Welcome to Ringside News’ live results coverage of WWE RAW on the 14th of September.

Tonight’s RAW is titled “in-your-face” for some reason, but it does feature four major matches. The (presumed) main event will see, once again, Seth Rollins take on Dominik Mysterio, and this time in a steel cage. While this has been a fun feud, it’s really dragging on with no end in sight, but hopefully Clash of Champions will be just that. Regardless, the matches are always fun, so tonight should be great.

Elsewhere tonight, Asuka will defend the Women’s Championship tonight against Mickie James, Drew McIntyre faces Keith Lee, and we’ll see the RAW Tag Team Champions, The Street Profits, battle the SmackDown Tag Team Champions, Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura.

Those are the announced matches as of now, but we can expect more from The Hurt Business, RAW Underground, and a potential injury update on Randy Orton. Follow along here for live updates and enjoy the show!



This week’s RAW opens with Michael Cole announcing that Tom Phillips and Samoa Joe are off for this week, and in their place is himself and Dolph Ziggler! The unique announce team run down the announced matches for tonight’s show.

WWE Champion, Drew McIntyre comes to the ring and we see replays of his recent run-ins with Randy Orton. Drew says Randy broke his jaw but he’s back. And it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know Randy intended worse than a broken jaw. So he considers himself lucky. But Randy should be lucky he still has a head after last week.

McIntyre says WWE medical personnel told him to take some time off, but if he did that he would have to forfeit his WWE Champion. He has a fractured jaw but one more kick to the head could result in his jaw needing wired shut but that would be just fine because he’d rather leave the ThunderDome in an ambulance every week than lose his title.

He says him and Orton have both been in ambulances recently and the rules clearly don’t apply to them anymore. So how about they have an Ambulance Match at Clash of Champions? McIntyre says that is, if Randy can make it to Clash because he kicked him three times last week with the most devastating move in sports entertainment. McIntyre tells a funny story about how he debuted the Claymore Kick, because he wore tight pants and didn’t want to rip them when hitting a big boot.

Adam Pearce comes out and says he’s sorry to interrupt but we don’t know the extent of Randy’s injuries. He’s not gonna be here tonight and might not be able to compete at Clash. Pearce says Drew’s match against Keith Lee tonight will be a number one contender match, if Lee can beat him and Randy doesn’t make it. Pearce leaves but out comes Lee!

Keith walks down and stares at the WWE Championship, then shakes Drew’s hand. McIntyre turns to leave but Lee pulls him back and we get some terrible canned “ooohh” from the ThunderDome. McIntyre then does the same to Keith and the segment ends with them staring down.

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The Street Profits Vs. Cesaro & Shinsuka Nakamura

The bell rings and Cesaro nearly decapitates Dawkins with a running European uppercut. Cesaro lifts Dawkins and drops him across the top rope, then tags Nakamura for a running knee. Cesaro hits a gutwrench slam and Nakamura kicks him for a two-count.

Nakamura beats Dawkins in the corner, but then eats an elbow and a big clothesline. Ford gets the tag and he drops Nakamura with a dropkick, then Dawkins back suplexes Ford onto Shinsuke. Cesaro runs in and They toss him outside, then Ford leaps over the ropes but gets caught in mid-air and the SmackDown Champs lift and slam him on the barricade!

*Commercial Break*

Back live and Cesaro has Ford down in a submission. Montez fights up and avoids a shoulder tackle in the corner. Tags made to both corners and Dawkins steamrolls Nakamura with spinning back elbows. Dawkins hits an overhead suplex for a two-count, but misses a spinning splash in the corner. Nakamura hangs Dawkins on the middle rope and hits a sliding German suplex.

Nakamura wants the Kinsasha but Dawkins catches him with a spinebuster. Ford tags in and hits the frog splash but Cesaro breaks the pin attempt. Cesaro and Nakamura hit the Swing/Kinsasha but Dawkins breaks it. They hang Dawkins on the bottom rope and Nakamura knees him, then Cesaro catches Montez with a pop-up European uppercut for a near-fall.

On the outside Nakamura tries to knee Dawkins against the steps but Angelo moves and he crashes into the steps. In the ring Cesaro batters Ford with European uppercuts in the corner. Ford rolls to the apron and Cesaro hits a deadlift superplex but Dawkins tagged-in during and hits a splash to Cesaro for the win!

Winners: The Street Profits

We get a video package highlighting Mickie James’ career. Later tonight she faces Asuka for the RAW Women’s Championship.

