center. The Miz and John Morrison are in the ring for The Dirt Sheet. They set the stage for tonight’s show, and then transition to a clip from Talking Smack, where it was announced that Mandy Rose has been moved to RAW.

The Miz makes it clear that he’s the one who sent Mandy to RAW, so that Otis can focus on cashing in his Money in the Bank contract. Miz says Otis should thank him for sending away the “one true obstacle” that was preventing him from propelling to the top of WWE. The Miz adds that Rose has already moved on.

Out comes Otis with his Money in the Bank briefcase and lunch box. He’s furious, and storms to the ring to take down Miz and Morrison. The Miz tries to run away, but Tucker tosses him back in the ring, along with Morrison. Otis then hits the Miz with the caterpillar and then a big splash. He leaves the ring, but comes back to remove the clothing of the Miz. He’s down to just his underwear. Very embarrassing.

Michael Cole announces that tonight’s main event is the Samoan Street Fight, while also teeing up Sasha Banks’ return. Commercial break.

Back from commercial where The Miz is backstage with Morrison. Morrison says Otis is more angry than ever now and is like “The Incredible Hulk.” The Miz receives a phone call, which is part of a top secret plan he has. More on that later it seems.

To the ring for our first match. It’s Gran Metalik from The Lucha House Party taking on one half of the SmackDown Tag Team Champions Cesaro. Both Kalisto and Lince Dorado are trying to offer advice to Metalik. Looks like dissension again as they butt heads.

Out next is Cesaro. There’s a backstage clip with him and Shinsuke Nakamura, where he says they are “the fire.” Cole adds that the LHP will face Cesaro and Nakamura for the titles at Clash of Champions.

Cesaro vs Gran Metalik

Metalik gets a quick roll-up for two and hits a head scissors. He gets distracted by his partners who are arguing though, and Cesaro takes over. Looks like that’s the story here. Cesaro slams Metalik’s head into the turnbuckle and hits an uppercut. Metalik counters Cesaro and hits another head scissors, this time from the second rope.

Metalik off the ropes, but Cesaro hits a clothesline and gets a two. Cesaro works over the arm of Metalik now, slowing the pace down to his liking. Metalik to the apron, counters Cesaro with a kick. Kalisto and Dorado can’t get along, and distract Metalik with their argument on the apron. They’re both escorted to the back, and Cesaro takes advantage with an elbow. Cesaro taunts them, but it gives Metaliik enough time to hit a terminator dive over the top onto him. Commercial break.

Back from commercial, Metalik has been grounded with a rear chin lock. Graves puts over Cesaro’s versatile skill set. High risk now, both men on the top rope. Metalik takes control, hitting another head scissors, this one off the top.

Metalik goes for a moonsault, but Cesaro counters with double knees. He hits another uppercut and the neutralizer for the win.

Winner: Cesaro

Kayla Braxton backstage now with Jey Uso. We get a replay of last week’s tag match. Uso is asked how Roman’s actions from last week will effect their chemistry. He says Paul Heyman told him last week was a miscommunication and that Roman has his back, adding that tonight Sheamus and Corbin will face the “Uce with the Juice.”

We get a primer for “A Moment of Bliss” which airs after the commercial break.

Back from commercial for a Progressive Match Flo, this week hyping up Matt Riddle. Backstage now with Riddle, who’s asked why he says bro so much. He says it’s a universal language that can convey any thought. A bunch of words are flashed on screen, such as happy and confident. Riddle acts them all out, using the word bro.

A Moment of Bliss

Bliss is out now for her show. She introduces Nikki Cross, who will challenge for the SmackDown Women’s Championship at Clash of Champions. There’s a replay of Bliss going into a trance after hitting Cross with Sister Abigail, along with Cross’ roll-up win over Tamina.

Bliss congratulates Cross, but says the show has no filter, and is going to ask what the fans want to know. She inquires about what Cross’ plan of attack will be, as she’s challenged Bayley all summer and lost every time. She reminds Cross that she hasn’t beaten Bayley since last year. A definite heel question.

Cross says this time is different, because Sasha Banks won’t be there. Cross is fired up. She criticizes Bayley for her brutal attack on Banks and says she will become champ at Clash of Champions. Solid promo.

