Welcome to Ringside News’ live results for NXT Super Tuesday II, which features a mammoth main event.

Tonight’s show will see the payoff to last week’s Fatal Four Way Iron Man Match. Adam Cole will face Finn Balor to determine the new NXT Champion, just two weeks after Karrion Kross was forced to vacate the title. What’s perhaps most crazy about this match, is that it’s set to open the show!

Austin Theory returns to action tonight against Bronson Reed, and seeing as the big man has been on a roll it’s hard to imagine a Theory win. Killian Dain will also be in action, taking on Roderick Strong after their recent run-ins. Dain has never really slingshotted from a feud to the main event but maybe this will be the one, especially if Adam Cole wins the belt.

As for the actual main event tonight, Rhea Ripley will battle Mercedes Martinez in a steel cage match! These two big ladies have been fighting back and forth ever since TakeOver XXX, and tonight they settle it inside the cage. At least that’s the diea.

And tha’s the preview for NXT Super Tuesday II. Join us from 8 PM EST for live updates, join in the chat, follow us on all the socials, and enjoy the show!


This week’s NXT opens with a video package hyping tonight’s two big matches. Wade Barrett is once again on commentary and he says tonight is all about finding out who is the greatest NXT Superstar in history, Finn Balor or Adam Cole.

NXT Championship

Finn Balor Vs. Adam Cole

The bell rings and they lock-up and struggle for control in the corner. Finn takes Cole down and moves to a front facelock, then a sleeper hold. Cole tries to fight up but Balor takes him back down with a headlock. Cole shoots him off but gets dropped with a shoulder and Finn goes right back to the sleeper.

Cole finally breaks away and he takes Finn down with a hammerlock. Balor turns the tables but Cole wriggles free and hits a basement dropkick to stun the Irishman. Cole chops Balor against the ropes, then hits Ushigoroshi for a two-count as we head to the break.

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Back from the break and Finn is back in control with the sleeper, but Cole hits a jawbreaker. Balor catches him with a back elbow, hits a body slam, and a running elbow drop for a two-count. Balor chops Cole and hits a basement dropkick for a near-fall. Finn drills Adam with shoulders in the corner and chops him.

Cole comes back with clotheslines and a pump kick, then counters a German suplex with an enziguiri and a backstabber for a two-count. Cole looks for the Last Shot but Balor avoids it, misses a double stomp, but hits a slingblade. Balor looks for the shotgun dropkick but Cole catches him with a shining wizard for a near-fall.

Cole takes his kneepad down, and runs for the Last Shot but Balor sweeps him and hits the double stomp. Balor then stomps Cole over and over and he rolls outside. Balor hits a dropkick through the ropes, then stomps Cole against the barricade. Balor looks to dropkick Cole into the timekeeper’s area but Cole springs out with a superkick and both men are down on the outside!

*Commercial Break*

We return in time to see Balor dropkick Cole off the top rope. Balor goes up top and looks for Coup de Grace but Cole dodges it and superkicks Balor’s knee. Cole quickly moves to the Figure Four and tries to make Finn tap. Balor gets to the ropes, Cole looks for another superkick but Balor hits a slingblade, followed by a neckbreaker and a shotgun dropkick.

Balor goes up top, gingerly on his knee, and hits Coup de Grace, but takes a minute covering because of his knee and Cole kicks out! That’s the first kick-out of the Coup de Grace in a very long time. Balor grabs Cole for 1916 but Cole counters back into the Figure Four!

Cole let’s go because Balor is close to the ropes and looks to re-apply it in the middle of the ring but Finn rolls him up for two, then Adam hits a superkick. Cole hits the Last Shot but Balor kicks out! Cole goes to the middle rope, thinking Panama Sunrise but Balor catches him and hits an inverted 1916.

Balor cries in pain from his knee but moves to the top rope again. Cole superkicks Balor’s knee on the ropes, then climbs up with him. Balor elbows Cole a few times, then lifts him up and hits an avalanche 1916 for the win!

Winner and New NXT Champion: Finn Balor

Rhea Ripley is backstage and she says Mercedes Martinez is not the first to try and make a name for herself at her expense, but tonight she will show her why she’s called the nightmare.

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We see Finn Balor backstage being hugged and congratulated by Triple H, William Regal, and even Adam Cole. Someone stops him and asks what he’s feeling and Balor says the NXT Championship is exactly why he returned to NXT, and here we are.

Robert Stone is walking backstage and an interviewer asks him where he’s going. He says he knows where stuff us and he finds Shotzi Blackheart’s tank. He grabs a crowbar and is about to hit it when Shotzi appears and punches him. Aliyah appears and tackles Shotzi through a chainlink fence and they crash into Io Shirai who is having a photoshoot.