Lana is backstage complaining about Mickie getting a title shot to Angel Garza. He says her passion is intoxicating and he loves the fire in her eyes. Vega and Andrade appear and she berates him for his behaviour. Garza says he is tired of being blamed for all their setbacks. He says Andrade got beat last week, not him. Andrade gets in his face and they argue in Spanish until Vega gets between. She says she can’t do it anymore and leaves, and they start brawling.

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The Hurt Business come to the ring and they have a proper theme song now. MVP says he has an official business; business is booming. Cedric mocks fans who didn’t want him to turn on Ricochet and Apollo. He says this is his job and his life. Nobody knows what it feels like to come to RAW every week, get beat up, and not be able to play with his kids on Tuesday. Hanging with them left him broke and broken.

Apollo and Ricochet come out and Crews said Cedric sold them out. That Alexander is weak-minded and let himself be warped by The Hurt Business. Apollo says they always had his back but Cedric cuts him off and says no, he took more than enough beatings to help Apollo hold onto the United States Championship. Benjamin tells him to not worry, they’re just jealous. Ricochet tells Benjamin to shut up and says Cedric’s betrayal hurts more than any beating. But they’re not out here to change his mind, they’re here to let him know they’re coming for him.

Ricochet W/Apollo Crews Vs. Cedric Alexander W/The Hurt Business

The bell rings and Ricochet takes Cedric down and punches him. Alexander breaks free and kicks him to the ropes, but Ricochet throws him over the ropes and to the floor. Ricochet hits a running kick from the apron, then a springboard moonsault. Apollo and Shelton get into it, but Lashley wipes him out. Erik of The Viking Raiders runs down and fights Lashley to the back.

*Commercial Break*

Back live and Ricochet is firing off on Cedric, but Alexander catches him with a dropkick and rains forearms on him. Cedric punches Ricochet, who fires back with a big dropkick and both men are down. MVP tells Cedric to get back up, and both of them get to their feet slowly.

Ricochet uppercuts Cedric and hits a running chop to the chest. MVP talks trash to Ricochet. Cedric hits an arm-drag but Ricochet hits a superkick. Ricochet hits a snap dragon suplex for a near-fall. Ricochet goes up top and Shelton causes a slight distraction. Ricochet looks for the 630 but Cedric avoids it and hits a Michonoku Driver for a near-fall. Alexander hits a Lumbar Check and Ricochet sells it like crazy, and that’s it.

Winner: Cedric Alexander

As The Hurt Business is celebrating the lights go out and “Retribution appears on all the screens. We see five members of the group backstage and they say WWE casts people aside like garbage. And when people sell themselves to a company like WWE they become garbage. They refuse to suck up. They will show everyone who they are and gut their reality. More members of them appear and the lights come back up in the arena. The Hurt Business are ready to fight but nobody’s around.

Sarah Schreiber interviews Mickie James backstage and asks how she’s feeling. Mickie says she loves this business with her heart and soul. She’s given everything for it and it makes her better. Especially when she’s against someone like Asuka who brings out the best. With experience comes wisdom and with wisdom comes clarity, and she knows she’s all had what it takes. But what fuels her tonight? Knowing this could be her last ever title shot.

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Adam Pearce is backstage with security guards and telling them to keep eyes peeled for Retribution. The Hurt Business appear and tell Pearce that if he doesn’t start doing a better job he’s going to get fired. So it’s high-time he upgrade from boys to men. He’s not afraid of Retribution because he has Bobby Lashley, Shelton Benjamin, and Cedric Alexander. Pearce says he’s right and thanks them for volunteering. MVP and co. start laughing and say they are The Hurt Business, so he’ll be getting a cheque in the mail.

RAW Women’s Championship

(C) Asuka Vs. Mickie James

The bell rings and they lock-up stiff and struggle for control. Mickie takes Asuka down but they struggle back up before separating. Mickie rolls her up for one, then tries again for two and tells Asuka she came close. Asuka grabs her by the arm but Mickie scrambles to the ropes.

Asuka takes a headlock, Mickie shoots her off, and Asuka drops her with a shoulder. Mickie trips Asuka and hits a neckbreaker for a two-count. Mickie takes a chicken wing submission but Asuka fights out and drills her with a knee. Asuka whips her to the ropes and hits a pop-up knee for a two-count. Asuka looks for the hip attack but Mickie dodges and hits her with the Mick Kick and she tumbles out of the ring.