Cross has a question for Bliss now. She asks what’s going on with her following last week. Bliss chimes in, saying there’s a change happening in her that she can’t control. Lacey Evans’ music hits. She interrupts Bliss.

Evans asks if this is Dr. Phil. She mocks both women. Evans reminds Cross that when Bliss left the match last week, it took her off of her game. She adds that Cross isn’t ready for Bayley, because she’s “too nice” and “doesn’t have a mean streak.” She also notes that Cross is too short, doesn’t have a backbone and will never beat Bayley.

Cross gets up, steals Evans’ handkerchief and blows her nose in it. The pair begin to brawl on the stage. Their match is next. Commercial break.

Nikki Cross vs Lacey Evans

Back from commercial. Bliss is on commentary for this match. Evans leaves the ring to sanitize her hands of the “nasty.”

Cross drops Evans to the outside. Evans gets back in the ring and counters. Her elbow drop from the apron into the ring misses, and Cross takes over with a headlock and cross-body from the middle rope. Cross with a roll-up now for two.

Evans counters, delivering a knee to the elbow of Cross. She’s targeting her left arm early — there’s our story for this one. Armbar now to Cross in the ropes, followed up with a shot to Cross’ ribs. Evans goes back to targeting the left arm of her opponent. An impressive modified bronco buster to Cross now. Evans back to targeting the arm of Cross.

Cole is trying to get answers at ringside from Bliss about her demeanour, but no dice. Evans grounding Cross, yanking on the left arm. She’s in full control.

Evans taunts Cross but gets pushed over. Evans responds with a shot to the forearm of Cross. Back to the injured arm now. Evans with a standing moonsault for two. She’s looking impressive.

Evans grabs the hand sanitizer and sprays it in Cross’ face. Cross gets fired up and fights back with a hair pull. She changes her demeanour and hits a monkey flip on Evans after a clothesline in the corner. The mean streak Evans says Cross doesn’t have is out now in full, as Cross lands a tornado DDT from the second rope, followed by an elevated swinging neckbreaker for the three. Great match.

Winner: Nikki Cross

Post-match Evans yells at Bliss, who goes into a trance again. She hits Sister Abigail on Evans, saying “The Fiend” shortly before doing so.

Up next we have Banks, who’s on camera in a neckbrace. She’s ready to talk about the attack she suffered courtesy of Bayley. Commerical break.

Back from commercial, where Paul Heyman narrates the legacy of the Anoa’i family, which Reigns and Jey are both part of. Heyman puts over Roman, saying he’s made the bloodline proud, winning championship after championship. Heyman says Roman and Jey both feast at the same table, but there’s only one Tribal Chief: Roman Reigns.

Sasha Banks interview

We start with a video recap of Bayley’s attack on Banks.

Cole asks what the extent of Banks’ injuries are. Banks says she’s still here, clearly upset and fired up. Banks says she was used, and heard every word Bayley said last week. She adds that she’s filled with emotions as she sits in the WWE Performance Centre. It was there that Bayley and Banks started their rise together. Emotionally, she emphasizes all of the memories that the pair had together in the PC.

Banks has a message for Bayley. She says she’s knows she’s watching, calling her an idiot and naive, and that she’s nothing without her. She adds that she will take the SmackDown Women’s title from Bayley one day.

Bayley comes from out of nowhere, attacking Banks again! She wraps a chair around her neck, but WWE officials come to the rescue to break things up. Solid segment. Commercial break.

Back from commercial, where Banks is being looked at. We transition to the ring now for AJ Styles’ ring entrance. There’s a replay of Zayn’s involvement in Styles’ match against Jeff Hardy from last week. Back to the ring, where Sami Zayn enters with his Intercontinental Championship. He wants to be announced as IC champ.

AJ Styles vs Sami Zayn

Styles attacks Zayn from behind to gain momentum. He hits a modified fireman’s carry as Zayn goes to the outside. Both men back in the ring now, where Styles hits a back breaker. Graves notes that there might be ring rust for Zayn, who hasn’t competed in six months.

Zayn counters and gains control with a head lock. Both men to the corner now, Styles with a punch, but Zayn throws Styles into the opposite corner. Zayn misses a helluva kick and falls to the outside. Styles takes advantage with a phenomenal forearm outside of the ring. Commercial break.