Io and Shotzi chase Aliyah to the ring and they slam her. Robert Stone jumps on the top rope but Shotzi shoves Io out of the way and punches Stone in mid-air. They team-up to hit stereo splashes on Stone and Aliyah. Shotzi grabs Io’s title and moves to hand it to her but then pulls it back and smiles. Io snatches it from her and says “don’t make me hurt you”.

Johnny Gargano and Candace LeRae are in their home and Candace has invited Tegan Nox over to hang out. Johnny isn’t keen but he answers the door and pretends to like her. The three of them sit down for dinner and Tegan is awkward. Candace says “let’s talk” and we go to the break.

*Commercial Break*

We see a video of Timothy Thatcher teaching a class on wrestling. He’s showing strategy of how Damian Priest wrestles, and pinpoints weaknesses in his game.

Velveteen Dream Vs. Ashantee Adonis

The match begins and Dream wants to examine Adonis’ trousers, but he gets shoved backwards. Dream drops down to his stomach and tells him to bring it. Adonis bends down and trash talks Dream, so Veleteen gets up and slaps him. Dream forces him to the corner but Adonis bursts out with a clothesline.

Adonis hits a back body drop and a dropkick, followed by a roll-up for a near-fall. Adonis kicks Dream and hits a DDT and a kip-up like The Rock. Adonis looks for a superkick but Dream moves and he almost hits the referee. With the referee distracted Dream pokes Adonis in the eyes and hits the Dream Valley Driver for the win.

Winner: Velveteen Dream

Dream grabs the microphone after the match but before he can speak Kushida attacks him from behind! Kushida beats on Dream until referee’s come down and force him off. Dream goes after Kushida and pulls his hair, but Kushida pulls him arm-first into the ring post, then again. Kushida then applies an armbar around the ring post until they pull him off and Dream crumples to the floor.

Breezango are sitting down, talking about their titles. Dango says they smell like gold, baby oil, and success, then accidentally throws it over his shoulder and has to go get it. We see a replay of their win over Imperium, and Breeze says the titles put them at the top of the division. Imperium say every day that Breezango hold the titles is a disgrace to the sport. Next week we get the NXT Tag Team Championship rematch!

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We’re back with The Gargano’s and Tegan. Johnny says this is really awkward, so he takes his meal and goes to bed. Candace asks Tegan if she can fess up to her mistakes. Candace says Tegan doesn’t seem to understand the new Gargano way and it’s a better way of handling things. Tegan says she doesn’t like the Gargano way, and she thinks Johnny has led her down a bad path. Candace says she’s always been a big sister to Tegan and she won’t steer her wrong. Nox takes a drink and thinks about it.

Bronson Reed Vs. Austin Theory

The match begins and Theory takes a headlock on Reed. Bronson shoots him off and hits a shoulder tackles but Theory stays up and poses. Reed takes a headlock and holds Theory down. Austin punches the gut, stomps the foot, and shoots him off but this time Reed shoulder tackles him and sends him flying.

Theory swings a running kick but Bronson avoids it and hits a bottom-rope springboard elbow drop. Austin rolls to the apron and Bronson yanks him over the ropes the hard way. Bronson goes to a headlock but Theory wriggles to the bottom rope and goes to the apron.

Theory forearms Reed and leaps over for a sunset flip but Reed stays on his feet, then drops down like Rikishi and scores a near-fall. Theory rolls out but Reed comes off the apron with a big shoulder tackle. Reed poses as we head to the break.

*Commercial Break*

Back live and Reed hits Theory with a suplex in the middle of the ring. Reed lands some punches, an atomic drop, and a bionic elbow that causes Austin to do a front flip. Reed hits an avalanche splash, followed by a jagged edge for a near-fall.

Theory kicks Reed out of the corner, rolls forward and catches him with a blockbuster for a two-count. Theory lifts Reed on his shoulders, looking for the ATL, but he collapses. Reed splashes him, then heads up top and hits the Tsunami to the back for the pinfall.

Winner: Bronson Reed

Adam Cole is interviewed backstage and says he is disappointed, it’s not the outcome he wanted. But the better man won. He says he respects Finn Balor, which is why he gave him the Too Sweet after the match. Cole says Balor was great last week and better than him tonight, but Balor better hope there isn’t a next time because he won’t lose, and that’s undisputed.

*Commercial Break*

Mercedes Martinez cuts a promo backstage saying Rhea is a bad woman, but she’s not as bad as her. When the cage door shuts, she won’t stop until there’s nothing left of her.

Killian Dain Vs. Roderick Strong W/Bobby Fish

The match begins and Roderick takes the back, the slaps the back of Dain’s head. The big man lifts him but Strong slides down the back and chops him, then runs out of the ring. Roderick runs around the ring as Dain chases, then uses Fish as a distraction to attack Dain.