*Commercial Break*

We return to find both women down. They trade shots on their knees and climb to the feet. Mickie attempts a chicken wing again but Asuka forces her back into the buckles. James kicks Asuka, elbows her, then hits a hurricanrana. James kicks the gut, knees the chin, but misses a lariat and Asuka hits the hip attack.

Asuka runs into a flapjack and Mickie kips-up. James dances and fires-up before heading to the top rope. Asuka punches her on the top rope and climbs up. James fights her off and hits a flying seated senton for a two-count. Asuka fires slaps but misses a backhand, then Mickie swings for the Mick Kick but Asuka ducks and hits the backhand.

Mickie falls to her knees where Asuka kicks her repeatedly. Mickie asks for more and Asuka attempts a running kick but James catches her foot and spins her into a single leg Boston crab. Asuka goes to the ropes so Mickie drags her back but gets rolled-up for a two. Mickie connects with a Mick Kick, takes a second to cover, and Asuka grabs the bottom rope!

Asuka catches Mickie with an armbar but she rolls her up for a two. Mickie kicks her and looks for the DDT but Asuka avoids it. James rolls her up for two, then Asuka catches her with a flying armbar into the Asuka Lock. Mickie looks to roll backwards and pin Asuka but for some reason the referee calls for the bell.

Winner: Asuka

The referee says Mickie couldn’t continue but Mickie looks angry and confused. The announcers aren’t sure either. Perhaps Mickie was concussed or something. It’s an incredible shame because that was a truly brilliant match.

While Asuka is celebrating Zelina Vega comes down to the ring. Zelina gets a microphone and says she’s been thinking about her future. She’s wasted some of the best years of her career managing two selfish ingrates. Just like Asuka. She’s an ingrate because she was handed the RAW Women’s Championship and she’s been reckless with it. Vega says Asuka is so focused on old stars like James that she’s overlooked one of the best current stars: her. She says she’s ready for the RAW Women’s Championship. Asuka takes the mic and rants in Japanese, then Vega slaps her and retreats.

Charly Caruso is backstage with Keith Lee. She asks how he’s feeling and he says some people work for lifetimes to get an opportunity like he has tonight. He says he and Drew have been friends for years and always knew this might happen. Being WWE Champion is a goal that drives all Superstars and he knows Drew will do whatever it takes to retain the WWE Championship. And he’ll do whatever it takes to win it. Charly asks if he’s willing to take advantage of Drew’s broken jaw, to which Lee says Drew is his friend but he’ll do what he must.

*Commercial Break*

The Hurt Business is back and Lashley is having a match but MVP replaces Dolph Ziggler on commentary.

Bobby Lashley Vs. Erik

Erik runs at Lashley but the US Champion dodges and batters him in the corner. Lashley hits a running shoulder tackle in the corner. Erik turns the tables and punches Lashley, then hits double running knees.

Erik flips Lashley over and hits a knee to the jaw for a two-count. Lashley counters Erik, hits a spinebuster and the rollout Dominator for a near-fall. Lashley grabs Erik from behind with The Hurt Lock and takes him down. Erik takes a minute but finally taps.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

Kevin Owens is backstage and Sarah asks him why Aleister Black seems to have a vendetta against him. Owens says he doesn’t know why, maybe Hot Topic wouldn’t honour his 40% coupon. Or maybe it’s because he sat backstage for a year, asking people to knock his door but nobody gave a damn. The real question is how much pain he can inflict tonight to get even, and remind Aleister that he shouldn’t have picked a fight with him. Owens walks off and Black appears behind him, watching him leave.

The steel cage match between Seth Rollins and Dominik Mysterio is up next!

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Shane McMahon appears outside RAW Underground and talks with the doorman. Braun Strowman appears and demands they open the door for him because he’s pissed off and there’s some sorry loser back there that he can rip the head off of. Shane lets him inside and Braun says he’s going to send one of these guys home to their momma with a bag of their teeth.

We see a replay of the Mysterio family’s run-in with Murphy last week. Seth Rollins is backstage and he nicely asks Murphy to come into the locker room. He asks where he’s been and says he’s been waiting for him. Seth says the Mysterio family beat him senseless with Kendo sticks but that’s all in the past and they need to look to the future. Tonight he is in a cage with Dominik, nobody can interfere, and he can teach both Dominik and the world a lesson.

Rollins needs to know if Murphy is prepared for his role. He needs Murphy to be ready to do something very important. Murphy says he’s ready and Seth slaps him hard, then grabs him by the beard and tells him his role is to stay back here so he doesn’t have to deal with him. Seth slaps him again and Murphy says he understands.

