Robert Stone Brand Trying To Recruit Announcers

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The Robert Stone Brand is looking for good people to represent them. It never hurts to have someone putting you over in the announce booth either. That gave Stone a great idea. It’s too bad things didn’t work out for him yet again.

Vic Joseph recently joined the NXT announce team. He received a very warm welcome including one from Robert Stone.

Stone tweeted out one of his usual invitations to join the Robert Stone Brand. This usually includes something complementary about their social media profile followed up by an invitation to collaborate.

Unfortunately for Robert Stone, he received another negative reply. Joseph tweeted back saying: “ummmm thanks but I am good. Appreciate the offer though!”

Robert Stone was able to add Mercedes Martinez to his brand, and he still has Aliyah. We’ll have to see who he will acquire next, but the Robert Stone Brand is always looking for new members.

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