Back in the ring and Strong beats Dain down in the corner, but the big man grabs Strong and throws him into the corner. Killian runs Strong chest-first into the corner then hits him with a lariat. Strong hits a single-leg lariat that knocks Dain to the arpon. Strong looks for a running clothesline but gets caught with a urinage. The referee checks on Strong, allowing Fish to swipe Dain’s leg and he falls to the floor.

*Commercial Break*

Back live and Strong has Dain down with a front facelock. Dain powers his way out and drops Strong with a lariat, then a back elbow, and hits a splash in the corner. Dain hits a running crossbody for a two-count.

Dain lifts Strong but Roddy elbows him, kicks him in the head and swings a knee but Dain avoids it and hits Wasteland. Dain hits a senton, then goes to the top rope. Fish pulls Strong from the ring and Dain punches Bobby. Roderick hits a leaping knee to Killian and scores the pinfall!

Winner: Roderick Strong

After the match Strong and Fish stomp Dain down in the corner but out comes Drake Maverick with a baseball bat and he beats the UE members down. Fish and Strong manage to get the better of Drake but Dain grabs the bat and they run away. For a second it looks like Killian might hit Maverick with the bat but he drops it and turns to leave. Drake grabs him and offers a handshake but Dain punches him.

We’re back with Tegan Nox and Candace LeRae. Candace toasts to herself, the next NXT Champion. Tegan asks why she will be the next Champion, and Candace says because Tegan had her shot. Nox says Candace has never beat Io either, so LeRae throws the salad in Tegan’s face! Nox in turn throws water in Candace’s face. Johnny runs down and gets between them but Tegan says “Johnny, fcuk you” and throws spaghetti on him. Candace throws an ornament but Tegan avoids it and it smashes their TV, and Nox runs out the front door.

*Commercial Break*

Mercedes Martinez makes her entrance alongside Robert Stone and she has a Kendo stick. She tosses it into the ring, then grabs chairs and a table from under the ring. Rhea Ripley runs down and attacks her from behind. Rhea slams her into the apron/cage and whips the cage door into her face a few times. Ripley gets Martinez in the ring and then puts the table in and shuts the door behind her.

Steel Cage Match

Rhea Ripley Vs. Mercedes Martinez W/Robert Stone

Mercedes attacks Ripley as she’s entering the ring, and tosses her into the cage. Martinez stomps and chokes her, then swings a chair but Ripley ducks and slams her into the cage wall. Ripley puts Mercedes between the ropes and cage, pulls her arms behind her, and kicks her in the back.

Ripley wedges a chair between the turnbuckles, then drops Martinez with a big boot. Ripley drills Martinez with a kick to the ribs, then slaps the back of her head and talks trash. Ripley stomps the back of Martinez and looks for the Riptide but Mercedes counters with a fisherman suplex.

Mercedes grabs the chair again but Rhea kicks her away. Ripley goes to the top rope but Martinez grabs her and hits a running powerslam onto the chair! Mercedes covers for a two-count as we head to the final break of the night.

*Commercial Break*

Back live and Ripley is trying to scale the cage but Martinez runs up behind her and hits an avalanche German suplex! Martinez slowly lifts herself up and looks to escape but Ripley throws a chair into her face. Ripley dropkicks Martinez and her head wedges between the steel cage walls!

Ripley climbs up and hits a superplex and both women are down. Ripley hits Mercedes but she fires back with uppercuts and a big spinebuster. Martinez swings a kick but Ripley gets her up in the electric chair and drops her. Ripley smiles and lifts Mercedes in the reverse cloverleaf but Martinez manages to grab a Kendo stick and cracks Ripley’s leg a few times. Rhea drops her but shakes the shots off.

Ripley grabs the Kendo stick and hits Martinez with it. Robert Stone starts scaling the cage but Ripley hits his hands with the Kendo stick. Ripely climbs up and drags Stone halfway over the cage, but Martinez hits her from behind with the Kendo twice. Martinez climbs up to the top rope alongside Ripley and hits a huge neckbreaker onto the mat!

Robert Stone is still dangling over the top of the cage as both women try to get to their feet. Martinez sets up the table in the ring, near the corner. She lifts Rhea up onto the top rope and looks to hit a fisherman superplex but Ripley holds onto the cage. Rhea fights her off and headbutts her, then hits the Riptide off the top and through the table for the 123.

Winner: Rhea Ripley

We see replays of the action after the fact, then the show goes off the air with Rhea Ripley standing on the top rope. The baddest woman in NXT.

And that’s it for this week’s NXT. Let us know what you thought of the show and I will see you back here tomorrow night for AEW Dynamite results. Until then, stay safe!

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