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Steel Cage Match

Seth Rollins Vs. Dominik Mysterio W/Mysterio Family

The match gets underway and Seth feigns a lock-up but kicks Dominik and beats him down with axe handles. Seth whips him to the ropes but Dominik hit a tilt-a-whirl Russian leg sweep. Dominik climbs the ropes and looks to climb out of the cage but Seth pulls him down and Dom counters with a tilt-a-whirl DDT.

Dominik tries to escape again but Murphy appears and slides a Kendo stick into the ring.Seth hits him with a Kendo stick in the back and he lands on the top rope crotch-first. Seth hits Dominik with the stick again, then throws him into the cage wall as the Mysterio family look worried. Seth laughs as we head to the break.

*Commercial Break*

Back live and Seth is scraping Dominik’s face on the cage wall. Rollins runs and slams Dominik into the wall, then lifts him and looks to do it again but Dom counters it! Dominik punches Seth and makes straight for the cage wall but Rollins grabs him in a powerbomb position, only for Dom to counter with a hurricanrana into the cage!

Rey slides a Kendo stick into the ring and Dominik uses it to beat Rollins from pillar to post, then slams him into the cage walls over and over. Dominik hits a sit-out spinebuster for a two-count. Rollins grabs Dominik and tries to catapult him into the steel but Dominik grabs onto the cage and starts climbing up.

Seth gets on the top rope with him and hits his head on the cage so he lands on the top rope, then Dominik causes Seth to fall and they both slide off the rope onto the mat. Dominik starts crawling to the cage door, where Rey is waiting. Murphy runs over and attacks Rey, then turns around and slams the cage door…only Seth was the only climbing out and not Dominik!

Dominik climbs the cage wall so Murphy climbs up the opposite side and stops him. Dominik knocks Murphy off, then turns around and hits a frog splash to Rollins for a near-fall! Dominik starts climbing again and gets to the top, but Seth grabs him for a superplex into a falcon arrow! Seth taunts Mysterio at ringside and Dom rolls him up for a two-count, then Seth hits The Stomp. The Mysterio family look horrified as Seth hits a second Stomp for the win.

Winner: Seth Rollins

After the match Seth stares down Rey, then comes outside and talks to Murphy before slamming him into the barricade and the cage. Seth whips the cage door into Murphy’s face and asks how it feels. Seth stops and tells Dominik’s mother she did a bad job, that he hopes Aalyah turns out better. Dom’s mother goes into the cage with Rey to check on him but Aalyah stops to check on Murphy.

We join RAW Underground where Dolph Ziggler is rolling with a random guy. Dolph takes a crucifix position and drills the guy with elbows to win. Dolph’s next opponent is Riddick Moss and Dolph shoots for his leg. Moss wriggles free but again Dolph gets the leg before hitting an uppercut. Riddick catches Dolph with a spinebuster and looks to punch him but Dolph gets a bulldog choke. Moss powers out and elbows him, then they trade shots. Suddenly Braun runs onto the mat and tackles them both. Braun slams Moss and then hits Dolph with a Dominator.

*Commercial Break*

Charly Caruso interviews Drew backstage. McIntyre says Keith Lee will do whatever it takes to win the title tonight, he gets that. But he doesn’t understand why Lee is angry with him, he waited last week to interfere until Randy has him beat. Lee appears and asks Charly to leave. Lee tells Drew he’d appreciate it if he didn’t drag his name through the mud. McIntyre asks him not to spin his words and Lee says he said Randy had him beat, but at Payback he beat Orton. And he thinks Drew is concerned he’ll beat him tonight and at Clash of Champions.

Drew says he should know he doesn’t get afraid about anything or anyone. Lee says Drew has a bigger target on him than usual and looks to touch the WWE title but Mcintyre shoves his arm away. It happens twice more and McIntyre punches him. They brawl off the ring backstage and Drew slams him into a door, then Lee whips him hard into some production cases. They continue brawling until they’re pulled apart by officials.

We go back to RAW Underground and Titus O’Neill convinces the doorman to let him in. Braun Strowman beats some random guy, then drags him off the mat. Riddick Moss comes back but Braun kicks him off the mat. Titus gets on the mat and takes Braun down and punches him. Braun fights up and chokes Titus out on his feet, then drops some forearms on him until Shane pulls him off and Braun threatens to attack Shane.