Back live. Zayn is in control now. He takes Styles to the top rope. Styles slips under and sends Zayn face first into the top turnbuckle. Zayn counters a phenomenal forearm and hits a stun gun. Zayn goes for a suplex, Styles reverses, transitioning into a neck breaker. Big brawl now. Styles gets momentum with a pele kick.

Both men are down, getting up at the same time. Zayn goes for a German suplex, but it’s reversed. Zayn maintains his grasp of Styles though, and hits a blue thunder bomb for two.

Styles disoriented, but counters with his educated feet. Zayn catches Styles as he goes for an elbow, hitting a turnbuckle exploder on The Phenomenal One. Helluva kick misses, Zayn gets a roll-up for two with the tights however. The official says she can’t count it, as Styles rolls up Zayn with tights for the three from behind.

Winner: AJ Styles

Zayn is furious post-match, attacking Styles and barking at the official. He says the match was non-title, as the real IC champ Jeff Hardy comes out. He knocks down both men, putting Zayn in the ring. Hardy gets a ladder and lands a twist of fate on Zayn. Zayn sneaks out of the ring.

Hardy says he’s tired of being called a fraud, and challenges Styles and Zayn to a triple threat ladder match at Clash of Champions.

To the back, where The Miz’s lawyer enters to talk to Otis. He says Otis is being sued. Commercial break.

Back from commercial, where Otis is being served for Money in the Bank negligence, among other things. The Miz and Morrison want Otis to forfeit the Money in the Bank contract, or he’ll be taken to court.

To the back, where Sheamus is talking to the security person who helped him get a hit on Big E. The security guard informs Sheamus that his car is being towed. Sheamus goes to the back, where a disguised Big E attacks him! He also takes out the security guard. Big E lands a belly-to-belly on the security guard on the car, which is deja-vu to what happened to E. Commercial break.

Back from the break for another tease of a new or returning women’s wrestler. It looks to be Carmella. 

To the ring now for our main event. 

Roman Reigns & Jey Uso vs Sheamus & King Corbin in a Samoan Street Fight 

Roman is out first, with Heyman, Roman cuts a promo, saying he came out first because he doesn’t want there to be any confusion. He says this is his ring, island and WWE. If you want it, you have to come and take it from him. 

Jey Uso out next as we head to commercial. 

Back from commercial, where King Corbin is making his entrance. Sheamus is already on the apron.

Hot start for Reigns and Uso here, as they take both men to the outside. Sheamus battles back with punches, but he’s launched over the barricade. Jey comes in with a super kick as well.

Corbin lands deep six on Jey, and turns his attention to Roman, hitting him with a chair and throwing him in the ring. Roman counters, hitting Corbin with the chair. Roman goes for a table, but Sheamus comes from out of nowhere with a running knee.

Double team on Roman now. He’s sent over the announce table. Cole says Corbin and Sheamus have a score to settle, and both believe they should be number one contender. Corbin lays down heavy right hands on Jey, then grabs the table, along with Sheamus. Jey lands an enziguri on Corbin, and also takes out Sheamus. He goes to the top, but is cut off. Sheamus and Corbin then slam him through the table with a double power bomb for two.

On the outside, Reigns launches a chair at Corbin, but Sheamus hits him with a shot to the face. He slams Roman’s face off the announce table and goes for white noise. Reigns with a low blow, landing a samoan drop on Sheamus through the table!

Corbin joins the fray, but gets slammed into the post on the outside by Roman. Reigns turns his attention back to Sheamus, hitting a spear through the barricade! Roman looking like a badass.

Corbin attacks Roman from behind with a shot on the steel steps. He also throws Jey over the announce table. Corbin goes to the ring, ready to attack Reigns, but Jey hits him with the Universal Championship. Reigns then lands a spear and Jey hits a splash off the top for the three.

Winners: Roman Reigns & Jey Uso

Post-match Jey and Roman are in the ring. Jey takes the Universal Championship, looking at it intently. He then passes it to Roman and they embrace. Jey leaves the ring, but at the same time, Roman is staring him down. Solid show and a great ending.

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