WWE Locks Down Copyrights For Retribution & More NXT Names

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WWE is always looking to lock down names that appear on their television product. Intellectual property ownership is a big part of having the confidence to put way more money behind someone.

According to Fightful, the company recently locked down names for Wild Boar, Malcolm Bivens, Mercedes Martinez, and Raquel Gonzalez. This is a good sign for those Superstars as the company wants to make sure they own their name.

The company also registered a new trademark for Retribution which includes merchandise. Clothing and other apparel were a part of the specifics regarding that filing. Retribution hasn’t revealed their names just yet, but it appears that they will get a run of merchandise.

The fact that Retribution is being registered for these apparel copyrights is a good indication for them. The company might have plans for them to stick around, at least long enough to get a run of merchandise.

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