WWE & Chris Jericho Work Out New Deal For Ownership Rights


WWE will fight for their intellectual property, but they’re not alone. Chris Jericho also has several names that he wants to make sure are locked down.

According to PW Insider, Chris Jericho and WWE came to an agreement on June 1st to transfer worldwide ownership of two Chris Jericho trademarks back to him. The agreement doesn’t include anything that Jericho created under the company’s umbrella. For instance, Y2J isn’t Jericho’s name anymore because WWE owns it.

WWE will only transfer ownership of his name, but will still own any Intellectual Property created by either of them during his run with the company in perpetuity.   

Chris Jericho is very good at coming up with nicknames. Johnny Gargano even commented on this fact when Jericho complimented Johnny Wrestling’s new “Wednesday Knight” nickname.

We’ll just have to see how Jericho might want to use some of those older copyrights. He apparently has come to a deal with WWE so he can do so.

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