Kevin Owens comes to the ring but Aleister Black attacks him behind, then rips the head wrap off. Black has some new attire, and they’ll have a match after the break.

*Commercial Break*

Kevin Owens Vs. Aleister Black

Back life and this match is underway. Owens is beating Black and hits him with a senton, followed by rapid punches. Owens whips Black to the corner but Aleister jumps over him and swipes his legs. Black beast Owens against the ropes, then kicks his leg again and applies a modified Boston crab.

Owen kicks himself free, then throws Black over the ropes to the floor. Owens looks to dive over the ropes but his injured leg won’t allow it, and Black sweeps him. Black drags him under the bottom rope and slams his leg into the apron. Back inside the ring, Black kicks Owens in the corner.

Black takes a kneebar on Owens, who screams in pain. Owens gets to the ropes and Black waits until four to let go. Black stomps his leg until the referee pushes him back. Black walks right into a superkick and both men are down. The lights start flashing and Black gets distracted, allowing Owens to hit a Stunner for the win!

Winner: Kevin Owens

The camera cuts backstage and we find Drew McIntyre brawling with Keith Lee again. Adam Pearce and security pull them apart and Pearce threatens to cancel their match.

*Commercial Break*

The Riott Squad Vs. Lana & Natalya

We start the match with Natalya rushing Liv in the corner and beating her down. Lana gets a tag following stomps from Nattie, and Lana whips Natalya into Liv in the corner. Lana kicks Liv for a two-count – the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions are on commentary.

Liv fires back and knocks Nattie from the apron. She knocks Lana into the ropes and tags Ruby. They hit a Codebreaker into the Riott Kick for the quick win.

Winners: The Riott Squad

Shayna and Nia come into the ring as soon as the match ends and Liv and Ruby run off. Shayna throws Natalya shoulder-first into the ring post. Shayna holds Lana and tells Liv and Ruby to watch. She throws Lana outside where Nia has removed the top off the announce table. Jax lifts Lana up and hits an impressive Samoan drop through the table!

We see Keith Lee walking backstage, now wearing a leotard. Drew McIntyre is shown as well. This match is up next!

*Commercial Break*

We return to RAW Underground one last time and see Braun beat a guy with hammer fists until he’s stopped. Riddick Moss jumps up again and rips his shirt off, but runs into a fist from Braun. Dolph comes back and he teams with Riddick but Strowman fights them both off. Braun drops Moss with a right hand, then powerslams Dolph. Dabba Kato gets on the mat and Braun smiles. Shane jumps up and says no, this has to happen next week.

Drew McIntyre Vs. Keith Lee

The bell rings and Lee storms McIntyre, forcing him to the corner and hitting shoulder tackles. He whips him to the opposite corner but Drew throws up a boot. Lee fights out of the corner and hits a shoulder tackle that knocks Drew over the ropes to the floor.

*Commercial Break*

Back live and Lee is still on top. He grabs Drew by the head but the Champion fires back with chops to the chest. Lee drops him with a right hand, sends him to the ropes, but Drew kicks him in the chest. McIntyre ducks a lariat and hits a flying one of his own. McIntyre looks to hit a belly-to-belly but Keith fights free.

McIntyre kicks him back, then takes a run-up and does hit a belly-to-belly! Drew goes up top and hits a flying clothesline, then kips-up. Lee counters the Future Shock DDT but gets caught with a spinebuster for a two-count. McIntyre grabs Lee and looks for a suplex but Keith stands his ground, powers free, and unleashes a double chest slap.

Lee hits a back elbow and a big clothesline for a two-count. Again McIntyre goes up top but Lee hits him in the jaw. Lee gets on the middle rope and hits a superplex for a near-fall! Drew chops Lee and looks for the Claymore but Lee avoids it. Keith attempts the Spirit Bomb but Drew escapes and they both hit crossbodies and both go down.

No Contest

Retribution come from the “crowd” and surround the ring. They all get on the apron and Lee and Drew start fighting them off but quickly get overwhelmed. There must be eleven or twelve members of Retribution and they all look like men tonight.

The Hurt Business come out and stand on the stage. Retribution tell them to bring it and get out of the ring – you can clearly hear Mojo Rawley. The Hurt Business come down the ramp and a huge brawl breaks out! The camera work here is terrible but it ends with both Lee and McIntyre hitting dives over the top rope and wiping out everyone, then staring at each other.

That’s it for this week’s WWE RAW. Let us know what you thought and be sure to come back next week for more wrestling news. Until then, stay safe!

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